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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. KB Contributor
    Campfire Audio is proud to release the all new Polaris!



    All New Hybrid Design: Single Balanced Armature + T.A.E.C.™ and 9.2mm Dynamic Driver + Polarity Tuned Chamber™.
    'Cerulean' Blue Anodized Finish with Black PVD Screws.
    Black Stainless Steel Spout and Machined Aluminum Body
    Updated Custom Beryllium / Copper Insulated Round MMCX

    Balanced and Spacious Highs and Mids, sonically anchored by exceptional Bass performance.

    New Premium Blue Leather Protective Zipper Case. Made in Portugal.
    New Smoky Jacket Silver Plated Copper Litz cable with molded hooks (No memory wire)
    New Packaging, Printed in Portland Oregon on French Paper Co. Stock

    MSRP - $499

    We are happy to introduce the new improved Polaris. Featuring a larger 9.2mm dynamic driver new tuning, new packaging new hand made leather case and new cable. Full CNC aluminum shell, black PVD stainless steel spout.

    The Polaris is ready to ship while supplies last! For more information on the all new Polaris please see the product page HERE.




    Thank you,

    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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  2. maira
    Looks interesting (Polaris & IO). When does the new Line hit Europe?
  3. Rockwell75
    Looks beautiful...curious how the sig compares to Solaris.
  4. B9Scrambler
    OOOOO!! Love the old Polaris :) Nice seeing it back and snazzy as ever.
  5. Dcell7
    The case is nice. Looking forward to comparisons with the old Polaris.
  6. XERO1
    Can’t wait to hear these and the new IO at CanJam SoCal!! :ksc75smile:
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  7. Wheel Hoss
    Very interested in these.

    Do we know (or can you say Ken) what kind of dynamic driver is used?
  8. SaveTheMantaRays
    Can anyone tell me how the old ones sounded?
    By reading the descriptions of the signature, it sounds like it does highs and bass extension both very well.

    Is the diameter of the nozzles on these generally considered big, or small, or just right?
  9. GarageBoy
    I thought the copper cable (non SPC) was the better matched cable for the Polaris?
  10. Inorbit8
    Ordered one yesterday. Can't wait to listen to it!
    Not sure about the new case though. Particularly the IO red color looks like a granny coin purse. :smile:

    Seems like no one sees these coming. Curious why Ken didn't send out preview units to drum up some attention before release.
    Wheel Hoss likes this.
  11. Omegon
    Please keep us posted! I was on the fence for the original Polaris and ended up getting an Atlas which I love.

    Now with the price drop on this one I'm considering pulling the trigger just because lol
  12. Wheel Hoss
    Please post impressions STAT. I’m a bit of a basshead, so Ken’s description has my aural glands salivating, if you catch my drift.
  13. Inorbit8
    Sure, not good at it but I'll try once I get to listen to it.
    Tristy and Wheel Hoss like this.
  14. nekromantik
    I want something with more bass then old Nova's have.
    so would the old Polaris do if I do find good deal on alo deals?
  15. jaydunndiddit
    Definitely. The Polaris v1 is a pretty bassy IEM that can dig deep.
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