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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. Aliv3
    For what type of genres is the MK2 version of the Polaris suitable for?
  2. Wheel Hoss
    Remember what you’re asking is totally subjective.

    I often see people saying neutral to bright headphones are good for acoustic music because of the added detail. As someone who plays acoustic music for a living I have the opposite feeling. I love folk music for its warmth, so I prefer bass heavy cans, even though most people say the kind of cans I like are better suited for rock/rap.

    Bottom line is find the sound signature that suits your tastes. Polaris v2 is a hybrid DD/BA design, so it will have big bass plus sparkly top end.
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  3. pieman3141
    How coherent/incoherent are the Polaris II? A lot of hybrids and multi-driver IEMs seem to have some issue with this.
  4. Mirimar
    Great insight. I’m really interested in the Polaris II as I currently have the DM6 and before that the FH5, Comet and Orion CK. Having listened to all extensively, I definitely prefer the bass of a dynamic driver.

    I had the chance to listen to the Solaris earlier this year (streaming Spotify from an iPhone X with an ORB Clear Force Lightning Adaptor) and I was blown away. I recently listened to an interview with Ken and he was talking about hybrid IEMs being the best of both worlds and having tried both, I agree.

    My issue with the Solaris was fit and I just can’t see that I’d be able to get a decent seal if I purchased them (I had to keep readjusting them). I hope I can demo the Polaris II soon and that the fit is right for me. I found the fit of the Comet hard to get right with the cable not looping around the ear and the nozzle on the Orion CK to be too shallow (same with the FH5).
  5. Currawong Contributor
    I have the Polaris here, along with the Io, both of which I'm running in for at least a week (along with a new Shanling M2X). Here's the (silent) unboxing:

  6. Inorbit8
    I bought the DM6 because people keep comparing it to the Andro. Although I've never listened to an Andro but I was thinking if DM6 is close as people claims then at a 5th of the price it would be pretty awesome right?! Nope, the DM6 is a disappointment for me. It's a solid $200 IEM and that's it! The DM6 got bass, not as punchy as the Polaris, but the resolution in the mids and highs are not even close to the ATH LS200. Sold it last Sunday together with the HD6XX and was looking for a used set of the discontinued Polaris and MK II came out.

    Now that I've listened and compared the Polaris II with the Nova and Lyra Ii I can say Lyra II wins out in details and resolution but not in quantity in the bass department. Of course, it all depends on the source and tracks. The best I can describe it is the Polaris II is a Nova with a subwoofer and it kicks in only when called for. It's not just a "bassy" IEM per se. I'm super happy with it and this completed my collection of BA, DD, and hybrid IEM.

    Is it worth the $300 difference between the DM6 and Polaris II? It is a big yes for me.
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  7. Rockwell75
    I've never heard the DM6 particularly, but I have heard other IEMs reputed to be "giant killers" and I've come to believe these claims that certain budget IEMs come within striking distance of well regarded kilobuck IEMs is complete BS. Yes the difference between a $1000 IEM and a $1500 IEM is not that great in a lot of cases-- but there is a titanic difference IMHO between sub $500 IEMS and TOTL ones.
  8. NewEve
    So if you could choose in-between the Lyra II & Polaris II at their current prices ($599 & $499, respectively)—which one would you go for?
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  9. Inorbit8
    I will pick the Lyra II for sure. Not that I don't like the subwoofer, It's hella fun! But Polaris can't compete in micro-details, separation of instruments, and speed which for me it's worth the $100. It all comes down to what music genre and personal preference. But at the same time if I've never listened to Lyra II before I would be happy with the Polaris.
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  10. gc335
    I sold my beloved Polaris v1 to pick up the v2. Before I put in the order I wanted to get with you guys and see if anyone has some comparisons between the two.

    Also, what do people think... I know people complained about the color scheme on the original but I honestly prefer it. More high end looking IMO plus it's less prone to scratches.
  11. Inorbit8
    The smooth machining with the blue color is very nice and looks high-end! But the new case looks like grandmom's coin purse and the new design does not provide the same level of rigidity as the old case. Not a big fan! Can't tell how scratch resistant is the new coating yet but I think the cerakote is hard to beat.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  12. gc335
    Yeah, I agree. It looks cheaper. I may order the canvas case with it. That is one of my favorite CA cases. It came stock with the Nova.

    We'll see how the coating holds up. I babied my Polaris and there were still marks on it when I sold it.
  13. Omegon
    One reason why I like the SS finish on the Atlas, it's got a ton of tiny scratches on it but you can only really tell during a close inspection. I feel like that blue is gonna scratch easily, then again that has no impact on performance haha
  14. gc335
    True! It ultimately doesn't make a difference especially if you keep if for a while. My Polaris buyer just cared about functionality.
  15. GarageBoy

    Also, used Lyra's are so cheap now ($3-400)
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