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Campfire Audio all new Polaris

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  1. Wheel Hoss
    I don’t think it’s silly at all. No matte how masculine any of us may be, somewhere in our heart of hearts we know that IEMs are really nothing more than man-jewelry.
  2. bwardrop
    It’s one of the reasons I so want the new Polaris to be great. I love the blue on black and have never been a fan of the Andro green. I’m also not willing to pay the premium for the Andro S.

    I guess we’ll see soon. CanJam SoCal is very close to my house. I’m hoping I can get away this weekend for awhile.

    If the Ploaris 2 are not a big jump from my Novas then I might just keep saving my pennies for the Andros... green be damned.
  3. pnzr
    I haven't heard the FH7, only the FH5, but I don't agree with Currawong's video at all. He mentions the bass being boomy - maybe if you use foam tips, but with silicone it's very well defined. Sure it has a lot of bass, but that's kinda the purpose of these IEMs. I haven't heard the subwoofer-like effect of the Polaris v2 done as good on any other IEM I tried.
    Wheel Hoss likes this.
  4. bwardrop
    Wow. So many mixed reviews on these. I’m going to make time and audition them at Can Jam this weekend. Thanks for your feedback!
  5. nekromantik
    yeah I mostly seen positive espcially for EDM and hip hop.
    no one will buy these for classical for example as its not made for em.

    after owning 2 Fiio DAPs and customer service I want to avoid fiio IEMs.

    As for NOVA, people say the SQ is quite different then Polaris. I find the NOVA to lack bass for EDM and more mid focused while P2 is more bass focused from what I hear.
    So apples to oranges.

    Not sure I want to spend Andro $$$ on a IEM though even if I had that amount lying around haha
    darylobert likes this.
  6. nekromantik
    campfire audio online store just removed UK shipping......how annoying.
    They still got ireland and scotland but not UK. It was there yesterday!
  7. Zabens

    The polaris seems like black licorice for audiophiles. A lot of people may not like it, but for those that do it's an incredibly fun iem. I'm digging them but I 100% get why some people might hate them.
    Wes S and B9Scrambler like this.
  8. nekromantik
    got got mine and wow they are fun!
    vocals and bass improved over my Novas.

    using final audio e tips.

    are these better for most balanced sound or spin fits better?
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  9. candlejack
    I thought Scotland is still part of the UK.
  10. nekromantik
    It is lol
    But CA have them separate but now got official CA partner in England so stopped shipping there direct.
    Bit annoying as could saved £50.
  11. kelvs77
    Hi all, does anyone of you experience driver flex when inserting the Polaris v2 in your ear. I notice in mine it pops/ driver flex whenever I insert it or push it inwards to my ear canal.... Is this normal for this model? Should i take it back to the store for them to check....?
  12. Palpatine79
    @Jackpot77 CA Polaris 2 or IMR R1 Zenith? My music is hip-hop, rock, metal and soundtracks. Looking for fun iem, but SQ is most important to me.
  13. Jackpot77
    Both are very good for the genres mentioned, but I'd personally go for the Zenith. It's more flexible with the tuning filters to disk in the ideal sound signature for your own personal preferences, and has more obvious detail in the midrange. Hope that helps?
    Palpatine79 likes this.
  14. Palpatine79
    Yes, thank you. Do you know eny better iem in this price range for this generes? Fun singnature with best sound quality.
  15. nekromantik
    anyone know if spinfit 360 fits P2?
    I got cp 100s but they quite loose
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