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Burson Audio Fun (2w pc Class A Headphone Amp)

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ostewart, Jun 7, 2018.
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  1. raoultrifan
  2. Loquah
    Hi all, I recently received a FUN for review and have a strange issue going on... hoping someone can help. The amp sounds great sometimes (I have used both the stock opamps and V6C with good results), but I am finding an intermittent issue with a significant noise through the system using either active speakers or headphones. The noise sounds like power noise - it's consistent in frequency with a slight rhythm to it - like a low buzzing noise.

    At first I thought it was an opamp issue because I noticed it after first installing the V6C, but switching back and forth has proved that both sets of opamps can be silent or can exhibit the noise. I've tried plugging into different power circuits, trying the amp with no source connected, and with / without the active speakers connected to the pre-amp outputs. Last night the amp was working perfectly with no noise (using V6Cs), but when I switched it on this morning it was pumping out the noise again.

    By the way, my other gear is all unaffected (Bottlehead Mainline, Gumby, iFi Micro iDSD)

    Anyone got any ideas what might be happening?
  3. Asahi Templar
    Try moving around the power plug a bit, like pull it out a little or push it in more. I had issues with some annoying noises until I got it positioned correctly. I think the adapter they provide doesnt always make a good connection to the unit, its a pretty cheap looking adapter.
  4. raoultrifan
    Hello, I'm thinking it could be a cold joint, a soldering issue perhaps...somewhere around the SMPS regulators or around the big coils. However, why don't you email BUSRON about it?
  5. Loquah
    Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly, no good in my case...
  6. Loquah
    I wondered that too. I've emailed Burson as well, but was hoping for a quick fix
  7. raoultrifan
    Hmmm...why emailing them if you can just pay them a visit with a big bottle of wine and have a chat with them? :D
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  8. ostewart
    Currently in the process of writing up the reviews. Had some personal stuff going on but things are looking up so back to reviewing :D
    alphanumerix1 likes this.
  9. DjBobby
    Just received the Fun. Looking forward to test it and compare it to the Play.
  10. Loquah
    Good point. I may yet do that, but we have an interim solution - they're great to deal with
  11. DjBobby
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  12. bowei006 Contributor
    Received the FUN last week.

    The first comparable sound signature I thought of when I heard it was Audio gd. It's dark and rather than feathery, has a more immense weight to the sound produced.
  13. WilliamLeonhart
    That's kind of the Burson signature sound I think. Which explains why Burson make Sennheiser "sing" so well. I'd tried driving a HD650 from a Hugo and a HD600 from an iFi iDSD, and while there was nothing really "wrong" with the sound, the inherent "dryness" from those amps immediately drove me away.
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  14. raoultrifan
    The powerful output stage of FUN, working in Class-A, really means something here. Being so powerful transistors it become so easy to drive everything with ease.
  15. ostewart
    Fun + V6 vivid + Sennheiser HD820 is really awesome!

    Fun + V6 Classic + Focal Clear is an amazing combo too...

    Fun is Fun, you can tune with op-amps and it is crazy powerful....
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