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Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. Closingracer

    Have mine since last December and it works correctly for me
  2. Closingracer
    It doesn’t though and Bowers & Wilkins has said as much. Have used them with my MacBook Pro wired and not. Listening to it right now on my Windows laptop with it connected to it with a USB C to USB C cable and its not better then wireless with my iPhone X. Definitely not better then Apt x when I had a Note 8.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  3. dannydj
    Has anyones app got stuck on the opt in location screen ? Happened a few times but a reinstall solved the problem. Unfortunately not the case this time. Now my headphones are stuck on city mode if I want to use anc. Seems to be a common problem according to the reviews of the app.

    Not good at all B&W.

    Edit - just figured a work around. Switch off BT, open app, will open on the stuck screen, switch on BT and the app should connect. Android 9.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
  4. Djini
    I regrettably have to return my PX's again, as the button that toggles noise cancellation (rarely used in fact) has developed an issue when it no longer 'clicks' like the other buttons, and fearful this would become non-responsive over time, I have sent the second pair back.

    Both had the same fault. They are (the original, and the replacement) less than a year old combined.

    Love the product, but this is pretty crap to be honest :S
  5. dannydj
    That's a shame ... Sorry to hear that.

    I had a pair that had all he buttons completly recessed offering no tactile feedback when pressed. Currently I don't use the buttons at all in the pair I own to prevent failure. Maybe I should as if they are going to fail best they do in the warranty period.
  6. UnsaneBrain
    Same here, unfortunately. I also take good care of the cans but recently noticed about 2cm of fabric had become dislodged from its mounting on the rear, as per the attached photo.

    My wife has managed to tuck it back in, but long term this really won't do, though can live with it for now.

    So, what to do? I've about eighteen months of John Lewis warranty remaining. What I'm going to do is sit it out in the hope that B&W bring out another pair of wireless headphones and upgrade to the new cans, paying the difference if necessary. If not, I'll replace them just before the expiry date of the warranty. The reason for this is is because I'm pretty certain that this would happen again to a replacement PX as it appears to be an inherent design issue.
    2018-11-27 10.51.56.jpg
  7. Pro-Jules
    Going crazy this week.

    Auditioning headphones to go with my Fiio M9
    It has both LDAC & APTX HD Bluetooth

    But I have discovered that the LDAC benefit to 96k 24bit file playback (improved sounds age depth & fantastic super high frequency reproduction) of the Sony WH1000X M3 is TOTALLY ruined by its bonkers bass boost. :triportsad: (Applying corrective eq disables LDAC - gahh!! It needs FIVE db of 70 hz reduction IMHO - that's redonculous!

    APTX HD on the Sony comes in a very close 2nd place.

    So I am hoping the B&W PX will have a flatter frequency response and my 96k & 192k files will sound good via atpx hd.

    The PX style suits me better

    The controls on the Sony's annoyed me I didn't find them intuitive.

    Also It was really worrying me that the Sony couldn't pair with my Fiio M9 AND my iPhone at the same time.

    It's gong to take me a while to get over my week long failed LDAC adventure. (Depressing.... Boo hoo!)

    Chime in / cheer me up?

    Am going to love the PX's?
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  8. dubbzy104
    I know it's a few days later, but if you are just worried about wireless sound quality, you'll probably love the PX. I demo'd them for a while before returning them when I got the XM3's. The PX were just too uncomfortable. I wasn't able to try them with LDAC or aptx-HD (I used my iPhone with AAC).
  9. XRcrush
    The PX doesn't support LDAC. Only Aptx-HD, AAC and SBC.
    dubbzy104 likes this.
  10. dubbzy104
    Ah, thanks for the clarification!
  11. dannydj
    Out of curiosity ...

    When listening via BT out of the 15 increments in volume level what volume do you use ?

    Using these daily up to 6 hours I'm thinking about the effect on my hearing !
  12. dubbzy104
    I can't remember exactly what it was (since I returned my PX's for the Sony XM3's), but I know it was higher than what I use for the XM3's. My sony's are at ~40%, I believe the PXs were at ~60 or so. If you're using them for up to 6 hours, I would be more worried about the comfort :) The ANC isn't as good as the XM3's, so I had to listen to the music louder on the PX to compensate. But that depends on where you're listening. For me, it was a loud bus mostly
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
  13. josler
    Anyone have any idea whether Bowers & Wilkins is coming out with a new pair anytime soon? Any rumblings or rumours? It's interesting that the PX is on sale on their site
  14. XRcrush
    Interesting, I see there is a $50 discount on the US '.com' site but in the UK and Western Europe the normal listprice still applies.
  15. guerillaw
    You may both be right depending on the source material. While US BC may not be the ideal connection if he has a higher resolution and better recorded set of files on his computer it may very well be more enjoyable to listen to you than worse quality files from a noisy cell phone Bluetooth connection.
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