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Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. SonRK
    Hi all,

    Has anyone found a solution for glasses wearers? Is it just a matter of breaking in the pads? Is there a replacement pad that is softer (and thus creates a seal?)

    Basically, I still am getting poor performance while wearing my glasses. The seal is broken, and the bass sounds weak, and ANC is poor.

    Thanks all!
  2. guerillaw
    Sadly, not every headphone fits every head. Ive had to ditch more than one food aojnding pair bc they did not fit my ears and or glassess.

    My experience with the px is that the pads WILL change over time and soften/conform to your face. Whether this will cure your comfort issues though is unpredicatble.

    I am comfortable saying that there will not be third party pada for the PX, due to the magnwt assembly it would be too hard to create them at a reasonable price point like for other heaphones that clip in.
  3. KazShi
    Hey guys, I recently bought a pair od these headphones. While I’m very satisfied with clarity , soundstage and loudness of headphones, I can’t almost at all percieve any bass from these cans. I’ve heard that thay are not heavy on bass , but it seems to me that it’s almost non existent. Any suggestion to make this better? Thanks in advance.
  4. kismetsky
    Check that the pads are on correctly and there are no gaps. Then check to make sure you're getting a good seal around your ears - glasses, hair, etc can break the seal and eliminate the bass. Switch off the noise-cancelling and enjoy. :)
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  5. KazShi
    Can you suggest me any EQ app for iPhone/iMac, I’d like to try that. Seems to me that the seal is good, I’ve bought the PX 5 days ago. Maybe it needs to burn in?
  6. alchemical
    In my experience burn in made more difference to these cans than perhaps any I’ve owned, particularly in the bass developing. Once they’ve been properly burnt in, providing you get a good seal as others mentioned, I can’t imagine anyone saying they’re bass-light, although they are certainly more balanced than the P7 Wireless.
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  7. Jazz1
    The other responders are correct on making sure the fit is right, and turn off the "environment" filter with the app. One thing I noticed is that overall these headphones sound better of the BT on my iMac vs. my iPhone Xs. I don't know why. Of course the iMac doesn't fit in my pocket :dt880smile:
  8. KazShi
    I turned the EQ to rock in Music app (on iPhone) and bass is much richer,but I found that I like more the sound with EQ off.
  9. kismetsky
    If you hold down the "Option" key and click on the bluetooth icon and hover over your headphone listing, it should list the codec being used. MacOS defaults to APTX from what I've seen while your iPhone should be using AAC.
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  10. Asspirin
  11. KazShi
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  12. KazShi
    Guys, from yesterday after putting the headphones off my head the light on PX after two minutes turns from blue to slowly flashing white. That didn’t happen before (I mean after the blue light the light turns off). My proximity sensor is on, and I’ve done the factory reset via iOS app. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  13. nunomeneses
    That is normal if you have anc on
  14. KazShi
    But the anc (enviroment filter) is off (in iOS app), and it flashes constantly until I turn off physically the headphones.
  15. mikewired
    I have noticed Best Buy is now only listing the PX as in store only. There is no option to ship. Curious is there a newer model coming or is BB just selling through. I picked up Sony XM3 last week and they are nice and comfy and sound good but wanting to try PX again. I had a pair shortly after release and they were a little buggy. I remember they sounded excellent. I returned them due to operation issues. There have been many firmware updates since. I have also tried the H9i which I also returned due to the sibilance issues. The H9i’s are my favorite build design but sound is more important.
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