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Blox earbuds Discussion (TM7, M2C, ANV3, BE3/BE5/BE7, B160/B320)

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  1. goldenSHK
    I checked this morning and they seemed to be in stock. I just checked, and it's clear they are out. You missed it by a couple hours, friend. [​IMG]
  2. Vignelli
    oh god why?? 
    well.. so unlucky.. i hope woo restock it immediately
    thx for your reply golden [​IMG]
  3. goldenSHK
    I'm pretty sure he'll restock. He sounded like he wanted to continue selling the BE3 as a consumer friendly product blox would continue to produce. Just be a little patient. 
  4. fnkcow
    Now the question is: When's the new flagship coming out? [​IMG]
  5. mbamg
    Got my BE3s a few days ago. One troubling thing I noticed: bass on the right earpiece is stronger than on the left. It's the same when I swap sides. Is this a defect, or are the earpieces really sensitive to the left and right channels?
  6. callanish

    Just speaking for myself, I have no issues with my BE3's. Broken them in for about 100 hours now. If the bass was unbalanced, I'd have immediately noticed them on mine. Wait and see what others on the forum say, but I can't say I'm experiencing your problem.
  7. ext23
    I didn't have this problem, but my left earbud developed a rattle/buzz on strong bass kicks after less than two weeks...was super annoyed/panicked because every pair of Blox is a 'collectors item' and not readily available and I didn't think I'd be able to get new ones. Emailed the address on the website asking for a repair/replacement and was promptly offered a new pair and an address to send the dodgy pair to in Japan where I live. Haven't received the new pair yet but you can't argue with that service.
  8. esteebin
    After several weeks with the 3 BEx earbuds, I find myself going back to the BE7. The BE7 is just clearer, balanced throughout the frequency range and sparkles up top. I find the BE3 slightly veiled from mid range on up. Plus the treble rolls off earlier than I'd like.
    For $37 it's a great deal and a step up from stock. But because I have all 3, the sound of the BE7 is more refined and clear; justifying the $60 price difference.
    I would choose the BE3 over the BE5 however, because it has a similar sound signature with the BE5 only slightly better. But not $60 better.
    I normally use pandora and songza on an iPhone 4s and iPod touch (5) unamped with Yurbuds enhancers, for reference.
  9. goldenSHK
    Which BE series has the best, thickest, bass? Not boomy, but thick in quality and quantity? 
  10. esteebin

    BE5 and BE3 are warmer.

    The BE5 combines warm bass and a mellow, extended upper frequency. It's thick and satisfying.
    The BE3 is also warm but the treble rolls of earlier.

    If you're used to upper-mid tier IEM/earphones, the BE5 would do. If you're just new and want an improvement on stock earphones, the BE3 is worth a shot without having to invest too much.
  11. goldenSHK
    Thanks for the response. Just picked up some BE5s. Hoping to get an earbud that sounds authoritative and powerful like a full size can but in a small earbud package. 
  12. esteebin

    If you feel too much of the sound is escaping, I'd recommend the Yurbud enhancers.
  13. goldenSHK
    Naw I really like the open air sound of earbuds that make music sound live and surround your ears. Unfortunately that kills the low end a lot of the time but I'm hoping blox got it right with these earbuds. 
  14. jmwreck

    now I took the bait and wait for BE3
  15. mbamg
    I was given an address in Thailand to ship back to, but I don't think I'll be doing that as shipping in and out of Canada is ridiculously expensive.
    BTW, has anyone had the chance to compare the be3s to the Sony E818s?
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