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Blox earbuds Discussion (TM7, M2C, ANV3, BE3/BE5/BE7, B160/B320)

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  1. Jeb Listens
    I'm looking forward to joining the Blox party.
    I looked and it seems like the BE7s are available (as are BE3s).   I was about to go for the BE7s, but just read on here that there will be a new flagship from Blox soon.  I've always wanted a pair of TM7s, so think I will wait for this newer model. 
    I don't suppose anybody knows when these might be available? 
  2. ext23
    really? standard air mail shouldn't be much more than about $5. certainly no more than $10. fwiw i sent a 500g parcel from japan to brazil (quite literally the opposite side of the planet) for $10 last week.
  3. goldenSHK
    Not for awhile though so hope you're patient. Doubtful that it will be before the new year or very early 2015. So hope you're patient :)
  4. Jeb Listens
    "Patience".  Not sure I know what that is.

    Thanks goldenSHK.  After sending a quick email to Blox I had a reply, echoing what you said,  to the effect that for the "top tier" headphones they could be available in Q2 of 2015 but not before.
    I think i'll try and get hold of some BE3s in the meantime. 
  5. goldenSHK
    Haha yes, it is going to be a possibly very long wait for the flagships, I'm waiting too FYI. I think the BE3 would be a good thing to get while waiting for them since the BE3 is only $37 shipped and has received only praise here. I am waiting on a BE5 shipment mysef. 
  6. mbamg
    Looks like about $50 for me.
  7. jmwreck


    Fiio x1 + Fiio e11k + Blox BE3
  8. Jeb Listens
    Excellent photos.

    What's your impression of the Blox with and without extra amplification?


  9. xiso
    I got Blox BE7 this week.
    To be honest, I'm not an audiophile, but this ear-bud sounds very good.
    I'm looking forward to seeing a new flagship ear-bud of Blox in the near future.
  10. xiso
    Does anyone know the difference between BE7 and TM7 in terms of sound signature and quality??
  11. SANYA
    I look for earbuds with good bass (like Sennheiser MX400) , PK3 good but not enouth bass.
    What would you recommend to me?
  12. callanish

    Depends on your audio source, but if your ears aren't too small, the Mrice Earbell E100 has outstanding bass for an earbud. As I've mentioned in my previous post, they are on a whole different level of bass quality in comparison to the Blox BE3's which in my opinion are still bass strong, but the E100's, even more so. Both absolutely destroy the PK3's on sound quality. You can get the earbells for a price that's a third of the blox BE3's. From my experience, there are two factors required to make them sound as good as they can be and one is a good audio source with an amp or when you need something portable, a sansa clip running rockbox and tweaking the hell out of the settings to get that bass kick that you're looking for over the BE3's. The other factor is fit. They're a bit bulky in size to the BE3's which are similar in size to the pk3's ( kind of as far as size in the ear), so overall the fit of the earbells are a concern for those with smaller ears......but with the right combination of audio source and fit, I put them up there with the BE3's as my fav earbuds , and with the stronger bass you seem to be looking for. Be3's for comfort, and Mrice E100's for its noteworthy bass. They're my two suggestions over the PK3's.
  13. cradle emperor
    How do the BE3 compare to the m2c? I stopped following around 2012 and i remember back then m2cs received almost universal acclaim in all aspects for the price point. BE3 seem to be priced a little bit higher?
  14. karnakhawai
    Did you notice that Box BE3, for sale since december 25th have a "new" sound signature, as indicated on Blox site.
    I own the former BE3 since last autumn, and put an order for that "new" BE3
    Did anybody had the oportunity to compare "old" and "new" BE3..????
  15. Mike11
    Woo says that for the newly tuned BE3, they "have made the diaphragm to be more flexible and lower a magnetic field in voice coil.
    The new tuned ones will sound more relax and wider stage etc."
    Honestly after the superb air, soundstage, and treble of my defunct ANV3, I find my BE3 lacklustre and boring. Meh. 
    Am struggling to hold off purchasing the BE7 as I eagerly await the "effortless" flagship that might come out Q2 2015.
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