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Blox earbuds Discussion (TM7, M2C, ANV3, BE3/BE5/BE7, B160/B320)

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  1. mdskids
    I've just been in touch with Woo at Blox because I managed to order just after he'd run out of stock, but before the order page was disabled. Anyway - he said he should have more BE3 stock by 12th October
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  2. fnkcow
    Blox BE series earbuds are too big for comfortable side-sleeping?
  3. golov17
  4. AncientWsidom
    I got my pair (BE3)... They seem to sound great only if I press them with my hands against my ears, if I just leave them in there they don't feel snag (feel like they can fall off easily) and they don't sound as good or as loud. What am I doing wrong/how do I fix this?
  5. golov17
    I'm afraid they are big for your ears.
  6. golov17
    Blox BE3 is already available on their website. Who has not had time to buy? Worth buying.
  7. AncientWsidom

    Really? I didn't think I've had smaller than normal ears or anything such...
  8. knives
    Did you use them with foam?
    I have an ANV3 and without foam i had the same issue.
  9. mbamg
    Just fyi Woo says the BE7 will be back in stock in a few days, while there is no eta for the BE5.
  10. esteebin

    You can try Yurbuds enhancers. They are $10 for 2 pairs straight from their site. They go over the earbud and direct all the sound through a nozzle into the ear canal. They also "lock" in place to prevent it from slipping out.
    What you described is exactly what I experienced with all earbuds prior to getting the enhancers. Especially on my right ear where it falls off too easily. You still get the airy sound and the openness.

    Edit: unfortunately they only sell in US though. Amazon and eBay sell them, but at an absurd $15 for ONE pair...
  11. AncientWsidom

    Yes with the foam they came with.


    Cheers bud, will have a look what I can get to Australia.
  12. AncientWsidom
    Looks like they do have an online shop in Australia (https://yurbuds.com.au/product/replacement-enhancer/) woot woot!

    How do I go about choosing an option and size?
  13. esteebin

    Size 5 is their normal/default. I have that and it fits well. I use medium tips for IEMs.
  14. Slmes
    I wonder when will they release new flagship.
  15. AncientWsidom

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