Blox earbuds Discussion (TM7, M2C, ANV3, BE3/BE5/BE7, B160/B320)
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I ordered mine last thursday and they send me an email saying it would be shipped this monday. Still haven't got any shipping confirmation or tracking number -_- Anyone else same?
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This happened when I ordered my need to panic I am sure :).
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Mine just arrived. Still at work though. :D What a tease.

Hopefully it's still in one piece after camping in the post office for the past 3 days.
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i think my ordered will be delivered today/tomorrow.. so hopefully i can go pick it up after work before the weekend!
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Just received mine this morning !

Here is some fast pictures I took :

The box :

Another view of the box :

Box contain :
I immediately take them off the box and tested on the fly with PK1 donuts foam.
I'am giving my first rapid impression (none burned of course) of those TM7 compared to my Yuin PK1 (2000+ hours) :
Unamped :
They didn't impressed the first time like PK1 does to me, except you can see a huge difference of a TM7 unamped which sounds already good for not burned yet, PK1 unamped really need to push the sound much more for equal volume. This is normal as TM7 need 32 omhs source.
Sound is very different of PK1. Overall is ok but bass are definitely not here. The body of the TM7 does not fit properly to my ears like the PK1 does, plastic drivers are a bit more big compared to PK1.
Amped :
I can't see any real big difference between TM7 amped or not (which is a good thing), but when the PK1 is amped with my FiiO E11, it's a beast and clearly defeat TM7 where the bass seems better than unamped but not so much thought.
That's why I stopped the tests for the moment and they are already burning on my night table for 3 hours, I think the TM7 really need at least 100 hours before beginning some compare, so I do.
See you in 1 or 2 weeks for a better detailed review compared with PK1!
PS : sorry for my bad english, I'am french :wink:
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Use some donut foam if you haven't done so already.
Aug 16, 2012 at 7:04 PM Post #44 of 1,134
why do putting holes in the foam make that big of a difference? I suppose I should do so with my M2c's then? 
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received mine today 

- comparing TM7 (left) to PK1 (right).. it is only slightly larger in diameter than the PK1... with foams (DIY cut donut) it has better isolation than PK1 for my ears as it is slightly thicker and does not have any vents on the back
- the TM7 exhibits stronger magnetic repelling force (when drivers are put face to face) than the PK1
out of the box impressions:
iPod Classic (ALAC) - Fiio L3 - RSA Mustang
 - TM7: Low gain, volume 1.5
 - PK1: Low gain, volume 2.5
- TM7 soundstage is slightly narrower than PK1, and brings the placement towards the front of the listener when compared to PK1 (perhaps due to the PK1 being more open than the TM7)
- TM7 is more balanced when comparing the bass/mids/highs.. PK1 is more focused on mids (vocals) than bass/highs
- TM7 is louder in the highs (cymbals, tambourines) than PK1, without being piercing/fatiguing (The Beatles: Hey Jude, Jimi Hendrix: All Along the Watchtower)
- TM7's bass is quick and clean (beginning of Bjork: Hunter), PK1's feels slight sloppier and has less bass impact
- TM7 has better bass impact/rumble (sub-bass?) than PK1 (beginning of Jay-Z: Empire State of Mind)



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