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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. WraithApe
    It's not just about digital recordings vs live sound though. Not everyone listens to classical or acoustic music - if you listen primarily to electronic music for example, where's the reference point? How should processed electronic signals really sound?
  2. Max Choiral

    Thanks for recommendation, I apreciate it[​IMG].DT-150 is not suitable for portable rig, lacks isolation and gives really weird shape to your head[​IMG]
    Okay, let it be "intimate". I did listen it once without solid-state amp, so soundstage could open up, probably. Otherwise, one of the great cans for an affordable price.
  3. Max Choiral

    You're right talking about EDM and such. But rock, heavy genres like metal and similar - it all have mostly the same requirements as acoustic, classical music if not more. But I guess people only care here about drive, bass but not timbre
  4. sikki-six
    Digital (as in 44,100hz wav) is way closer to the actual master tape than vinyl, cassette or what ever you might prefer. This is, unless the sound was screwed up in the process with brickwall-limiting etc.
  5. Max Choiral
    I mean, digital record is more prone to alteration by DACs, headphones, speakers etc.
  6. jincuteguy
    There's a NEWER T1?
    Also, how much will be the DT 1770 Pro for America US? and when will it be available?
  7. sikki-six
    Um, how do headphones and speakers alter the digital record?
    I guess I'm missing something here.
  8. Max Choiral

    I've given example already above, describing my impressions on DT1350
  9. plakat

    While I personally don't like the sound of many Ultrasone Edition models, I'd say they simply cater to a different audience and I'm fine with other people having a taste differing from mine.
    To give an example: I sometimes work as a sound engineer (live, not studio) and mixed a band at an Afghan wedding (in Austria though). Both musicians and audience insisted in a very treble-tilted sound, correcting me multiple times during sound check as I obviously had a very different feeling about that. A similar example was another live act at a Persian vernissage (also in Vienna, so both times people living within the same context as me)... again the insistence on really hot treble.
    My impression of J-Pop and the like is that listeners do like their treble as well... and Ultrasone sells most of their more expensive offerings in China et. al. Guess where a good part of the Ed5 Limited landed...
    Regarding Beyerdynamic: due to the professional facet of my dealing with music I have a hang for studio/pro gear as offering excellent sound quality at affordable prices (at least when compared to high end prices that is :wink: Beyerdynamic has several real studio classics, the DT770 being one of them (DT250 is more targeting the broadcast community in my experience). Many of the real Pro offerings (as contrasted with those consumer articles sporting 'pro' markings to boost sales) have a not overly exciting sound or lack other features many people like for their home listening experience -- thats fine and both needs are actually different. But I'd not call pro equipment coloured or bad, it simply fulfills different requirements.
    DT770 is often used as a monitor headphone in the studio due to its comfort, good sound and very high isolation... I don't have the impression its primary use is mastering, at least not the 80Ohm version. A successor may offer a more balanced sound than the obviously bass heavy DT770 80Ohm (and I think it will). I actually expect it to be what I wanted the T70 to be: a good sounding headphone that does not lack bass and isolates well while being comfortable. To me the T70 failed at several of these points unfortunately.
  10. Juan Virgo
    Ohh.. really ? :)
    My setup provide me sound much better then its sounds in real life...
    More then that... My friends JH Layla, that was lent for a week, proves me that music can be sounds better than musicians and sounds engineers want that it should be sounds. 
  11. plakat

    Now that is a really amusing point of view...
  12. Juan Virgo
    Maybe for plakat, who using his headphones exclusively for ED"Music".
  13. Max Choiral

  14. plakat

    No, its your whole build up to this point that I find amusing. But only so much as it adds nothing of value to the discussion in my eyes.
    Yes, I do use my headphones primarily for EDM (and thats without quotes). Poses quite different challenges from acoustical, metal, singer/songwriter, but by no means inferior (which your use of quotes seems to indicate). Anyway -- as I see no added value in this argument I think I'll live happily ever after hitting the "Ignore"-button :wink:
    gelocks likes this.
  15. Max Choiral
    Juan Virgo, however I do agree with you at the point where live-music can sound like schiit due to some factors
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