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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Juan Virgo
    Oppo ? BBK ? Vivo ? OnePlusone ?
    What next , ShmiBobo acoustics? ZZFIUI HiendFiman? 
    Yes... oppo is just ok,  25-70$ ... is a real price range for they so called "headphones"...
  2. Max Choiral
    Oh, come on, you're obviously trolling. I haven't heard PM-2 & PM-1, but PM-3 is worth its price if we take into consideration all aspects: package, build quality, design, portability, isolation, sound
  3. AdamTR
    Is the DT 1770 considered flat?
    For example if you compare it with the Focal Spirit Pro which I use for mixing/mastering I like it but the downside is it's very very uncomfortable and found the soundstage also to be a little small for correct mixing of the stereo-imaging. Now only if Beyer made the same headphone but improved the comfort and soundstage THAT would be what we Audio Pro's need right now!
  4. Mark Up
    I mix on monitors and a sub and also master with those and custom towers. I do have headphones for an alternative view (HD650, SRH1540) on occasion or listening (quietly) for fun. I tried the Focals. Like most, too small for my big head, or above average ears. Small sounding, a very surprising roll off under 50 hz. I found the best closed cans to be the SRH1540 (though of course I'm never done looking). The bass can be a bit much, for some, and the treble, especially if you crank it. At lower listening levels though, it is smooth and a great "fun" alternative to the more mid detailed HD650 (which have good high end detail despite the relaxed treble).
  5. silverbox
    Owns: "Hugo Chord+AstellKern trasports, HD600, DT-150, PianoForte IX, Heaven V, Ultrasone ed.5"
    Oh dear.
    gelocks likes this.
  6. Max Choiral
    1540 has less detailed mids than 650?[​IMG] God, why...
  7. Mark Up
    The HD650, while a mellower phone in the treble has a notoriously thick and detailed midrange. The SRH1540 has great midrange too, especially compared to most closed headphones with good bass response, such as the ATH-M50 and Beyer DT770 that can be V shaped, and scooped in the mids in comparison (especially for the DT770). You actually find the HD650 to lack in the midrange?
  8. Max Choiral
    Well it depends what we're comparing to[​IMG] I didn't find midrange anything spectacular vs dt250/250, German Maestro GMP 8.35 Emma
    Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad headphone & has strong points, but if take into account its old price tag - hd650 was overpriced from the beginning
  9. Beagle
    Go away. It's no longer funny.
  10. Juan Virgo

    The HD600 has better balance then HD650, where the balance was ruined but not in a bad way, just unbalanced...
    But HD650 is  still a very good HF. HD6XX are 20 years old... there was no true competitors out there, so just a  remind:er from the beginning, HD6XX was a REVOLUTION.
    even those day, they are a standard and best choice for professionals..
    The mid-range is absolutely OK, it is better then DT250 and DT-150. It is a truly working horse* and definitely not overpriced.
    Is 280-310euros for studio monsters like hd6XX that are live legends and can live forever is overprice ?
    No, its not... But who wants a dictator in pro-headphone kingdom ?
    We want a new appealing headphone, with a new level of pro-sound.
    I bet on this dark-horse... and hold them fingers. And will say loud: Go Beyerdynamic, go!
    (*To beagle: try to work with oppo and you understand what I'm talking about, its absolutely not funny, you right,  its a headache after 10 minutes. )
    Will tell you a small story, Chilean wine was always outsider, and nobody want it,
    then, the Chileans decided to sell the bottle for 1$, and after some time they succeeded to get inside the global wine market...  )
    and you know what ? They are still so-so... But they are here and making good money... you still can buy it for 1-3$ ... but...
    but the wine is not just a grape, wine is a tradition, wine is the story and the soul. Everybody knows , Italians make a better wine.
    So after I see a new player, with mediocre sound that stole the design from old and well known player like Kef , with its M500 model and trying to be a high-end? :)))
    They are new in this market... they have no serious patents and RD base... As you see, they even can not design the "look" by themselves... 
    I say yes, they should start with a better prices, not 1$, but 75$-110$ for pm-3/2, because, IMHO, they sound, after all,  did not deserve the hype they got those days,
    You say oppo ? I hear poop. 
  11. gelocks
    Ugh... Thank you HF for the Block Member button...
    Anyway, @hanselmann when are these bad boys being released. I definitely want to try them! The look good, construction seems well and I think it's time to give another Beyer a try!
  12. hanselmann

    These boys are good boys!
    We have already started with serial production. For availability, ask your local distributor.
  13. hanselmann

    Wearing comfort is judged very good by almost evereybody, who have tried out the DT 1770 Pro. Not a big surprise, since it uses our basic, but refined spring steel headband found in most of our around-ear headphones.
    Is it flat? Good question. Being a Tesla headphone, of course it has a super-wide transmission range and we made efforts there are no audible narrow-range dips and peeks. Bass, midrange and treble balance are felt so enormously differently by many users, that I can only say: WE find it to be very neutral with almost no colouring and with a good, tight bass.
    As always, I would recommend to try it out with tracks you deeply know.
  14. Max Choiral
    Okay, then, would you be so kind to tell us how do you feel about T1 v.1? Does it sound flat to you? What differences do you hear in tonal balance between T1 v.1 and DT1770? That will clear some questions, at least, for me
  15. hanselmann

    Max, like most people, I feel that the T 1 (1. Generation) is a very accurate sounding headphones, for some people's taste perfect, for others' maybe a bit sober. Compared to this, the T 1 (2. Generation) sounds bit more lush and relaxed, while still maintaining the former T 1's transmission qualities.
    T 1 (no matter which generation) and DT 1770 Pro both have the benefits of our Tesla drivers, i.e. wide frequency range, low distorsion, high-output levels and good resolution.
    Apart from this, please give it a try by yourself.
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