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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Juan Virgo
    Is there somewhere a photos of the 1770 drivers ?
  2. hanselmann

    Just skip pictures at its product page.
  3. Juan Virgo
    Looks much better then 770 drivers,,, also it is connected with plugs , not soldered. pic_dt1770pro_15-07_tesla-2-0-system_.jpg
  4. AUserName501
    Of course Beyerdynamic would say that they think the T1 is accurate but the upper treble is definitely not accurate. None of the Beyerdynamic headphones are accurate in that area.
    If they think that it is accurate then they could give an explanation why that is their target curve.
    Perhaps Beyerdynamic just can't hear past 6Khz. We've got Tesla v2 because v1 just wasn't good judging by those measurements. Unless of course they were "bad samples" at which point the question is why Beyerdynamic's QC is so bad. I would hope that v2 won't be a repeat of that but come on Beyerdynamic don't exactly have a clean record.
    I do like the DT-150 and DT-250 though.
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  5. Mark Up
    The only graph that agrees with me is the T5. Better subs without a mid-bass hump. Smooth highs. The rest, like the DT series, should just be called "spikes". Beyerdynamic Spiked Treble series. Deaf? We can help. Not deaf yet? We can help you get there.
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  6. AUserName501
    Originally Posted by Mark Up /img/forum/go_quote.gif

    I think Beyerdynamic can be proud of the mids distortion on the T5p sample. Truly What considering the price. Beyerdynamic know how to put on a good horror show.
  7. hanselmann
    Don't make jokes about our hearing.
    Every new employée must pass an assessment center and detect bats and whales within the company by auditory means only!
    Joking aside: QC is actually very rigid - every T 1 and DT 1770 Pro passes a 100% quality control with extensive acoustic tests. From what I know, all serious headphones companies handle it this way.
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  8. Mark Up
    I respect what you're saying Hanselmann. I'm sure everyone's hearing is intact there and this is a subjective choice in design. I just can't fathom why recessed mids, and massive treble spikes (DT series as worst examples) actually sound good to you? Yes, I do know the headphones sell well and I don't debate that. Are you specifically selling to the hearing impaired community? I am not joking. Many who play in bands near noisy drummers and Marshall stacks, without wearing earplugs. They will need the spike, to make up for that.
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  9. Max Choiral
    Guys, just give up already, arguing with hanselmann will lead you nowhere. He is defending interests of company. The "culture" of headphones & good sound died long time ago and nowadays you mostly need to pay ridiculous amount of money for the hi-fidelity. Even among TOTL headphones there are some which are overpriced for God knows what. But people are blinded by the price tags and believe that this is worthy. Critical listeners are in scarce, negative reviews are moderated in order to keep up sales
    As long as the product sells, arguing is useless & you'll be the wrong one, complaining about defects
  10. plakat
    @Max Choiral of course debating whether TOTL cans are worth their money is not leading anywhere, especially when involving a company representative (while I think Beyer T1 is still priced sensibly). In the end it all comes down to taste... I happen to like the typical Beyerdynamic sound (and there are no signs of a hearing impairment so far), but I can understand why other people don't like it or can't stand it. I happen to dislike mid-centric headphones or dark headphones that are missing a sparkling treble (not to be confused with sharp treble). I don't listen very loud, so that may be one reason I like some treble accentuation.
    And while the typical Beyerdynamic tuning may have a strong like/dislike reaction (as opposed to softer tunings that many can live with) I think one cannot argue that there is no market for that sound...
    I do own a DT770 Pro 80Ohm and chose it specifically for its wild bass... just a fun can and I enjoy it immensely. Sometimes. Yes, I'd appreciate if the DT1770 would be a bit more even in its FR, sporting lower THD... but in the end all that counts for me is this: Does it give me fun with music? Correctness is not my foremost interest (it is debatable with electronic music anyway as there is no natural reference as is with an acoustic instrument). Comfort is important as well... it contributes to the fun factor. And the DT770 excels at that. I expect the DT1770 to be at least at that level as well.
    @Mark Up I think your comments regarding hearing impairment were not meant as an insult, but as a real question. I think its well within the limits of differing tastes (did you hear the Ultrasone Edition 12 btw?), but obviously not in the middle of the spectrum of possible tunings.
    Regarding TOTL vs. mid-fi (really bad word actually): I own(ed) enough headphones to know what I like and how good headphones can sound at very reasonable prices (which in my definition means 200-500€) and I'm always astonished how many people ignore these valuable offerings, going straight for the most expensive cans. Yes, the DT250 is not very sexy looking (I do like its design however), but its sound is really good... same holds true for so many very affordable models, AKG K553, K7XX etc. I think in many cases its simply gear-lust, not interest in music itself... hunting a perfection that by definition can't exist. There is a market for that, definitely. And I don't need to understand that. I happily parted with an Abyss because I did not use it anymore... I'm looking forward to the new T1 V2 and the DT1770 though -- mild gear-lust I guess :wink:
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  11. Mark Up
    That's true. Utrasone is an even better example. Not just harsh scooped sound, actually worse in those ways. Beyers are at least bearable. I guess we see them just close enough to where they get there. There is hope for the Beyers to improve their sound. I don't think Ultrasone will ever get it, and they don't want to. It's selling and that's all that matters.
  12. DooberKnob
    Interested in seeing measurements for these. Hopefully they're not as treble heavy as most beyers.
  13. Juan Virgo
    The headphone world is huge those days, bigger then ever, and good sound is a reality. The price range for a good pair, is amazing, 50-5000$
    And Beyerdynamic, is the one and almost the only , who can actually provide a very good sound for a small money...
    DT150  DT250 DT770 D990 are 150euro.
    Those pairs are true hi-fi. (using Hugo)
  14. Max Choiral
    Taste, huh... I think because of spending most of the time listening to digital music people are forgetting how does it sound in real life. That's why such "tastes" have been appearing.
    For example, when I tried DT1350 it was like: "pretty good mids, not bad bass. But man, what the hell is wrong with HF? Percussion sounds like pshhh, sshhh. It's not life-like sound, it's heavy coloured, even artificial". Nevertheless, people are buying & listening to it
    Yeah, DT250/250 is pretty good besides its congested chamber like soundstage[​IMG]
    High five for gear-lust, most people are not interested in music anymore
  15. Juan Virgo
    Need a soundstage? DT-150, has a wider soundstage then ultrasone ed.5 (f#$% , it costs x20 more :))
    The DT-250 is a true linear(neutral) , some people say , the only who is close to its "linearity" is  a Stax 009.
    This pair is ultimate. Amazing headphones. Don't say "chamber" and DT250, say "intimate" , or  just replace you amplifier, Max.
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