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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Max Choiral
    Ok, we have different opinions here[​IMG]
    Shure 840 - more or less, very bright though; 940 - havent' heard
    Sennheiser HD25: not accurate, not life like timbre
    Sennheiser HD650: not accurate, timbre - probably yes, need more time to listen to
    Sennheiser HD600, HD800: ???, haven't heard
  2. sanku
    hello!!this one is formal!!!
  3. kawaivpc1

    No, I meant their intention behind products. Shure and Sennheiser clearly target musicians and music engineers while Hifiman and Audio Technica (besides R70X) clearly target audiophiles and general consumers.

    SRH1840 is made for music engineers. So do HD800, HD650, R70x, and this new DT 1770 Pro.
    Read their product description. They say they made it for recording, mixing, mastering engineers.

    Hifiman, Audeze (besides LCD-X), Audio Technica, some Beyerdynamic products such as T1, T5p target just "good sound", not necessarily pro sound.
  4. Max Choiral

    I believe it's mostly marketing schiit, nothing more or less. Among the so called "pro" headphones too many don't deserve sticker "reference". And I doubt such headphones even exist, but definitely, there are some out there which are very close to this point
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  5. Wurstteppich
    arrived on schedule today. Build quality as well as general look and feel is very good. There are an extra cable and leather pads. Furthermore I really like the new box.
    Since it was a very busy day, it didn't have much time to listen to it today, so my impressions on the sound might change over the next days. My first impression however is, that this model is not a real improvement over the MMX 300 (which should be based on a DT770) I use as a headset at the moment. It sounds really closed and not very detailed to me. Right now I connected it to the Oppo HA-1, maybe it changes when I am connecting it to the Bottlehead or the Pioneer U-05.
    However...just some first short impressions. I listened to the Oppo PM-1 and Pionner SE-MASTER 1 a lot in the last days, so my judgement on some short time with the new headphone might not be that good at the moment. I will try to evaluate it more deeply in the next days, comparing it to my other closed cans (MMX300, TH900).
    Would be too bad if it's not an improvement, since I really like the new design, look and feel.
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  6. Beagle
  7. halcyon
    Slightly off-topic, but perhaps useful for DT1770 potential buyers:
    I have a different POV, coming from T70P with the gel pads. I have T70P with Beyer Gel Pads and I have bent the headband. I'm very sensitive about my ears touching the grill cloth. I wear spectacles (glasses) 100% of the time.

    T70P with Gel pads are the gold standard for isolating circumaural closed headphones for me and I've tried most of them, incl. all Sennheiser and AKG models. Most of the recent closed circumaural phones (like Philips A5Pro, Sennheiser Momentums, AKG 5xx series, NAD HP50, etc) are not as deep or big in their earpads. Either the pads themselseves rest partially on my mid-sized ears or the pads are too shallow and my ears touch the cloth inside the pads, in front of the grills.
    I'm not a great lover of the T70 sound. It is too bright, voiced much like many of the German loudspeakers. Too forward for my taste/ears. However, for long duration wearing, isolation and truly circumaural experience, they are the best I've been able to find (with the gel pads, of course).

    I'm still waiting for Sennheiser, AKG or somebody make a true competitor to this. There are plenty of people with bigger and more protruding ears than I have and wearing headphones for long durations can be painful if the cups are not big/deep enough.
    I was also interested in DT1770, but it doesn't look like a step up from T70(p), other than having a greater clamping force and serviceable parts (drivers, cable, etc).

    Ah well, will wait for the next Beyerdynamic closed circumaural model then :-D
  8. plakat

    You're comparing street prices of older models with the MSRP of a completely new, not even widely available headphone that will be on the market for many years... I don't think Beyer will change the MSRP (nor would I think ifs overpriced even before having listened myself, but I'll have a chance to do just that on Tuesday).
  9. Youth
    I agree with you. And looking forward to your impression!
  10. Juan Virgo
    I got a pair of amazing HD600 (much more true and better headphones then HD650, which are the same but with rolled off Hi frequency) , new for 330$ ,
    you can get  new pair of amazing Yamaha MT220 for 180$, a superb DT-150, for 160$...
    The MT220, change my mind on how GOOD a 200$ headphone can sounds...
    It's actually unbelievable...
    No reason to pay more then that for headphones...
    As we know, the HD600, is much better then HD700 (Never try the HD800, and don't want to..)
    , so to be a good competitor, the maximum price for 1770 can be 399$
    Hope the big distributors will sell if even less then 330$ in the 2016.
  11. daphen
    I really dislike that you claim that as a fact. I own both and I would never pick the 600's over the 700's.
    This whole hobby is subjective so stating opinions as facts seems stupid.
    Sorry if you think I'm being an ass.
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  12. Juan Virgo
    When I say "better", I mean "correct"... The HD700, sounds "wrong" in my opinion...
  13. Headzone
    can u post some differences on them? I only heard HD700 unamped, the bass sounded a bit tighter than HD600 and they were way brighter. More "flat" but I can't say if more natural.
  14. Juan Virgo
    I have a headache after 20 minutes with HD700..
    image.png   image.png  
  15. Headzone
    I think HD700 sacrificed best frequency response for better transient response. But I haven't heard them side by side. Then there is a thing called equalizer..
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