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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. daphen
    Yeah, I do EQ the 7Khz on my HD700 to be fair.
  2. Juan Virgo

    What the point to get pricy headphone that well known for its screaming, fatigue and sibilant signature,
    then to try to equalize it to the HD600 level?

    Why not just to get an fantastic and proven HD600?

    The FR graph of the new 1770 more importent then people opinions...
    Very interesting...

    18 pages and no graph.... Very suspicious.
  3. daphen
    An EQ'd HD700 at 7Khz doesn't sound like an HD600 and making the HD700 sound like and HD600 was not the reason I EQ'd it, come on dude. I have VERY little EQ on them and they sound better than the HD600 by quite a big margin in my opinion.
    Like I said, I own both and I got the HD700 at a really nice price ($400) so I took the plunge to listen to it for myself instead of listening to what someone else thinks about them.
    I think you're just listening to other peoples opinions. Try to make up your own instead.
    Yes, I agree, the graph is missing from the DT1770, I'm eagerly waiting.
    Juan Virgo likes this.
  4. Headzone
    When you hear some real headphones, you will notice that HD600 sounds smeary and doesn't resolve details that well. That said, they are still the best *sounding* headphone I've ever heard.
  5. Beagle
    Corrected it for you....[​IMG]
    Juan Virgo likes this.
  6. Headzone
    Wrong on so many levels. Maybe it's the super lousy bass blurring things up then. No it isn't. They still don't have the same resolving mids my studio monitors have. with -2dB treble setting, in acoustically treated room, they are not bright either.
    Then we could speak about pinpoint imaging accuracy. HD600 doesn't even try to know what it is. It's just a blurred mess, trust me.
  7. kawaivpc1
    I hope it becomes $399 or even $339 by the end of this year.
  8. daphen
    Why would the price decrease to half if there wasn't something seriously wrong with the can?
  9. kawaivpc1

    T1's original MRSP is $1,499.
    Now, people sell it for $900....
  10. DooberKnob
    MSRP != street price.
  11. Juan Virgo
    :)))) In God we trust.
    My correction.
  12. daphen
    Yeah, PEOPLE sell it for that, and the T1 is not exactly new.
    So you're saying that the HD800 sounds artificial and equalized and the HD600 is the perfect sound and the only can that sounds true to life.
    Is it possible that you own the HD600 and no other headphones? :)
  13. DecentLevi
    The price is $599:
    I would be quite interested in hearing any detailed direct A/B comparisons to its' younger brother DT 770
  14. Juan Virgo
    Its impossible. If you want a photo of one of my headphones, just let me know which one.
    Never heard the HD800, only HD700. But from all FR graphs, they looks close to each other... So I mentioned it as artificial, equalized,  HD700/800.
    So when compared HD600 to HD700, the HD600, sounds perfect and true to life.
    More then that, the DT-150/250, sounds perfect and true to life when compared to artificial and equalized T1.
    HD600, sounds better then DT-150/250, so technicaly, it outperforms HD700,,HD650 (a ruined HD600), T1 and many more other headphones...
    So as a professional tool headphone (as HD600) with price tag of 600$, the 1770 must be technically  better then HD600.
    1770 have a large cups, a holes, so there is no reason to a narrow sound stage...
    BD have 20 years to bring it to another level of reference quality, linear, good sounding headphone, to made a new studio king as HD600 was and exists.
    And till now, we even don't have a FR graph...
    When I bought a 70 euro Marshal Major II for my cousin, there was a FR graph on the box... here is a ... silence...
  15. daphen
    I'm glad you enjoy your HD600, it's a nice headphone when you're on a budget. But to say that they're more technically capable than an HD800 is a really... Well.. Interesting opinion.
    Like I've said repeatedly. I own the HD600 and I don't use it since I have headphones that sound much better to me, among them, the HD700. :)
    And yeah, a graph for these would be great but seeing that your preference is HD600 and nothing else, I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. It won't be an HD600.
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