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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Youth
    You can't state that HD600 is better than T1 and the likes as a fact. It's a matter of personal opinion. Also, I listen to music with my ears... not my eyes.
  2. Juan Virgo
    I'm not saying, the graph saying... HD800, looks like it was artificially equalized to made it more wow factor for a beginners...
    HD800, can't be technically better, the first reason, the graph. It clearly shows it, it heavily equalized.
    It can be used in a studio, as a good and true to life headphone should. this is a tool for amateur "audiophiles".
    In this case the T1 is a much better headphone then HD800.
    The ears are subjective, the FR is objective.
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  3. Synthax

    I'm agree with most of these thesis. To me DT150 sounds just more natural (properly amped) . Many hi-end headphones d a great WOW factor and prestigous look, but they are similarly tiring over time. Why some many LCD3 for sale for example?
    I have had TH600 for a while, it was overkilled by DT150. Why? Because the violins did not sound right on TH600, sound was to recessed with mids, with no mid centric true timbre. Of course the elevated 10Hz peak in TH600 make the 'detailed', but is not that true sounding...
    Most brillant albums of last 40 years were recorded with mid priced headphones with succes :)
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  4. Juan Virgo
    So true, Synthax...
  5. daphen
    Yeah, the industry is clearly amazing at making people buy stuff that are really expensive when the perfect headphone is only $300, you don't really need an amp either, you're right. :)
  6. Max Choiral
    FR Graph doesn't tell much about whether smth sounds artificial or not
    HD600 may has natural timbre but in terms of resolution it can't reach TOTL headphones. But it doesn't mean the last don't have any weakness
  7. Headzone
    There is another thing where flagships are better than mid-priced headphones; linearity at high sound pressure levels. They sound the same played quietly or loud. 
    HD600 starts to distort, and bass gets out of control when you push them with a real recording. 
    Do you know why hifi speakers use silk dome tweeters, while most studio monitors have aluminium/titanium as their tweeter material? Both have flat frequency response, but somehow the aluminium tweeter is just so brutally honest. How?
  8. Juan Virgo
    I have no idea what does it mean TOTL headphones... The graph tells about Frequency response... is it correct or is it equalized.
  9. Juan Virgo
    ??? Real recording ? What does it mean ?
    For the linearity of sound pressure, my Hugo takes the responsibility,
    So ith Hugo, HD600, sounds the same played quietly or loud.
    The flagship I currently using, the limited ED.5 from Ultrasone, distorts everything in the areas where HD600 is sounds like silk. 
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  10. Headzone
    HD600 is such a buttery smooth headphone that it might be hard to digest it's actually technically quite bad.
  11. Juan Virgo
    It's very subjective. Could you prove it in some technical way ? Maybe you just ruined your hearing using an equalized and abnormal highs ?
    From my experience , HD600 is extremely good for classical/vocal/opera music
  12. Headzone
    Ok, so I said it before and two? person after that said the HD600 doesn't have the resolution of the better cans. i'm bad at recognizing trolls but you must be a troll or just pretty ******* ignorant.
  13. Beagle
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  14. Beagle
    It's not that, it is usually done to liquidate excess stock. It is common practice also to set the price lower when the initial "rush" has subsided. Moral of the story? Wait a year or two and get a good deal.
  15. Max Choiral
    From my experience, classical music and such don't really show strength and weakness of the headphones. I mean, it's not enough to tell about the whole thing
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