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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. kawaivpc1

    Are you sure about the Canadian price?
    If they ship it to U.S., I will order one for that price.
  2. daphen
    €599 = $670, so $450 seems weird.
  3. Beagle
    Am I sure? Well, I'm sure I saw what I saw.
  4. kawaivpc1
    I sent them an email.
    If it's truly 445 USD, I'm buying it....
  5. Juan Virgo
    Ohh... crap... this is funny.... :) "A modern audiophile mountain"*
    [Mod Edit: Please don't post fake graphs. You'd be surprised how fast this would get sent around as fact and mislead people.]
    *it's just a speculation...
  6. kawaivpc1
    They said that Canadian dollar price is wrong...
    They're going to update its price.


    The Canadian store is now selling it for $550....
  7. pietcux
    I had a long listen to this headphone. To me it has a strong and very exact bass. The mids are well balanced and the treble are very good presented and never sharp. Talked to the project leader of this product for a very long time in their IFA booth. The treble mountain that we see in the graph was created on purpose to have a good treble that is not a spike that hurts but a treble plateau that the ear can enjoy. To me this headphone is a winner, I could only congratulate him on how much I liked the DT1770 instantly. It sounded great out of the BEYER amp and also very good straight out of my Sony ZX1 dap. I have the volume capped European version BTW.
    Youth likes this.
  8. kawaivpc1

    How does it sound compared to TH900, HD800, LCD-XC, T1?
  9. Juan Virgo

    1770 claimd as monitor headphones,
    So it must sound much better then this fancy, extremly unrealistic "so called" headphones.
  10. Max Choiral
    You know, you're pretty funny guy[​IMG]
  11. daphen
    I disagree. [​IMG]
    Dude's starting to piss me off with that condescending attitude and bad spelling. But there's some comic relief to be found imo...
  13. daphen
    I honestly think he's straight up trolling. In that case he's a genius because I totally bought it.
    But is anyone really that ignorant? I mean, just look at the statements he's making.
    I've been wondering the same thing tbh. But to answer your question, then yes people can be 10 times as ignorant. Just check the peasantry posts on /r/PCMR. Quite hilarious.
  15. RERO
    So basically, it's what the T70 should've been?
    Now I really want to hear one. Though I'd expect it to still be noticeably V-shaped.
    I wonder if they'll made a non-Pro / "Premium" version of the 1770...
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