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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Mark Up
    Yeah, I can't wait for the frequency graphs. Scooped mids in the DT770, and of course shrill highs, are what I hope are revised.
  2. plakat
    I've been to IFA on Tuesday and that was my impression as well. Very well done, not the bass cannon that the 770/80 is (which I do enjoy time to time), more well balanced with a nice amount of detail without sounding harsh, nice soundstage especially for a closed back model. Deep reaching and clear bass and especially nice rendering of voices. It does need some power though, usage with a smartphone will not be an option I guess. No problem with that.
    The design is really nice (and it does look just as good in real life as on the photos), feels sturdy yet light and well thought out. Comfort is top notch -- as expected.
    There were some interesting changes in some parts of the construction that I look forward to evaluate on my own unit I hope to soon have with me. Really well done.
  3. Youth
    Do you think the pricetag is justified? How is the treble compared to the cans in the Beyerdynamic lineup?
  4. plakat

    Personally I have no probl m with the price tag and don't think it's not worth it -- to the contrary actually.

    I always lik d the Beyerdynamic sound signatures with few exceptions (the T70 being one actually), so I didn't expect any problems there.. Still I think the treble is smoother than with most other models. But please keep in mind that this was under show conditions, I.e. I was bombarded all day long...
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  5. Mad Max
    Bass canon?  Try DT990 250ohm or 32ohm or T50p.  DT770 80ohm is tame as heck.
    What didn't you like about T70?
  6. RERO
    Are you referring to the regular Pro 80Ω or the M 80Ω?
    As I recall, the Pro 80Ω has an oppressive bass.
  7. zackzack
    in some of the product shots, the phones are with the velour pads, others with leather pads like the one above. Can we custom fit our own pads with this model?
  8. pietcux
    They come with two sets of pads. Velour and pleather. A new designed box and two detachable cables, one 3 m straight and one coiled that can extend up to 5m. The plug is like on the AKG K702.
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  9. zackzack

    I am getting this...
  10. pietcux
    Placed my order a few minutes ago. Should have it on Tuesday.
    Btw. I could also listen to the T1 rev. 2 on the IFA. Even though Yamaha presented the power of their latest surround system just 10 m away, I could hear that this one was also very improved with softer treble.
  11. DecentLevi
    Would you happen to remember which amp was driving the DT 1770 at the meet so well? 
    Also you mentioned you like the Z7 from Sony - I personally dislike the sound signature of this one and have tried it several times. Would you happen to know if the 1770's sound is closer to the DT 770, or the Z7?
    There's a member of Innerfidelity who's name I don't recall, who has a good system to chart the FR graphs of headphones, and is extremely reliable to send them back to you after finished.
  12. RERO
    I hope you mean velour, because vinyl would be something like the HD25 pads... and quite redundant with pleather.
  13. kageroh
    Yes, they are velour.
  14. pietcux
    Yes, my bad, velour and pleather.
  15. plakat

    *I* was talking about the Pro 80Ohm

    At IFA the DT1770 was driven by an A20
    Sound is more like the DT770 32Ohm than the Z7 I'd say
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