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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. kawaivpc1
    So, I'm asking how this new DT 1770 Pro sound compared to other "pro monitor" headphones such as TH900, HD800, LCD-X, SRH 1840, HD650.
    Please make a comparison.
  2. pietcux
    For a comparison, I need to own it first. I am on a vacation trip right now, so that will take some time. Funny though is that I was coming from the Sennheiser booth on IFA which was right beside the Bayer booth. I did listen to the Orpheus, the HD800 and the HD630VB only minutes before I put the DT1770 on my head. Even though the Orpheus and the HD800 were great and very impressive, the DT1770 instantly hit me in a very impressive way. Especially after having listened to the Sennheisers.
  3. pietcux
    Exactly. Had the T70p myself. This one is exactly what the T70 owners wanted. And on the request of what comes next, got the hint that Bayer always has close and open cans in parallel. DT1880....??
  4. Bloodflowerz
    Thanks pietcux for the impressions.
    Amazon.de will have stock in around 2 weeks. I'm definitely looking to replace my Sig DJ's with these new Beyers. For me the treble and mids are always the best aspects of the beyer house sound. If these hit harder in the bass region than the T1/T5 or at least as good as my DT1350 then this would be a winner! 
  5. DecentLevi
    Unbelievable! Amazing - I want to believe that the DT 770 successor can be comparable to the Orpheus in any way! But would you please enlighten us on what exactly, from your memory stood out to you as impressive with the DT 1770 compared the the Orpheus? Thanks...
  6. DecentLevi
    Also for anybody who's able to do a direct A/B comparison between the DT 770 and 1770, I'm sure we would love to hear your impressions!
    And for the FR and other sine / square wave, etc. graphs of the 1770 would be very interesting!
  7. PhilW
    Heard the DT1770 yesterday and was pretty impressed if honest. Excellent build quality and the sound it pretty massive for a closed headphone.
    Kind regards
  8. Waro
    How big is the stage, can you locate the instruments well with this closed headphone?
  9. PhilW
    Indeed you can, they were expansive for a closed headphone.....if anything they didnt sound run in. Tiny bit flat.
  10. RERO
    It's in-stock (I think? I doesn't say pre-order or anything) now on BuyDig (Authorized Dealer) for $599.
  11. pietcux
    The Orpheus is a unique headphone that is not comparable to any other headphone by me. Why? It is not in my possession and it was running Classic music from a vinyl player. It was impressive for sure, but not running the music that I need to get real impressions. The DT1770 on the other hand was running my style of music and I could even run it from my own dap. I only mentioned the Orpheus to say that even after the holy grail of headphones touched me, the Bayer turned out to be something very valuable and to me a surprisingly perfect headphone.
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  12. daphen
    I see that you own the HD700, how would you compare the 1770's to the HD700's? :)
  13. pietcux
    It is not a fair comparison. I like the SONY Z7 most of all of my cans atm. The HD650 will probably stay as open alternative. The HD700 and SONY MA900 will be sold within the next month. The DT1770 will have to run up with the Z7. Both share the bass quantity and quality that I like most.
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  14. deafdoorknob
    alas still no graphs ...


    I don't read German BUT interesting issue that had DT1770, T1v2 and Nighthawk reviewed
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  15. Juan Virgo
    No graphs, no money.
    Beyer, go and learn from a German hyper-professionals:
    With no graphs, you sell a pig in a poke.
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