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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Youth
    Please share impressions asap!! I'm really interested in this.
    Synthax likes this.
  2. Synthax
    dt11770 or t1 v2?:)
  3. Youth
    It's the DT 1770 Pro thread, take a guess [​IMG]
  4. Synthax
    You are right but in my country is is T1 V2 available at the middle of September but no info about availibility of DT1170
  5. Wurstteppich
    I meant the DT1770. If I am lucky I will receive it on Saturday already since the order has been confirmed already and it was on stock. That usually means it will leave the next day.
    Youth likes this.
  6. Buyer no 1
    It's now in thomann's catalogue. Delivery time 1-2 weeks. Maybe it would be overkill to buy both this, and the T1 v2? On the other hand, can you get to many beyers? [​IMG]
  7. kawaivpc1
    So, this is their closed version of new reference series.
    Will we see an open version of this model too?
    That would be DT990's successor. Did Beyerdynamic guys say anything about an opened version of new referencw headphone? ?
  8. Youth
    There's a new version of the T1 if that's what you mean.
  9. kawaivpc1

    T1 isn't a reference headphone. It's made for entertainment and audiophiles.
    I wish they release improved 990, 880 as well.
  10. Max Choiral

    The same goes to 990, 880 (250) then[​IMG]
  11. Sundown
    Is there a response graph yet? I'd like a flat line in the 2-4khz range. [​IMG]
  12. Youth
    Define reference headphone then, I don't think I understand that term.
  13. kawaivpc1

    Extremely authentic sound geared toward professional music mixers, mastering engineers, producers, composers.
    T1 and Hifiman headphones don't fall into this category . They place instruments quite randomly.
    Audio technica also doesn't fall into this category besides their new R70X.
    Sennheiser, Shure fall into this category since they make headphones for pros.
    Youth likes this.
  14. kawaivpc1

    Where did you order your DT 1770 Pro??
    When can we see this on Amazon?
    Is $599 firm price? I think some sellers might cut that down to $499. $499 is more relevant since Shure's SRH1840 is $499.
    HD700's original price is $999. Its market price was $799. Now, people sell it for $499.

    Unless DT1770 Pro can sound better than HD700 and SRH1840, $499 makes more sense.
  15. Waro

    I don't think there is one ... hopefully Tyll/InnerFidelity will test them soon.
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