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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. Mad Max
    Oh wow, I see now.  So I shouldn't expect that similar of a frequency response, probably.  Thanks.
    If you don't mind letting me know, are the internal assemblies of those headband end blocks on DT1770 structurally equivalent to T90/T70's?
  2. Bloodflowerz
    Hello Herr Hanselmann
    Will this be available via Amazon.de? I have a lot of Amazon vouchers (Gutschein) which I would like to use.
    Kind regards,
  3. Juan Virgo
    Hope my lovely Thomann will sell them with Normal price... not the MSRP...
    After all its an updated version of 150 Euro DT770...  so... 333 euro is my stopper in this case.
    To buy them for 333 euro, they must be better/simmilar in sound quality with 295 euro, 20 years old,
    the amazing and super pro tool, the Sennheiser HD600.
    If they are not better then HD600, I'm asking what the hell they did all those years ?
    where is the competition ?
  4. hanselmann

    Hello, they are not the same. For T 90 and T 70 it's a one-block design with click mechanism. For DT 1770 Pro it's a design with two brackets, that are screwed together from tzhe inside.
    We thought for a professional headphone, it would be more important to have it user servicesable with visible screwes than having seamless surfaces.
  5. hanselmann
    Probably not in the beginning. We try to serve professional audio and musical instruments retailers first.
    Bloodflowerz likes this.
  6. hanselmann

    What a nice profile name! [​IMG]
    The synthetic leather of the DT 1770 Pro ear-cushions is different and higher quality than those of EDT 770 S, as included in DT 770 Pro (32 Ohm) and DT 770 M.
    It is very soft and has a silky touch to it. It's the identical material as used for the headband cushion.
  7. Raketen
    @hanselmann I am wondering if/how the ear cups are ventilated, I can not tell from the pictures I have seen. (For instance, the DT 770 earcups each have a large bore on the side near where they attach to the headband.) Sorry to re-ask the same question but I don't think anybody noticed before [​IMG] Thanks!
  8. hanselmann
    Hey, sorry, missed that one. The earcusps are ventilated with a rather small bass-reflex hole on the back of the headphones, close to where the yoke holds the earcups.
    As for DT 770 Pro, these kind of bores have little effect on the ambient noise isolation but are really important for the bass response. A mesh keeps out objects from the earcup.
  9. beyerlove
    Thank you @hanselmann !
    along with my profile name, you'll be surprised with the fact that I have 10 or so sets of beyerdynamic headphones :)
  10. Raketen
    Thanks for quick reply!
    The problem I had with the 770 bore was that it tended to produce a loud whistling sound in even a small amount of wind, and the bores were located on opposite sides of each earcup so they could never both be positioned away from the breeze at the same time [​IMG]
    Looks like the holes may be smaller on the 1770, or better positioned on the same side of the cup at least, since I cannot see them in any of the photographs yet, which is good news for outdoor use.
  11. beyerlove
    You can see those vent holes in this picture.
    Raketen likes this.
  12. hanselmann

    They are both positionned on the BACKside, so that they won't face the wind when riding your bike. [​IMG] (Which is - by the way - nothing, we ever developed the DT 1770 Pro for...)
  13. hanselmann

    Reminds my of babylove, Mothers Finest#s gretaest hit:
  14. Raketen
     Thanks! Very similar to the 770, hopefully facing same way this time.
    Very good! I know the 770 are meant for studio rats, normally I would use my HD 25 for outdoor recording, but after many years of service they had died, and all I had were 770s for a while-  later I got a pair of 1350, much better suited (except the cable acting like a stethoscope whenever it touched my beard [​IMG] ). Then, because I am an idiot, I switched to all IEMs. So now the 1770, maybe. Asking about the vents, just in case!
    (also maybe for the bicycle too [​IMG] people are crazy and prone to off-label use, if you have never seen a pair of Stax earspeakers modded onto a bicycle helmet and an electrostatic amp mounted on the tire rack...)
  15. hanselmann
    You are from Japan, right? :wink:
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