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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. reiserFS
    Seems like your dealer isn't very professional at all.
  2. plakat

    I know that problem... there seems to be a historical divide between consumer and pro products. I can understand where thats coming from and that some pro series do require some knowledge to support/install. Headphones generally do not though... at least not any more on the pro side than with the high-end consumer models.
    AKG has something similar going on...
  3. Raketen
    They probably won't stock Beats Pro or Beats Studio either, because Pro is such a useful and true-to-purpose label [​IMG]
    Maybe Beyer will make a Premium model of the 1770 like with the 880 and they can stock that instead, though according to the Headfonics impressions it already comes with Velour pads, the be-all-end-all luxury headphone accessory (though I prefer pleather, glad those are included as well) [​IMG] 
  4. hanselmann

    Maybe you will find this a bit quirky sometimes, but we have suitable distribution partners for our specific target groups, and for DT 1770 Pro, it's a professional headphones.
    www.fitzpatrick.se is the distributor, and they will be happy to give you the names of retailers who will stock the DT 1770 Pro.
  5. daphen
    Sweet, thank you! :)
  6. Bloodflowerz
    Great news! I'm hoping these have the fidelity of the T5p without the harsh treble and anemic bass.If this slams like an Ultrasone then these would be the perfect replacement for my Signature DJs.
    Check out 4Sound or DJ service. I know 4sound let's you audition the cans just like you would in a hi-fi store. So it's just the same thing, just different stores. I got my Beyers after auditioning them for an hour or so at the flagship 4sound store on Söder.
  8. daphen
    Cool, good to know! :)
  9. Raketen
    Can anyone tell me if these have bass port/vent holes in the cups, and where they are positioned? Judging by the pictures, it looks like they do not, but not totally clear (could be inside the lip on the face of the cups, which would not be problematic for me).
    That was my least favorite thing with the 770s, prevented outdoor use because the ports tended to produce whistling noises in the slightest breeze, and were placed in opposite positions on either cup so there was no way to position both out of the wind at the same time.
  10. borrego
    By reading the DT1770 spec sheet, it looks like the DT1770 is a "conventional" T70 with deeper cups, deeper pads, and detachable cables. The DT1770 also has almost 3 times the clamping force of the T70. I suggest potential buyer of the DT1770 may want to try the headphones first before buying.
    The T70 must be the least popular Tesla model. I bought mine brand new last month and it still has serial no. 17XX. New old stock perhaps...
    Not sure if many of you has tried the T70. But the T70 is really a "on ear" headphones with surround pads. Unless you are a 5 years old, the T70 driver baffles protrude so much from the cups that they always touch ears when being worn. One must have flat ear flaps to get a good sealing (and thus good bass response) with the T70.
    If you find the DT1770 too expensive, you may want to try the T70. It actually sounds fantastic (more bass than the T1) if you can get a good sealing and don't mind your ears touching the baffles. The T70 also does not need angled drivers to get similar T1 "frontal" sound image because... it is on ear type.
  11. Mad Max
    It would be nice to confirm if 1770 and T70 are using the same drivers.  Bonus points to Beyer if they did something about the huge 8k-9kHz treble peak I see in HeadRoom's T70-250ohm FR graph.
  12. hanselmann
    Spec-wise, T 70 and DT 1770 Pro may seem very similar, but concerning sound, they are different headphones.
    About clamping-force, don't get fooled: it's because we changed our measuring method of clamping force,  that these both models have such dramaticly different values. Subjectively, the DT 1770 Pro has the same clamping force like a DT 770 Pro (which is indeed tighter than T 70).
    The ear cushions of DT 1770 Pro are deep enough that your outer ears normally won't touch the baffle.
  13. hanselmann

    T 70 and DT 1770 don't use the same drivers. You can see it from the pictures on our website.
    About the so-called treble peak: please let me know your impressions, as soon as you have tried it out.
  14. FriedRice25
    Very interested in this headphone. T70 and DT770 are two headphones I like very much and combining dt770 bass with T70 detail sure grabs my attention. Plus I like the look of it. I am keen to hear more impressions of how it sounds.
  15. beyerlove
    1. hanselmann,
    Could you let me know the Pleather earpads that comes with DT1770 PRO are made of the same material with conventional DT770 Pleather earpads (EDT770S or something) or completely new one?
    I'm very happy to hear about DT 1770 PRO debut cos I love my T70 and DT770PRO. 1770 might be "the goal" headphones for me.
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