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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. god-bluff
    I think the HD600 and DT150 are quite similar (from memory) in general tonality. Strangely the closed DT150 has a considerably larger soundstage. This relates to my first pair of beyers the last pair seemed to have very little of the special magic and were entirely forgettable Production variation or changes or imagination? I don't know but they didn't compare to my Focal Spirit Classics I had at the time and were quickly sold (at a profit as usual!)

    The HD600 soundstage is absolutely fine though realistic airy and nice separation. It is far more comfortable and pleasant to wear. If you have a HD600 you don't need a 150.

    Cancel the order is my advice they are too similar (assuming you get a good DT150)

    They have equal amounts of bass and there is zero veil with the 600; it has easily as extended and detailed treble as the 150. I need open backed for home use and the Sennheiser is 'end game' for me. Just perfect and a fitting replacement for my favourite but but poorly made disintegrating Focals
  2. crazywipe
    Just got the DT 150 Today!
    First Impressions:
    - The Box is so small and rather cheap! It seems to me a package when you buy hundreds of them to get discount, very basic.
    - One pads has a problem, basically they put it wrong covering the small cable and now it's loose not sealing perfectly behind the cup. I don't know if the sound is affected... Anyway it's pretty annoying to send them back for this. (see the pic behind)
    - Comfort was bad right out the box. The headband was putting all the pressure on one point. I solved stretching it, very good. The pads are very wide, true circumaural, but they are too stiff and they get warm very quickly. They are not too heavy overall, good for long listening.
    - Construction is very good, all modular, high quality plastics.
    - Sound: They are impressive for the soundstage, I believe the pads have a strong merit on this. Sound is different from the hd600, the DT150 have a more flat midrange and more high-treble extension than the hd600, also more PRAT. The hd600 is slower with more richer and forward midrange with a smoother treble. 
    - Bass: Not bass shy for sure! I need a proper burn-in the evaluate better.
    Overall the sound quality is great and they perform far better the price I paid (125,00€ in Italy)
    I am just a bit upset for the pad problem and the simple box! 
    The thing that matter is... Now I am ON AIR!
    Pads problem:
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  3. MayorDomino
    ^^i doubt sound will be affected as the pads are pushing pretty tight against the cup on the ridge at the top.
    maybe take it off and iron out the kinks with your fingers.
  4. crazywipe
    Yes I'll figure something thanks, Now I am enjoying the sound :)
  5. UNW209
    I believe it is the new packaging. I bought mine from amazon jp last week and they sent me exactly the same package.
    For the pad problem, you can use a hair dryer to apply a little amount of heat to reshape it.
    There is a video from this process. Hope you find it useful.
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  6. Arvan
    The DT150 is a tool, not a thing of beauty nor is it ment to be displayed in fancy stores. It wont let you down however :) You can get the DT100 headband and pads. The velours even out the sound a bit with less bass and treble. A bit more balanced sounding. 
  7. crazywipe
    I think it's better to get the dt100 velour pads, stock pads are killing me.
  8. ilmothedude

    Recommended. I use DT100 pads and headband cushion on my DT150. I once switched back to DT150 stock pads for a while, and conclusion was, I like signature more with DT100 pads. Good thing since comfort is much better with DT100 pads.
  9. crazywipe
    Testing the T50RP MK3 pads on the DT150. Pretty amazing sound, they are so close to my HD600 now. The midrange is fuller and more forward, all is crystal clear. Bass is more linear and not boomy, for someone a bit short. Not the best pads for comfort.
    They look less bulky and more low profile now :)
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  10. VoodooSamurai
    How is the bass of DT150?
  11. amigomatt
    Very good, open and extended.  Elevated too but in a very musical way.
  12. AdamTR
    I have them both and the difference is like night and day... yes the DT150 have a biggger soundstage but also a lot more bass,, better transaprent mids, more details, and higs are also very different.
  13. god-bluff

    Agree to disagree. They are very not very different at all. at least compared to my last 150. The Beyer has a little more bass. The Sennheiser has equally extended treble a little less than a traditional open Beyer like my current 440 or the 990. Both are neutral EDIT make that 'natural' the HD600 is not veiled or over warm and the DT150 is warmer (slightly) than the average Beyer. There's no silly 'night and day' here. Maybe your HD600 has worn pads?!??!

    This is with British solid state amplification and 50 year old ears.:joy:

    The Sennheiser is close to a more neutral less bright Beyer like the DT440 or 150. the DT150 is close to a proper and good more netral less over warm Senn. It's where the 2 brands are closest to meeting.

    Any way I'm over the 150 and am committed long term to the HD600 'end game', another cliché sorry!, indeed. Enjoy what ever you have.
  14. god-bluff
    Should add just to emphasise the point 'night and day' is one of many really irritating sayings and over exaggerations I continued have to hear on these forums:yum: please stop ✋
  15. kman1211
    I wouldn't say they are night and day like some say, but they definitely have different sound characters. I personally replaced the DT 150, HD 600, and HD 650 with the DT 1990 which is a different league than the Senns and the DT 150. Honestly I find the DT 1990 more like the HD 600 and HD 650 in sound character than the DT 150 and any other Beyer I heard.  The only one of those three I will probably own again is the HD 650 due to it's relaxed treble and pleasant tuning.
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