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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. Lorspeaker
    i tend to agree with this...owned hd600 twice, bass needs abit more quantity to satisfy my taste.
    Settled for a hd650 then, but both senns are open cans,
    cant replace the dt150 infront of a TV :p
  2. btrs
    Finally got a chance to try a DT150 in the store, but I disagree with most opinions above. For me, these are totally not bass heavy, they even have less bass than my DT770 Pro-32..
    Treble seems to be slightly better than my DT770, but not enough to my taste. But as these are normally studio headphones focusing on vocals and midrange I can understand this choice of tuning..
    I also thought it would be more comfortable than it actually was, considering the large cups and pads. I do wear glasses with thick arms, so I guess this causes a bad seal and therefore creates more discomfort.

    I am now considering getting a DT250-250 instead, how does its signature compare to the DT150 and the DT770 ?
  3. ilmothedude
    I won DT150 auction on ebay for 25€ +shipping, such great deal. Got them today, it's definitely older revision because pads were quite worn and headband padding was flat, also 6.3mm plug. I replaced pads and headband from my own DT150 since I use DT100 pads and headband on them, and also soldered new 3.5mm stereo plug, and now the phones are like new. Sound is I believe equally brilliant as my DT150, altough different because pleather pads. I intend to give these to my sis for her birthday at the end of July, she appreciates punchy bass and DT150 definitely provides that.
  4. crazywipe
    I tried many different earpads on the Dt-150. I want to share my thoughts with you guys!

    Hm5 Sheepskin: Impressive leather quality, they look amazing. Sound is a bit on the bassy side, some mid-treble dip.
    Hm5 Hybrids: Less bass than the Sheepskin, same mid-treble dip.
    Hm5 Pleater: They sound similar to the Sheepskin, just a touch less bass.
    DT 100 velour: They are good on the sound-side. Being smaller than the stock dt150 the midrange is more in your face, the dip is still present a bit. Quality wise I don't like them, not the classic velour pads you can imagine. They attract hairs and become not very clean easily.
    Shure 1540: They are soft and very nice. Superb Comfort. Sound is good, but the mid-treble dip is still present. They cost 60$ here in Italy, too expensive.
    Fostex t50rp mk3: Best sound for me. They are small and the driver is very close to my ears and now the midrange is full and wonderful detailed with a very holographic sound. Not the best bass, comfort wise they are terrible!
    Dt150 Stock pleather: Really I hate those pads. Terribly uncomfortable, too bass heavy and distant sounding. Soundstage is wide mainly because the driver is so far form the ear.
    M50x pads: They don't really fit BUT they sounds very fun. Thunderous bass and full mid-treble.

    What I found is that the DT150 sounds the best when the driver is close to my ears because it somewhat push the mid-treble forward for a fantastic balanced-sparkly sound.

    My Goal is to have a reference sound, a closed alternative to my Sennheiser hd600. The DT150 is damn close in sound quality. I think they have a somewhat more detailed midrange than the hd600, this is quite impressive for 1/3 the price. Overall the hd600 has a better highs resolution, and of course being open is an advantage. For audiophile on a budget, they are both killers for price/performance ratio.

    Next pads I will try: Shure 940 velour. I have high expectation on them. Hope I will write the word end to this pad rolling.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
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  5. mbwilson111
    I recently replaced the pads on my Fostex t50rp mk3 with the Brainwavz hybrids and am very happy with that combination....both comfort and sound. I will attempt to put the Fostex pads on my DT150s. Hope It is easier than wrestling the hybrids onto the fostex was! I hate the feel of the DT 150 pads on my skin so I think the Fostex ones might feel better to me. I hate to lose the bass though.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2017
  6. crazywipe
    Sure you can give it a try and report back!
    Anyway if you liked the hm5 hybrids more on the t50rp mk3, chances are that it will be the same on the dt150.
    Not much of a problem to put them on.
  7. mbwilson111
    The hybrids did not kill the bass on the Fostex. They will be staying on the Fostex now. I will try the original Fostex pads on the DT150s next weekend as I have no other use for them anyway. Will let you know what happens.
  8. richard51
    Deep Salutation to all of you! I have read all the posts, and because of that bought the Dt-150...i will report here my impressions, i already have 2 Stax headphone, and the He-400 +sorbothane mod. and crystals mods.... I will drive them with my excellent vintage Sansui Au 7700 from the headphone out... Thanks to all of you for the great posts...:beerchug:
  9. jdpark
    Haven't been here in ages. Listening to the HDTracks 96/24 mastering of Tea for Tillerson (Cat Stevens) and can't work. I really need to work. Just can't. So good. Far better than the HD650 for good recordings. I do the HD650 when I have a bad recording or poor master that needs some smoothing over. Helps that I've worked hard with sources and even spent some dough on several Chord cables (not an obscene amount). It's really funny that the headphones are the cheapest part of my system. If you don't have a good system you can start with these and build the system around them (which is what I did).
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  10. richard51
    I take my Beyerdynamic Dt-150 from the post office today.... At first listen i begin to understand those that were horrified by their sound, infamously so called «cavernous sound»... After this first impression i put 8 little pieces of sorbothane 1/4 inches duro 70 +self adhesive in the inside of each cup; i took off the central piece of foam,and i put some cotton wool to angle the faux-leather earpads,(thanks for that to Lorspeaker) and last but not least, i put some very little stick of quartz+ a stick of amethyst crystal around the exterior cable .... That forever kill the «cavernous sound» and the«muddy sound»...

    Now i begin to slowly understand the love for this headphone... I am very happy with this purchase, i can listen to them without fatigue, they sound less refine than my electrostatic stax for sure, they are less polite but with more realism... They seems slightly bit more veiled at first than my HE-400 but perhaps the HE-400 is more highs agressive,and i prefer their just more exterior,less in the ears, soundstage,hence i find them way more relax to listen to than the HE-400, because the frequencies distribution are more equilibrated, least but not last, they are close cans and they isolate you correctly...

    For the price paid , 75 dollars, and after the right modifications, these used one are very good, and after some few minutes, without any comparison, accustomed to them, they are on par with my Hifiman, different but on par, and more confortable for me...I love them....For around 2 hundred dollars new they are probably one of the best headphones on the market, by virtue of the law of diminushing returns...I have not listen to many headphones, like Tyll Hertsens that love them, but if i compared them to my Stax and Hifiman, yes they are with them, very different sound but on the same level,almost High End, and almost TOTL, i would say High-end for the poor...Remember they are close cans and cheap price, that make them one of the best headphone period, particularly for vocals and jazz...


    P.S Contradictions in review about the same product result for a great part from different ears and listening habitude and abilities but also from difference in the system, it is very IMPORTANTin each review that the reviewer try the same can with different dac or amp if possible, if not, that he compared with different headphones ...My system is the bushmaster beresford dac+ headphone out amp, or the Sansui AU 7700 amp headphone out, and directly from the dedicated dac/amp bushmaster there seems to be more in the face clarity,BUT less 3-d imaging,less subtle projected soundstage, and less dynamics,i choose without hesitation the vintage Sansui...I for sure think that a dedicated amplifier for headphone would be better, but i know the price must be much higher than my beloved sansui, that has really now no defect for me and sound like a tube amplifier with all details and bass possible... I must say that without pad modifications and the added sorbothane+stones and crystals, i would not have been so satisfied with this headphone...

    : After 18 hours the gluing process of the sorbothane is better hence the sound is better, the DT-150 is more interesting... Very good headphone, for so cheap price... If you dont know what to buy, this is the deal.... i added 2 very little bits of elite shungite glued with blutak one on the center of the exterior of each cup which improve the sound...

    Another update: it takes me 24 hours to discover by experiments the good recipe with crystals and stones, but now there it is! I must say that this headphone is the most musical one i had listen to and i realize now how unnatural was the he-400 by comparison ... The DT-150 is not perfect, but now i think that it is the better of all my headphone, even the perfect Stax SR-5 is for me less musical...The stax mids are liquid and like honey, but the Dt-150 is more equilibrated, and more realist in his recreation of a natural sound with intricate delicacies...I listen now to more musically audible details, that were there with the other headphones but without this organic musicality imparted by the DT-150...In one word the DT-150 seems at first less brilliant to me than the He-400 and the SR-5, way less spectacular,but in fact it is more musical and more subtle,more 3-d and less in the face,more speaker-like image than headphone-like image...Piano sound way better, each note with an interiority of his own that i never listen to before,i must listen to all my cd anew...

    But i must say that without sorbothane,with neither stones or crystals, without pad mods. the DT-150 is nothing like what it is now...I have a very good musical,tube-like amplifier, with the sansui AU-7700, but directly of the headphone out, the nude ST-150 is inferior to all my other cans, now with the same amplifier he is superior musically, it is my subjective point of view for sure....:ksc75smile: By the way if you are fond of spectacular noise in headphone, bassy heads or maniacs of details, or lover of luxurious sensations, the DT-150 is not for you, it is only a musical headphone,but a very good one for the price,that sound way more ANALOG than DIGITAL (thanks to Arttt for this comparison), the DT-150 must be slowly tamed, we must first desintox ourself of the everywhere digital drug,expose ourself to a more analog atmosphere...It is a modest but very sturdy and efficient piece of gear indeed ...Probably like someone already said here, an accidental marvellous modest design intended for studio more than for audiophile crowds, that has not been replicated nor improved, only sold like it is for the last 50 years by Beyerdynamic...Without too much shouting about his qualities, because at his price, why buy costlier other one after that ?
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
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    ?:neutral_face::neutral_face:? I thought people using crystals were only a ridiculous joke but you're not joking are you?
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  12. richard51
    No i dont joke... Buy few bucks madagascar agate or amethyst, or pink quartz, or tourmaline, put one or better two kind of these crystals on top of your central electrical panel(mine is on the basement of my house) dont thank me and call this an audiophile day.... :beerchug:

    Some people have bought another costly product because they were not satisfied with their own already good gear, after that, not satisfied enough, they buy another product,me i say to all people before buying anything try that....I dont have money to buy audiophile products, i experiment on my own with vintage or used one...

    Best regards to you Vsenses ... Try it....

    P.s. I think you must try Banded madagascar agate+amethyst with your particular gear... try cheap one on ebay around 100 grams...
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
  13. penmarker
    I'm sorry, put them in top of the electrical panel?
  14. richard51

    For example some quartz taped on the electrical braker and agate on top of the central panel, and some other crystals taped around the electrical cable that go to your listening room ... Think and experiment... you will see...It is more cheap than to buy any audiophile filtering or cleaning device...And its work...
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  15. richard51
    «i think dt150 is a lucky fluke , beyerdynamic didn't expect to make such a great headphone. When dt150 was design , beyer target broadcaster , tv crews , not audiophile world for sure... but somehow this awesome headphone came to live :)

    I doubt beyer repeat such lucky fluke for a second time ...»

    this quote is a post by Arttt and i remember now my first source of information about the DT-150...All he said about the DT-150, i hear the same after i bought them , my gear is different, but my impression are the same... It is also Arttt that said many times in this thread that Beyer DT-150 is an audiophile headphone... My experience entirely concur with that... Best regards to you Arttt ...Thanks for all your posts about burn-in the dt-150 also...Very illuminating...
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
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