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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. richard51
    These damned Dt-150 grows more in me.... i dont know, because they are used one,if the 300 hours limits for their mandatory blossooming burn-in, indicated by Arttt review, were near completion, when i bought them, or not,but for the last 2 days my love for them is growing more, and, this is what i dont understand,the sound completely change for the better at each listening, hour after hour; the only explanation is the sorbothane slowly gluing process that takes many days to takes all effect and must be way less immediately manifest with them than with my HE-400 or Stax lambda .... ...I dont want to listen now to my he 400 nor my Stax lambda,they lack naturalness,3-d holographic reproduction, Stax has more artificial finesse yes,hifiman more shouting dynamic, and they are more fatiguing(he-400) or boring(stax lambda)... With the DT-150 all details are communicated organically linked with complete balance without any artificial analytical effects...I think they are on the same level of excellency than the Stax SR-5,one of the best tuned Stax by the opinions of more educated audiophile than me (By the way my remarks are only my listening subjective impressions, and not a critical assessment of the He-400 or of the Stax per se, my remarks are only a way to describe the extraordinary audio qualities of the DT-150 +sorb.+crystals for me)... I thanks God and many reviewers that convince me to buy these under the score cans...:L3000:

    The thing is that i love them so much, i decide to buy another Sansui amplifier that i dream of already, for sure at a bargain price... My Sansui AU-7700 already drive them from the headphone out without perceptible defect,silky mids like my SR-5 but with less honey flavor, punchy but not exagerated bass like my HE-400, unique imaging holographic, but mostly speaker-like restitution absent from Stax or HE-400, with absolutely no fatigue whatsoever...

    I have bought 2 days ago the Sansui AU-X701 Alpha and i think this more modern audiophile sound will reveal the scaling potential of the DT-150 and takes them to other limit...The Alpha series amplifier apparently touch another level and were the culmination of all the audiophile research of the Sansui team... The 1976 Sansui AU-700 is tube like sound, a marvel to my ears with only superlative reviews all over the net.... Only to be , it seems, superseded by the 1986 Alpha for more realism...I cannot imagine how the DT-150 will sound from the headphone out ....I will verify what some here says when they ascertain the upscaling potential of the DT-150...Akg 701, Ath-m50, Stax SR-5, Stax lambda nova,He-400, are the headphone i know , none touch the realism and naturalness, and the musicality of the DT-150 for me... And if another headphone is better, and i dont doubt that there is some, at stratospheric price,then, is this so-called more audiophile headphone sound will be speaker-like also like the Beyer? My Stax are one of these audiophile cans and they are not speakerlike at all...More transparent, more refine,more airy, yes, not speakerlike,nor holographic 3-d image, nor natural either to my ears...Me i will never exhange realism and naturalness for any other audiophile characteristics whatsoever ,i listen to music not to beautiful sounds....

    If you dont like this Beyer, blame your dac,amp,or the synergy between them, the DT-150 sorbothanized+some crystals are for me TOTL at ridiculous price used...thanks to all of you ....I will report here for the new amp experience and the presumed scaling potential of the Dt-150...

    P.S. Except the slow gluing process of the sorbothane, inside each cup of the DT-150, there is another explanation from the transformation of my listening experience of the DT-150... Yesterday i put , in a new experiment, 4 or 5 little quartz crystals square chunks , in the 2 opposite walls of each one of my piece of gear enclosure ,speakers,dac,amp,computer,power conditioner... (50 pieces in all)... The effect on the sound was way more clarity and transparency in my Mission ....I listen to my speakers at this time... When i turn my ears to the DT-150 in the evening the same effect have taken place ...But the effect on the DT-150 was in my system more astounding than with my speakers,more spectacular, and not in full fledge immediately ... Some may make sarcastic remarks about that, but without stones and crystals i know that no audio system is true to his potential and i say that after almost a year of experiments...

    Important remark: Perhaps the astounding effect of my new installment of pink quartz crystals in my system, on my speakers listening first,and on my Dt-150, would have been spectacular also on the Stax lambda and the SR-5; i will not know because i have disconnected them from my system because of place restriction... Then my impression of the DT-150 are in no way an objective critical assessment about the Stax...Only an enthusiastic review impression of the DT-150 qualities compare in memory with my Stax past impressions ...
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  2. kman1211
    The DT 150 is one excellent headphone, the first headphone I've owned that sounded right and have been a Beyer fan since then. The DT 150 sounds fantastic when driven right, I have found a few Beyers I like a bit more, but the DT 150 will always have a special place in my heart.
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  3. ilmothedude
    Hi Richard, so great to hear your impressions and admiration towards DT150. About your sorb on DT150, what sorb did you use? I have some Duro 70 left from HE400 modding, and I have also applied some inside DT150 but I don't know if I noticed any real difference in sound. I'm intrested about your sorb placements on your DT150, reading your impressions feels like I should apply some sorb to my DT150 aswell. Because of you I sorbed my HE400 with great results, you seem like great sorb-master! :beyersmile:

    My sorb installement inside DT150 cups:

  4. richard51
    Hi! ilmothedude... Thanks for your appreciation...I dont think that placing the sorb where you have place it is good enough.... I place if i remember well, about 8 little pieces in each cup of duro 70 1/4 inches self adhesive sorbothane... Inside the cups there is 8 little rectangular spaces void,i put the sorb in each of this shelves cellular spaces interior cup...It is better because this is the cup that vibrate responding to the driver and affect retroactively the sound by negative resonance...I have not try to place the sorb where you have place it, perhaps it has a good effect also, but not enough damping effect it seems if i read you correctly, and it is because of that that you have not fell a great impact in erasing the negative resonance...

    Because i apply the 2 modifications in the same time almost, i must say that i dont know now if the sound was so better because of the sorbothane mainly, or because of the 50 pieces of quartz i glued in all pieces of gear... It seems the 2 modifications contribute greatly i dont know in what proportion for each mods... The reason i apply the 2 in the same time is that i was not totally satisfied by the listening of the DT-150 after the sorbothane mods and i decide to put the quartz all across the board with astonishing results in my speakers and headphones...

    By the way remember to tape some sorb , then compressing it a little with the tape, on the metal arc of the headband on each side to negate resonance along the headband and his transmission to the cups... Best regards my friend...
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  5. richard51
    LAST IMPRESSIONS: It is now like the real first time that i hear natural shades of sound,very realistic musical timbre that are not given with my other headphone in all types of music and in all my cd... I have NO desire to go back with my other headphones, even if they give more clarity to the sound than the DT-150 and they give that, they dont give a natural shading and realistic sound for me,.... Listening to piano is very revelatory.... And remember that the DT-150 give ABSOLUTELY NO FATIGUE ...This speak volume about this cheap, completely under-dog headphone... Think about that :Tyll Hertsens has listen professionally to all headphone there is that are known, but not these one that exist for 50 years in all studios of the world and apparently he like them a lot....All the hype to sell costly headphone would not survive to this marvellous machine,if it was known, at her cost, that would kill upgraditis...I am afraid, very afraid to buy an another headphone under one thousand dollars now after hearing for the first time a realistic rendering of live musical experience... Without listen to them, absolutely not, and from the fact of diminushing returns, i dont want to go beyond DT-150...For a long time to come... I will wait graphene revolution....
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  6. ilmothedude
    Sounds good, I'll experiment once I get back to my DT150. By the way, I'm new to this crystal/quartz stuff you're talking about, and while I'm a bit sceptical about it, I'd still be willing to experiment with them if those crystal things aren't too expensive. Do you have recommendation for some cheap quartz stuff to experiment with?
  7. richard51
    Begin with some pink quartz and madagascar banded agate, wait for a good price with chineese sellers on ebay... Put them on the top of your central electrical panel and near the location also where your electrical alimentation for your audio room comme from(in a plastic sandwich bag taped on top of the breaker for example)

    Read more details in the sorbothane thread.... All you must know is there...I dont want to speak too much about crystals here, because the subject is the DT-150 ...
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  8. mbwilson111
    A few days ago I received headphones with graphene drivers. Did some reading about graphene as I had not yet heard of it...amazing stuff. So far very impressed with the headphones. I do not know if graphene drivers require burn in but I will do it. I have them hooked up to my desktop system with many albums queued in Foobar2000. I am listening to theme while I am at my desk. The rest of the time the music is just playing through them. So... the revolution has begun...
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  9. penmarker
    What headphones is it?
  10. mbwilson111
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  11. richard51

    Try chineese company +free postal fees auction on ebay... Try aliexpress too... Dont try crystals or stones on your headphone first, try it on the electrical central panel First, after that, dac, amplifier, power conditioner, only after that, on headphones.... The effect on headphone is the more subtle, delicate and difficult to obtain if you treat only headphone but you can obtain great results with some pink quartz glued with blutak on the exterior cups, i have put 2 on each cups...... Sorbothane on the DT-150 will do the job + crystals and stones on the central electrical panel, dac, amp because you will hear the positive effect in the headphone......
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  12. richard51
  13. richard51
    A remark about the DT-150.... It is an headphone particularly picky for his source and amplifier, not only that, i dont think that the DT-150 is at his potential, when use nude , out of the store without modifications, hence i understand perfectly well all of those that dont like him so much, or hate him in a few case... All my enthusiastic dance here about it result from his basic quality, his realism, his price, that make it the better deal i have ever been given access to...But remember that this headphone is not for everyone, with any source or any amp in the first place...His true sound is not there immediately for many experiencer... After all that, there is also the particular taste of each one of us.... I say all that to counterbalance my enthusiastic rant, and explain it....:beerchug:

    Update: Tomorrow i will be on the first week with the DT-150, i must say that my enthusiasm is greater than when i wrote my first impressions, the sound i obtain with my improve tweaks ( sorbothane inside+ 2 bits of shungite on top of the cup,2 square chunks of pink quartz with 1 bit of black tourmaline on the exterior of each cup, 2 thin sticks of lemurian quartz alongside the right cable connector) is now silky, the imaging is more coherent, the speakers-like realism always there, and i can listen to them without end...With the DT-150 i dont listen to details, but to real sound of a voice or instrument in the real world... Details dont stand up at all, what stand up is the integrity of the totality never reduced to a sum of parts...
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  14. Roll
    There is no 'real' info re graphene...it was mention re their iem

    Does Xiaomi's new earphone use a graphene membrane for improved sound quality?

    At least this company:
    ORA GrapheneQ - The world's first Graphene driver headphone

    "Check page 129 of "2017 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook"


    Re: GrapheneQ: Graphene Composites for Improved Sound Quality and Increased Efficiency in Portable Devices"

    They have a patent

    and Apple Inc also have a patent

    Ora answered when someone question re Apple patent:

    There are a few patents out there related to Graphene audio transducers including Alex Zettl’s patent on pristine Graphene in an electrostatic application and a KAIST filing on Graphene Oxide in a thermoacoustic transducer.
    Our core patent on the application of Graphene Oxide to dynamic transducers pre-dates Apple’s patent. Also, Apple’s patent is specific to using a small amount of Graphene flakes to selectively stiffen a base of another material.
    We also have peripheral patents on the method we use to deposit our membranes and the formula we use… So don’t worry, we are covered!

    Ok back to dt150
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  15. mbwilson111
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