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Beyerdynamic DT 150: Bloody Brilliant!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by theobservatory., Oct 25, 2007.
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  1. mysticstryk

    In that case, might as well give it a try. Look into what others had to do in this thread though as the DT150 has a bit of a unique cable design.
  2. dakanao
    So I just got these... I can definitely hear the potential in the sound, but the fit is soooo annoying to get right.
  3. shamu144
    I really did not like the fit neither (very loose on my head, and felt a bit heavy), which is why I returned my pair and got the DT250 instead... Pretty much similar soundwise, with slight difference in soundstage and bass response...
  4. ballard3

       I own both hp's and I have no fit problem with DT150 that I feel much more comfortable than DT250. Soundwise both don't seem Beyer hp's (balanced mids, no treble peak) but I prefer DT150 for its much wider      soundstage.
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  5. Arvan
    Hmm..Its a simple fitting headphone, just slam in on the head and its good to go :D 
    You could bend the headband slightly to give it a bit more clamp.
  6. MayorDomino
    Cheap chinese Beyer headband from ebay, actually pretty good and does not slide around the headband or anything
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  7. mysticstryk

    Comfort issues come up a lot in this thread and every time I will recommend the ZMF pilot pad. Looks a little goofy maybe but the comfort is really good. The wider headband padding also keeps the headphone from sliding around as much.
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  8. HipHopScribe
    Got a pair of these headphones second hand and I'm really enjoying them so far. I double-padded the headband for comfort and they arrived with torn pads so I'm using angled HM5 pads
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  9. crazywipe
    I joined the bloody brilliant club today! 
    I need to wait until thursday go get my hands on the dt150. I hope they will be a closed alternative to my hd600, let'see :)
  10. Arvan
    They sound quite similar to the HD650, i have both and i would agree that it's absolutely a alternative to a close HD6XX headphone. Welcome to the club! i hope you enjoy your stay. 
  11. dakanao
    The DT 150 had more upfront mids than the HD 650 when I owned those. The DT 150 also has a lot more bass (even with the DT 100 velours, which balance the bass out a lot)
  12. Arvan
    didn't say that they sounded the same. Overall signature is similar. 150 has more bass indeed and yes, even with the velours, you are right about that. 
  13. ilmothedude

    I've never heard HD600, but had HD650 on loan for some time, and surprisingly on my setup, I thought DT150 was superior to HD650 in terms of soundstages depth and imaging. I never  really liked HD650, too laid back and slightly veiled signature on my setup.
  14. dakanao
    I found the talk about the HD 650 that they're mid-forward not to be true at all, at least not on my amp/DAC. That's the reason I sold them.
    The DT 150 are way more engaging in the mids, but they lack refinement when compared to the HD 650.
  15. ilmothedude
    Agreed, although very mellow and musical on mids, but definitely not mid-forward, on my setup either.
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