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Benjie Offical Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yacobx, Apr 15, 2016.
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  1. SomeEntityThing
    There is one: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Benjie+x6&page=&utm_source=opensearch

    The X6 does not have bluetooth but the X5 does. The X5 has a smaller display than the X6 and supposedly has lower battery life. On a side note, I might go for the Ruizu D20 over both solely because they come with a see-through case made to fit it :p
  2. mbwilson111
    I have not used my new Benjie X6 enough yet to comment on all the features but it does sound good to me. I only listen to full albums. I do know that it does not have gapless play but I just won't put any gapless albums on it. I wonder if that might be added at some point. I wish it had folder play through. I would like it to continue to the next album after one finishes because if my hands are not free at that time to choose another album, the music will just stop. Actually it is best to have a choice to turn on folder play though... or not.

    I have not tried it with any headphones... just iems and buds.

    Actually the buds that came with it aren't bad at all.... I am going to relax with this combo now for awhile.

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  3. jant71
    Thanks @SomeEntityThing ! Didn't find battery specs on the Ali page I was on. Would have been cool if the X5 had the same battery in it and would get better battery life due to the smaller screen. Plus with BT you can't take away battery life. Oh well Gotta do better Benji :)

    Have seen the X6 listed with or without BT version though. First wasn't happy that there was no BT but then made sense to see it have a version with it. Too lazy to find it atm :0 or perhaps the seller might be in error.

    The no folder play through sucks as well. Not like it used to be even though we are so "advanced" now. Remember when we could play through folders. Straight through or either shuffle folders and play in order or play the folder in shuffle mode and player the next ordered folder in shuffle and so on. Take it to work start in playing all day and never have to touch it.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  4. crezo
    I've got a Hidizs AP200 which sounds amazing but is redonculously slow to start up and takes forever to charge so was looking for a mini portable player and think I'm going to have to pick up one of the s5s as they look great and are tiny!

    Is there much difference in sound between the S5, s6 and M3? I'm after a decently weighty and punchy bottom end as I listened to a lot of electro/dnb/glitchop/electrosoul etc and have tried the shanking m0 and the newish Hidizs ap80 but both were massively lacking in the bottom end. Not sure if that was down to the dac/amp chips or lack of power.
  5. Monölord
    I want to experience benjie. Considering i am a new kid on this DAP block, and i mostly listen to metal songs. Care mostly with its SQ, reasonable UI, and dont really care about bluetooth, or touch screen. Which benjie i shall pursue? Cheers mate.

    I usually play 320kb mp3s. I will use DAP while walking in town or commute, and i care about clarity and honest sound. My budget goes for up to $50.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  6. SiggyFraud
    I'd start with Benjie S5, S8, or K3. The SQ is equally good on all three models, the only differences being touch screen vs physical buttons (S5 and S8 vs K3), colour screen vs black and white (S5 and K3 vs S8), and Bluetooth functionality (S8 has it, as well as some S5 variants, K3 doesn't).
    All three models around USD 20,00.
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  7. Monölord
    Thanks for the respond.
    I have narrowed my choice into:
    1. Benjie s5/s5b/s8
    2. Benjie t6

    What is the difference between s5 and s5b? And if you had to choose between s5/s5b and t6, what do you choose? Please explain your option in details, like soundwise, ui, durability, etc.

    Sorry for asking a lot. Thanks again
  8. SiggyFraud
    S5B is just an S5 with Bluetooth. Build, firmware, and other features are exactly the same. I can't comment on the differences in sq since I only had the S5, but I doubt there's any difference since they're using the same SOC. If you pick S5/S5B I'd suggest changing the firmware to the one from Agptek (same device, difference firmware). While I don't believe it alters the sound in any way, it does introduce some additional features.
    I never heard the T6, so can't comment on it either.
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  9. Monölord
    I finally ordered S5 with bluetooth for $20 from AE. Can't wait to have it. 2-3 weeks shipping time i suppose. Thank you for the advice, mate. Oh, what kind of TF card you use for the S5? Is TF card class affecting the reading process in S5?
  10. Caipirina
    I thought I knew (of) most Benjie releases ... and it still baffles me that the prices keep being the same over the years, thought that at end of product cycle they could be had cheaper ... Like that Benjie K10 clip model with OLED screen .. still asking for 25$ .. (unrelated, the Xduuoo X2 still sells for 50$ and is still a kick ass player) ...

    So, imagine my surprise when I stumble across a Benjie X3 (never heard of) by pure chance, for 14.98$ (there is a BT version, but I am only hearing wonky stuff about first gen BT in Benjie players) ... so, for that price I just had to order ... anyone have that one? Not expecting anything glorious ... just decent play for the kitchen speakers ... :)

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  11. TheVortex
    My K1 arrived today




    Shanling M0 in it's case on the left and the K1 on the right not in it's clip case.

    It's not labeled as Benjie but Geruida which are a brand I have never heard of.

    This is the link of the product on the Benjie website - http://www.benjie-tx.com/MP3HiFiPlayer/269.html

    I ordered it from Ali and cost just over £18. I will use it and post my findings.

    This is the link I ordered it from and took around two weeks to arrive.

    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  12. Caipirina
    Great to hear your's arrived! I also ordered mine from Store No.4793015 and those guys take forever to get stuff out of the door ... I had ordered and then cancelled on day 9 with them before .. this time, after I cancelled, they got back to me saying 'whooops, we already sent it out' ... now I wait

    At least my X6 arrived at my mail drop :)
  13. TheVortex
    Thanks and sorry to hear that about that seller.

    I might order the X6 but not sure yet and let us know what you think of it!
  14. Santojob
    Buy this Benjie model on Amazon

    It has a good sound for its price, which is pre-X6
    The FM radio is regular, depends a little on the cable used, the rest of the functions that I have tested well. I just do not like that the covers of the music files that are being played do not appear.

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
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  15. Santojob
    Hello @mbwilson111

    I wanted to buy the Benjie X6. I have the previous model smaller. I like its sound, for the price it's fine. Can you tell me if in this model X6 appear the album covers that are playing on the screen?, I am interested in knowing this topic, since in the previous model they do not appear.

    Thanks for reading and greetings
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