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Benjie Offical Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yacobx, Apr 15, 2016.
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  1. yacobx
    Hey guys,
    Just got me a s5. Lets talk about it.
    BENJIE S5 8G APE/FLAC/WAV High Sound Quality Entry-level Lossless Music Player


    1. Entry-level Lossless
    2. Professional sound quality
    3. Blind-operation
    4. Gorgeous texture
    5. 1mm border
    6. Built-in 8G memory (Max support 64GB TF card)
    7. 1 inches screen
    8. Metal body
    9. FM radio
    10. Folder Plays
    11. HD recording
    12. EBook
    13. Song Lyrics
    Seiko manufacturing


    1. High-grade OLED transparent display, fonts display clear, naturally, not to hurt the eyes, non-ordinary blue or other low-end screen.

    1. The stainless steel casting, on the back of the fuselage refined brushed stainless steel version.

    Physical buttons

    1. Five-button blind operation, day and night dual-mode operation, and then don’t need to turn on the lights to find the touch position.



    1. Model: BENJIE S5
    2. Material:metal
    3. MP3 bit rates: 8-320Kbps
    4. Playback: about 58 hours of continuous playback
    5. Recording bit rate: 5-384Kbps
    6. Music Format: MP3 / APE /FLAC/ WAV/ WMA/OGG 
    7. USB connection: Efficient 2.0USB
    8. Recording battery life: 30 hours continuous recording
    9. Built-in battery: lithium polymer battery
    10. Recording format: MP3, WAV
    11. Chip system: Action 2127s
    12. Headphone output: 16-128Ω
    13. Display type: OLED
    14. Screen size: 1 inch
    15. Size: 7.5x3.1x0.9cm
    16. Microphone: dual microphone stereo surround
    17. Net weight: 51g

    1. BENJIE S5 Music Player
    2. USB cable
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  2. yacobx
    So far, the SQ is really great for 35. It seems like they heard the complaints with the X2 and fixed them. Such a good pair for the VE monk, for 40 bucks its all a steal.
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  3. golov17
    Wow! Interesting :ok_hand:
  4. yacobx
    They say it has enough to power 128ohm, but its struggling with my havi's that are 50ohm lol. To be fair the havi's are not very sensitive and are notorious for needing lots of power.
  5. yacobx
    With the Vsonic vsd3, there is a little background noise, not distracting but its there. The vsonic is supposedly 40ohm so idk lol.
  6. golov17
    Well, like with amp?
  7. yacobx
    Have not tried with my amp yet. I will try later. It sounds great with vsd3, monk, cygnus.
  8. golov17
    OK ok waiting.....
  9. yacobx
    waiting for what? the amp test?
  10. golov17
    yup, please :panda_face:
  11. peter123
    I've got a C1 on its way, might have to pick up one of these as well..................
  12. yacobx

    I'm gonna order a c1 as well :) for 25 bucks it's a no brainier
  13. peter123
  14. teston
    Very interesting.
    Anyone who own both this and xduoo x2 can tell the power of these 2 compare to each other?
    From what i saw this guy is not as powerful as x2 (not confirmed anyway). [​IMG]
  15. yacobx

    Some Russian guy did a review, and said the x2 is more bassy and the s5 is flat and analytical.
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