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Benjie Offical Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yacobx, Apr 15, 2016.
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  1. mbwilson111
    The X6 does show cover art... in a weird way. Look carefully in the photo I posted... zoom in. I think that round circle is meant to be an LP. If there is no cover art it just looks like an LP. Kind of like the other Benjie that you posted. If there is cover art it is small inside that circle... see in the photo? The real cover looks like this. It is what I happened to be playing when I took the photol

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  2. Santojob
    Thanks @mbwilson111 for answering so fast

    It is true that it is a slightly strange way to present the cover, but at least something appears on the screen. It will be necessary to investigate if it reads the cover integrated in the file (MP3, FLAC, etc) or if it has to go the image in a separate file, style cover.jpg or folder.jpg, etc.

    You'll already know what you think about the sound with one of your many IEMS. Receive again my best regards and that the music does not stop ...
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  3. mbwilson111
    This one was folder.jpg....cover.jpg probably works too.... a lot of my folcers have both. I think the size has to be 500x500 (maybe 600) or less I always have folder.jpg... unless I cannot find a cover online... but then I could scan the cover if I have the CD.

    Nothing wrong with the sound.

    BTW, the included buds are actually quite good. A balanced sound. Easy to listen to and even sound great with my desktop system. I gave them to my husband HungryPanda to try and he agree. The ones that came with his Benjie K9 are not so good.

    Using with full foams. Photo without foams

    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  4. Santojob
    mbwilson111 I have tried renaming Folder.jpg and Cover.jpg, as well as changing the resolution (500 Px, 600 Px), but it seems that it does not work on my Benjie model.

    By the way sounds great with the TFZ Tequila 1, IEM with little impedance and very sensitive.

  5. mbwilson111
    Was it listed as a feature?

    In your photo it looks like you probably have the same bud that I do. I actually burned mine in for a few days:)
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
  6. Santojob
    It does not appear as one of its characteristics that may show the covers. I left a message to Benjie's children to see what they tell me ...
  7. Monölord
    I finally ordered s5 today from china. It's ridiculously cheap and best DAP for newbie like me. Hopefully it will arrived in two weeks. I need to ask the forum, which tf card i shall use that work best on s5? I hope 64gb can fit, too. Cheers,
  8. onraid
    Have to compare Benjie k3 vs Benjis s5
    Design is absolutely win for k3
    Sound is absolutely win for s5, on k3 has problem with low frequency, its almost empty
  9. TheVortex
    Received my X6 a couple of days ago and pretty good so far.




    Sounds cleaner than the new Geruida K1 and as the screen is larger it is a lot easier to navigate.

    I have had 13 hours battery life from it from full battery to basically nothing. I recommend it so far.

    Exactly the same package contents as the Geruida K1 and the included earbuds sound pretty good as well!
    mbwilson111 and HungryPanda like this.
  10. TheVortex
    Been using the X6 a bit today and I noticed there is a noise floor that my Shanling M0 doesn't have. I am happy with it apart from that.

    I know the M0 has better circuitry as it costs 4 x times the price.
  11. mbwilson111
    I have been surprised by those. Very enjoyable. I have more than a few buds including several that my husband made. Everything is in my list... my ridiculous list.

    How would I listen for that noise floor? I don't feel like I have ever experienced it with any of my gear... maybe I am better off to remain oblivious? Or, am I deaf?
  12. TheVortex
    With the unit switched on but not playing any music unplug and plug back in any of your earphones and see if you hear a low frequency noise. Should be more noticeable with hybrids.
    mbwilson111 likes this.
  13. Caipirina
    did your Geruida K1 come with a clip / case? It appears mine did not, but it shows on some of the promotional material ...
  14. TheVortex
    Mine did come with a clip case.

  15. madnanny2
    hello i have just bought a ruizu d20 from amazon,have a a50 so bought it to see if its any good. i was not disappointed,its a well made player,fully touch and very good sound. i use it with sennheiser px100 and sennheiser px100-2
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