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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Dexter22
    It can happen if you are really out of luck :wink: 
  2. brokenhat

    I would be happy with either so probably the cheaper one, however if B&O are saying nothing has changed sound wise they are lying......
  3. Dickies
    I said this earlier
  4. Waski

    Hi, I have the same "effect" with one particular song, which is "Beyonce Halo", I don't know if there is something wrong with the recording, but I can clearly say that the voice of singer is more hearable in one side of my head (not saying on which side, to not make placebo effect for others, who want to check this). I even did blind test with my gf during which I had no idea where is L and R, and every time I was right with my judgement of which side is which.
    Would be great to see your experience of this here :)
  5. Transmaniacon
    I know with my speakers I can tell if the singer is standing slightly off-center.  It's not anything wrong, just that the imaging is good enough to locate someone more precisely in space.  I would wager it just depends on the song, these H6 are definitely good at instrument separation and imagining, so it may just be you are hearing where the singer actually is in space.  
  6. Transmaniacon
    Finally got the Asgard in, this thing is big and solid!  Just after some initial listening, the sound is more dynamic and the low impact is improved.  I feel like the mid-range is a bit stronger too which I prefer in my speakers/headphones.  Will post some more thoughts after I had more time to listen, definitely enjoying it so far!
    I feel like the low end detail is much better, I am hearing some things in Helena Beat that I didn't previously.  
  7. jlp0209
    My replacement phones have the same issue, vocals are just tilted ever so slightly toward the left side. Maybe a little improved on this set, hard to tell and could just be wishful thinking. Listened to Beyonce on Amazon music, same experience as you. I've been listening to a variety of stuff tonight and not all music is like this, but it's just enough to be annoying to me. It could just be the headphones exposing aspects of music I haven't heard before and not a defect as Transmaniacon says. I'm not going to return the headphones. About to just accept the future of wireless and buy a Beatback Pro w/ usb aptX dongle for my PC and call it a day, and use both headphones, eventually getting rid of the one I like the least.
  8. Ondicol
    Did you have the chance to compare the cables again? :)
  9. Jazz1
    Yes. They both sounded okay. Maybe I didn't have the plug deep enough. But it wasn't like a bad connection or intermittent sound.
    Ondicol likes this.
  10. jlp0209
    Just an update, this may help you as well. You can bend the headband a bit to create more pressure / better seal or less pressure. In my case, I think my head is just barely too small for these headphones. I wear a size 7 1/8 fitted cap. I need to keep the headphones at the smallest setting. Anyway I adjusted the band to create a tighter seal / more pressure and not only did this even out the sound but it made the bass punchier. Maybe there was a slightly uneven amount of pressure on the left vs. right side, now it's all good. These headphones are unbelievable.
    I also received BackBeat Pro phones today and tested that Beyonce song and vocals still favor the left side, so it's probably just certain music and not the headphones.  
    Try adjusting your headband.
  11. Waski

    I'll try this with my headphones.
    Thx for your response :wink:.
  12. Transmaniacon
    Work rig

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Dickies likes this.
  13. brokenhat
    Wow, looks nice, I have the same stand but that amp is pretty big eh.  :)
  14. Mink
    Didn't need another pair of headphones, but these gorgeous black BeoPlay H6's (1st generation) were sold for 200 euros at amazon.de.
    First impressions: built quality is top notch. The ear cups are large enough to comfortably cover my ears and are still really small to be portable, how did they manage this? It's an enigma.
    What about the sound? In two words: neutral and flat. No they aren't fun or euphonic headphones, but very smooth and well behaved. No odd peaks, zero sibilance, no grain and a bass that is just there. I can see why some would find them lacking bass, but I don't agree. Yes my Denon D5000s an Sony MDR-Z7s are bassier, but I don't find the BeoPlays cold sounding at all.
    Some people complained about an overall 'trebly' sound. I find the highs to be exceptionally good. They beat the D5000s, MDR-Z7s and ATH-A900Xs in this regard, the highs are open but never peaky, shrill or stingy.
    Now the soundstage is not as wide nor as deep as my full sized headphones, but still very impressive.
    The sensitivity, which apparantly is improved with the 2nd generation BeoPlays is still good enough. I don't need to crank the volume up that much more. So overall I am pleased with this pair BeoPlays :)
  15. goody
    Agree with your analysis the bass is certainly there great sounding headphones for sure
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