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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Dexter22
    I got my second one already
  2. equedadoii
    hi all,
    i'm wondering how i should approach this:
    i got me a mojo from moon audio some time last year
    i have a set of symphones magnum v6 headphones; they work fine.
    today, i received the b&o h6 2nd gen,
    and when i plugged it into the mojo, well, it doesn't play as intended.
    i thought the issue might be with the mojo, but my magnums don't really have an issue. i plug in, and they're just fine.
    with the h6 (2nd gen), the sound only comes in through one channel, and i have to adjust the cable (twist it) so it plays through both channels.
    am i correct in thinking that the issue is with my h6 and that i should be contacting b&o even though they linked their product through amazon?
    i suspect the mojo isn't the issue.
  3. blueaoki
    Mojo and H6 is a great combination. The problem might be the stock cable. I use an other cable with the Mojo. You can try to use the cable in the other direction so the remote is closer to the Mojo. That worked for me when I used the normal cable
  4. Ondicol
    Replace the cable

    I had the same issue a few days ago when I received my h6 2nd gen pair, plugging it to my phone (a windows phone)
    Using this cable (which I bought to use the h6 with an audio interface), the problem dissapeared and the sound quality is way better

  5. equedadoii

    sucks that what's provided isn't sufficient.
    anyway, this one has better reviews. are they going to be the same?
  6. Ondicol
    Seems the same cable, just shorter, so should be fine too

  7. Dexter22
    The last time when I asked someone how these cables are better than the orginal, I didn't. Get a reply. Can you elaborate how is the sound different ? I was also planning on the same cable, but didn't jump to buy as I didn't see anyone comparing it with stock.
  8. Ondicol
    This is my experience:
    I bought both headphone and the replacement cable at the same time because I read the original one wasn't good quality
    After opening the box I tried the phones with my windows phone through the original cable and I found the sound tilted to the right side.
    I played several songs just to be sure and all of them sounded like that.
    I thought maybe it was because the remote functions of the cable were incompatible with windows phone

    Then I tried plugging the phones on the notebook of my work and the result was even worse, sounding 100% through the right channel.
    Twisting the cable at the headphone plug normalised the balance a little bit but it was impossible to use without issues
    I think maybe I just got a defective serie cable, because it seems just too bad to be like that, I don't know
    When I switched to the replacement cable all of these issues dissappeared 100%
  9. Waski
    What replacement cable for h6 gen 2 could you recommend ?
  10. Ondicol
    this one works perfectly fine for me and its quality is good.
    You can find it shorter too, in case 3m is too long for you
  11. Dexter22
    So it's a case of cable won't work and the new one works. Not a sonic improvement? Yeah, it's not fair to ask for a comparison between a defective/ not perfectly working cable to a working cable:wink:. By the way, when I received the second pair yesterday, the cable had the problem, it sounded like water flowing and on some twist on the headphone side brought back the sound. This is common with beoplay (as it needs to be tight enough to get both channels working). I had the same problem with the first pair, and took to the Beostore and the guy over there told me its normal and I was being too light on it, as I was afraid of breaking it. ! Anyway, now i m sure about the burn in. I have a pair from March and the new one. Both v1, the new v1 sounds exactly like how it sounded when the second pair was new. Subbass feels boosted, but the burn in one has just right amount of bass.
  12. ABRAXAS5150
    Heard of them but really have no interest.
  13. Dexter22
  14. gammarayson

    I too have similar problems with the stock cable and will be sending it back. I bought a replacement (longer) cable on eBay from China which looks exactly like the one in the Amazon link above. This is an excellent, well made cable, nice and cheap and works perfectly with the H6s.
  15. Dexter22
    U had the problem all the time when you used it? To me, it was just when I tried to connect it first, and never occured again. I went to the beostore and made a fool out of myself, as I couldnt reproduce the issue. The same happend with the second pair too . So this time, despite it being a bit tight, managed to push it in ( what I am talking about here?!! ) and it worked out!
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