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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Blinxat
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and PC with some ALC1150
    I refined it a bit:
    Maybe my hearing is different but I need those settings for the vocals not to be honky. Female not so much, but male. If the Samsung EQ is accurate those are only +1db and -1db changes.
    Here the H6 v2 sounds like the male vocal is singing into a a metal cooking pot while having a blocked nose:
  2. Dexter22
    I think the culprit is your phone, not the headphone, Because I found with my iphone and my Xduoo player and DAC with O2 combo, it used to produce, different sound,(iphone being the worst, but not really still bad) And Galaxy s7 headphone must not be neutral as I read over the internet(never tried one myself) . Personally out of my limited device list the best was the 9018 DAC + Objective O2. So, the eq works with your phone, but might not help other phones.By the way, I am also in Germany(not from though). Recently I am seeing lot of people using the H6, over my journeys around. B O did the perfect pricing here, in most other parts of the world, its still a luxury object!
  3. Blinxat
    The same EQ doesnt have the desired effect on my PC just yet, still tuning.

    For me it is the headphone it has this problem on all sources for me, maybe to a lesser extent on my laptop but it is there nontheless...
  4. 93EXCivic

    I don't think I'd call the H6 a basshead can and certainly not that it sounds like "they added a sub in there". I just listened to them back to back (out of a Centrance DACPort Slim) and I think the Oppo has at least close to the same amount of bass possibly more.
    I agree the PM-3 is more neutral and the H6 has fantastic highs. Personally I prefer the H6s.
  5. Freetrademan
    Are you sure you're talking about the 2nd-Gen H6?  It has probably the deepest, strongest bass I've heard in decades of headphone obsession. I find it almost too exaggerated, and I know it's not a "reference" audiophile sound, but I enjoy it. 
  6. QuantumPion
    HI, I forgot about this thread. I did buy the 2nd gen H6 but ended up returning them. I agree, they had surprisingly very powerful deep bass, more so than any other headphone I have used, and with no muddy overpowered upper bass. However, they have very recessed midrange which I'm not a fan of. Also, I found them too uncomfortable. The headband was hard with no padding (and I have a shaved head so that doesn't work well), also the ear cups were a little too shallow and were uncomfortable after an hour or so. If they weren't $400 I would have kept them, as it is I don't think they are worth more than $200 IMO, and are in need of modification to be acceptably comfortable.
  7. Dexter22
    Depends on the head which it is on. I wear them 8 hours straight on a train. I couldnt wear the Sennheiser momentum Over ear 2.0 for more than 2 hours. If you have bigger ears than mine, yeah of course it will be not comfortable, as for me it just fits right. My friend who tried mine, who had a bigger ear than mine, had a similar problem. That doesnt make it universally uncomfortable. I have seen the same problem with ATH MSR7 . Some say , its perfect, and for some, its a nightmare due to the clamping force. My younger brother has a headsize smaller than me, and for his headsize the Martin Logan Mikros 90's is even comfortable, where I see lots of people complaining about the clamping there too.
  8. Dexter22
    I had the subbass problem in the beginning with h6 gen 1. I wrote here saying it was too much for me. Now that I have a new pair from last week, I found this to be disappearing in some months. Burn in EXISTS!
  9. Cycom
    I'm hoping to sell my AKG Q701 and K550s to fund some H6s. They sound great and are comfortable. 
  10. Dexter22
    Note that the sound stage is wider on both these headphones compared to H6, I had the K551, and I m sure it sounds wider, But I dont regret the decision, and h6 has more details, and I really care that. 
  11. jlw
    For a few months ago I asked in the Post if a Dragonfly Black would make any difference to the H6 Gen2 and got a few replies saying it was not worth it. I did't listen! :) Got My Dragonfly Black yesterday and it makes the sound more detailed, vocals are more pronounced. Everything just sounds better. I'm no expert in sounds, but I did a few blind tests with and without the Dragon and I could hear the difference every time. Great little device and worth 80 bucks. Now I wonder how the red compares. :D
  12. crazychile
    Source matters, and a DAC is part of the source chain. Lots of people seem to downplay this. I would much rather have a great DAC and an adequate amp than a cheap DAC on a killer amp. There are always exceptions that break the rules, but I am a DAC man and proud!
    Dexter22 likes this.
  13. Freetrademan
    I've had the SRH840 for a few years and just got the H6. They are very different. You're right that the H6 is not neutral; it's quite a "V-shaped" sound, with very strong lows and very strong highs. It's a fun headphone to listen with, but for classical, I'd prefer a more neutral headphone, which the SRH840 is. The Shure's low end isn't nearly as strong, but it doesn't feel lacking. It really does everything well. And it's much less expensive. 
  14. Freetrademan
    I got both a week ago. They're very different. The H6 makes a big, exciting first impression, with its huge bass and shimmery highs. The PM-3 impresses in a more understated way, with overall smoothness. The reviews of the PM-3 out there are true: it has fantastic sound, but it is a bit "rolled off" on the high end. It's not as exciting as the H6.
    But after some time with both, my impressions began to change. The H6 definitely has its strengths, but it doesn't sound nearly as natural and smooth as the PM-3. I found that after a few minutes of listening, the ear adjusts, and the PM-3's lesser "sparkle" wasn't missed, and  I just enjoyed its overall greatness. It probably has the best bass (not the most) of any headphone I've heard, and vocals sound richer and more real than in most headphones. It is definitely for audiophiles, not casual listeners. 
    For electronic music, however, I'd probably recommend the H6. If you aren't as concerned with the realistic reproduction of real instruments, and more concerned with the impact that electronic music gives, go with the H6. The powerful bass alone will convince you.
  15. Freetrademan
    Folding flat helps me fit them in my laptop bag. Folding in/up? What's the point of that?
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