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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. goody
    i agree dexter22 the the H6 v1 is better than the momentum 2 but not the H6 v2 to my ears
  2. Mael Lorach
    The way I see it, the H6 v1 suffers from a very bad flaw: the headphones are designed for portability, yet have a sound signature that is really only suitable for home use. Being closed back, folding flat, having that amazing design, the daisy chaining capability, the short cable, those are all characteristics of a headphone that is meant to be taken outdoors. However, the neutral sound signature just simply does not maintain its amazing quality when used outside; the bass is lost, leaving behind a thin, weak sound.
    Perhaps there is a way to preserve the audio quality outside, but so far, I would only consider the H6 v1 suitable as a home headphone.
  3. Dexter22
    Yes, thats true. It depends on where you mostly use. It isolates well, when the earcups are tight on your ears, but the best soundstage is when, it leaks a little sound eventually leaking sound in killing the low bass. But , if you know well how to maintain the balance, its a good commuter. I travell once a month atleast on a long journey of 8 hours in a train, in Germany. Noticed, that its great sounding on the Deutsche Bahn IC trains, which are silent in comparison to the local ones. But, in my opionion its always the Bose QC (with a compromised sound) for commuting, or everything else. But my use case is mostly to use while I walk around, sitting at a station or at work. But I dont think any headphone would produce the bass you are talking about without cranking up, (damaging the ears) in a noisy place, unless its NC: 
  4. Mink
    What music do you listen to? If it is mainly vocal orientated than I'd go for the Momentums, otherwise the 2nd generation H6s would be the pair to own, when supossedly the only change over the 1st gen is the bigger bass.
    Another thing not in favor for the Momentums is that they supposedly make a noisy sound when some wind is blowing at the cups, I haven't used them outside yet, so I cannot confirm.

  5. Dexter22
    I dont have a preference on what I listen, depends totally on mood. So, its everything, and classical being the least though. I liked the momentum for their loud vocals, but they are tonally coloured. What we hear is not that persons voice, but eq'ed and made loud. I dont know if V2 is different. It took a month for mine to sound better with vocals (v1). I was sure, it would become better, as from the store what I listened was not what I got when the headphones were out of the box. The demo unit was running for a long time, and was very impressive in 2 minutes , when tried with my player. 
  6. Mink
    Oh sorry, I asked Mael Lorach the question about his musical preferences, since he is deciding between the Momentum 2.0 and the H6s (2nd gen), both you and I already have/had both the H6s and M2s.
    I should have included his quote, but thanks for the reply anyways :)
  7. Mael Lorach
    I listen to a very wide variety of music, just not classic. Basically: rock, house, jazz, rnb, electro jazz, experimental electro,hip hop. Some of my favorite artists include David Bowie, radiohead, aphex twin, Gui boratto, Esperanza Spalding, daft punk, and some others. I previously used the KossPortaPro (yes I'm new to audiophilia) and I found it WAY too warm for me. I personally am I treble guy, though I appreciate a slight boost in bass just for those generes like house and hip hop.
  8. Mink
    Then the choice is between the H6s 1st gen and 2nd gen.
    Marco's review states that the 2nd gen H6s besided better bass have more treble too.
    But then there are others who feel the mids are recessed compared to H6s 1st gen. 
    The best advice would be to audition them both, but if you are not able to then I think the safest bet is H6s 1st and use EQ/bass boost in noisy surroundings, you said it yourself: you like the 1st gen very much apart from the lean bass.
  9. Mael Lorach
    Would it be better to use an EQ in my phone, or buy a portable amp?
  10. Mink
    Personally I don't think they need an amp at all, they sound great without one. I never felt amps improve sound. But then I don't own any low sensitve headphones.
    But most people on this forum will disagree with me. Many who have posted in this thread feel the BeoPlays scale very well, some even suggest that they need a dedicated amp to sound to their true potential.
    It is up to you.
  11. ThierJ
    I have a H6 v1 and would like to impove my audio setup.
    I'm listing mostly with my laptop, mainly in a nomad way, and mostly electronic music.
    My budget is about 2/250 euros or dollars.
    Here are my options:
    - a cable, while my cable is no more working (I need to twist it to find the good position)
    - a DAC. The last dragonflys looks goods (and quite cheeps), but I'm open to other one if there is some good combinaison with the H6 :
      - Dragonfly Red, because one of its mission is to drive difficults headphone, and the H6 needs some energy to work at its best
      - Dragonfly Black, because it seems that he is warmer than the DFR, and the H6 needs some attention for the bass.
      - Jitterbug, because it seems to improve the DFB quality.
    Any comments about this choises ? Any other suggestions ?
    Thank you for reading me :)
  12. Mael Lorach
    But assuming that I take them outside, would tuning up the bass with an EQ suffice, or would it be better to buy a portable amp? I've heard that besides sound leak, the bass is also degraded by turning the volume up. In this case, perhaps a portable amp with bass boost would be the most appropriate solution... Either way I'll be going to a B&O store tomorrow to compare the H6 v1 and v2 side by side.
  13. Mael Lorach
    Definitely get a new cable if you're using the stock one, it's a peice of **** (the cable your link provided is great).  As for the amp/dac, the AudioQuest Dragonfly V1.2 is a great choice, especially if you're using a laptop. I would argue however, that the H6 sounds fine on its own, unless you take it outside where the bass gets drowned out, obviously. If you plan on using the H6 in a noisy place though, I could understand the need for an amp.
    What kind of electro do you listen to though? If you listen to stuff like Air, Aphex Twin, massive attack, or electro jazz, I can understand using neutral headphones such as the H6 v1, but if you listen to EDM, house, dubstep, or other bass heavy electro genres it may be a good idea to switch to the H6 v2. You should honestly see if there's a B&O store near you to try them.
  14. Dexter22
    Atleast now, someone can explain please how is the sound different on this cable? I think, everytime when I see some one saying this cable is great, I ask how? But, nobody ever replied so far, and people tend to continue with other topics. Can somebody seriously compare the sound difference it makes, and please mention if there is any microphonics compared to the stock.?
  15. Dexter22
    I used a Hifimediy 9018 DAC + Objective O2, and I found it to be sounding great (if u like not to colour the sound much) But, I think as an all in one device a JDS c5d might work for you. But I need some backing on this opinion from someone who has already tried this. I like the objective o2's speed, and I think c5d is close to it. I am not sure if dragonfly has enough power like a battery powered bigger amp. But since I have not tried it, I m only judging it by its looks.
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