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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Freetrademan
    I also bought both, and I don't think they're remotely comparable. The MSR7 has neither the powerful bass or the shimmery highs of the H6. I was truly surprised at how disappointing they were.
    A much closer comparison to the H6 is the Philips Fidelio L2. 
  2. Mael Lorach
    Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying the H6's, but I need to decide whether to get the 1st gens or 2nd gens. My question is: is the increased bass on the V2 dramatic, or is it still relatively close to neutral? Although I love me some neutrality, I do like a little bit of bass extension, just to give the music body. I actually tried the V1's and found them to lack a bit of bass for my taste during outdoor use, so the V2's, having more bass extension, might be perfect for me. My concern is that I'm not a bass fanatic, I just like to have a bit of body. In fact, I'm actually a treble guy, and mids are very important to me. I wouldn't want to get the V2's just to hear that they now have too much bass and recessed mids. Can one of you guys inform me on this?
  3. Mink
    I didn't audition the 2nd generation H6s yet, but I can safely say that the 1st gen H6s have too little bass/body for portable use (which means in noisy surrounding).
    I use them exclusively at home and here they compete succesfully with my bigger sized cans (the smaller sized cups and drivers do not compromise the sound, which I feel is a prejudged notion people have about portable headphones)
  4. Dexter22
    If I am not wrong, the 840's have forward mids. So, in comparison it might sound v like, but I compared it to my k702, found the level of mids compared to the rest of the freq was almost same. I never used the 840, but what I think is the 702 is leaning to the neutral side. In my opinion, when I sourced it with the 9018 dac from hifimediy with o2, I found its almost perfect in that way. Vocals have just enough body so that it won't give you the impression that I have huge singer and tiny instruments around. Initially I didnt like it, as I was coming from a AKG k551, and was happy with the huge body of things. The only problem I found with the h6, was the lack of body in midbass. No matter what amp I use, that lacks body in the midbass, but I can always relate the tonal quality to the real instruments I have heard. So, I m happy to live with this small problem.after listening to the treble extension(I feel it not boosted but realistic) I found everything at the price I paid(200, 160 recently for the second pair) sounding veiled, not airy.
  5. Mael Lorach
    From my understanding so far, the lack of mid bass is a problem that surrounds both versions of the H6... Anyways, deducting from your response, I'm assuming that the v2's mids are preserved despite the increased bass (apart from the mid bass), but about the bass, Marco described it as "just enough bass to satisfy modern preference without drowning out the rest of the mix."
    What do you people think about this? Is the V2's bass neutral with a slight extension, or is it emphasized?
  6. Freetrademan
    The new H6 v2 has A LOT of bass. It's powerful and deep, and does give the music body. I think it's perhaps exaggerated beyond neutral or realistic, but I still like it. I'm a 'treble-head', too, and the H6 has fantastic highs as well, which is really what sold me. You're right to be concerned about the mids sounding a little recessed, with so much going on at the extremes, but I think the ear adjusts quickly enough to enjoy the overall presentation. (YMMV)
  7. Mael Lorach
    Would it be better to boost the V1's bass with an amp, or reduce the V2's bass with an equalizer?
  8. Mael Lorach
    And while I'm at it, I'd really like to know how the Beoplay h6 2nd gen compares to the sennheiser momentums 2.
  9. goody
    i had both the difference between the 2 is the mids....like someone said earlier the mids on the H6 2nd gen is recessed the mids on the momentum is more pronounced and makes the vocals sound better ....so all u hear from the H6 2nd gen to my ears is pronounced bass and treble thats just me ....i prefer the H6 1st gen it sounds better to me more rounded 
  10. h8dk97
    I think H6 v1 is one of the best headphones I heard and one of the reasons is tamed mid bass :) a little more and things start getting muddy. I haven't heard v2 but from what I read looks like v1 would be my preference.
  11. Mael Lorach
    From what I have read on the H6 v2, the mids are not recessed. Marco actually said that the mids had been improved...
    From my experience, the H6 v1 lacks bass as a portable headphone, I tried using it outside and Daft Punk's "voyager" lacked a bit of impact. I agree however, that the v1 is a great home headphone. However, looking at its design and emphasis on portability, it seems to made for the outdoors. In this case, the V2 probably beats out the V1.
  12. Mael Lorach
    By the way, I'm going to order the H6 v2, but which color should I get: natural or black?
  13. Dexter22
    The momentum Over ear 2, is every way, inferior to the H6 gen 1. I bought the momentum thinking that it would sound better with the iphone directly, as many said h6 needs an amp, which is true. After 100 hours of burn in, the momentums didnt change the sound, and they sounded exactly like the one I tried from the showroom, which had been continuously running for a year or so! Now to the point, I tried both the headphone unamped with an iphone 5, xduoo x3 mediaplayer and amped with a o2 amp. In all cases, the h6, sounded better to me . Here are my feelings about both
    Build: H6 is solidly built, aesthetically more appealing and finishing is top notch. Except for the purposeful styling on the headband, there are no mediocre finished elements.Momentums are build good, the hinge setup though it works, felt like a cheap idea. _DSC0070.jpg
    Also the exposed wires, which looks good, but I fear they are prone to damage faster. Also the earpads, on the momentum looked cheaper, as they never stay solid, too soft that they always looks crushed, when kept in a bag with other things. Its comfortable though, but overall it has a cheap appeal. _DSC0055.jpg
    Looks: H6 is subtle with styling in some way, that it doesnt look odd on your head, and the retro styling on the momentum 2 is bit odd, for the outdoors. But your mileage vary depending on how thick your skin is. My friends said, its weird, but good, but still weird! 
    Portability: Both are good portables, but Momentum had one serious issue, the head band touches the earpad of the opposite earpad while folding and unfolding. One quick careless unfold might end up with a torn ear pad. 
    Sound- Except for louder midbass(which is louder than h6 from my sources) there is nothing which the momentum does better than the h6. Treble - H6 is airy, realistic, not harsh at the same time, while momentum sounds veiled. Mids, H6 sounds to have a good propotion with the rest of the spectrum, while momentum has a slight forward signature, but it doesnt sound tonally natural as the H6. Nothing in the momentum sounded natural to me. Also, detail wise, h6 digs up far better level of things. For instance, the Daft Punk's Instant Crush from RAM, sounded to have two voices superimposed most of the time. But, on momentum, u could hardly hear the second voice. Until I bought the h6, I thought it was only one voice, (on my AKG K551, and momentum sounded not different) Also, u can easily hear the cymbals with more level of details with its fluctuations(I dont know how to explain that well!) but on momentum its not subtle its bit flat, not with more details. Same with every other parts of the spectrum. Another thing is imaging, H6 has a pinpoint imaging, while momentum is bit vague in comparison, I got the momentum of my wife, as she doesnt use a music player, but her iphone. But, to my surprise, we both found h6 even without an amp sounds better in every way with an iphone, when volume matched. (she only had the momentum gen 1, on ear before, that too almost 6 months back, so there is no bias, as she never listened to both the headphones before )After 28 days of struggle to like the momentum, and looking for one thing for which I can keep it, I gave up. I ended up returning, Now we both have h6, and no regrets in the decision. By the way, I got both for 160€ new from amazon lightning deals, so for me its was proper comparion of price matched stuff!
  14. Mink
    I agree. I think the BeoPlays are the better headphones. The Momentums mids are too forward, great for vocals and rock but it is not entirely neutral or natural. Classical music is a good reference point to judge the overall neutrality. The BeoPlays play evenhandedly while having enough spatial information to give a true sense of room/hall acoustics. The Momentums handle Instrument seperation just as well, but with sacrificing the sense of acoustic space.
    While playing Mahler symphony no. 2 (Boulez), 2nd movement there is this passage where the cello has a solo, accompanied by strings. With the Momentums, when the cello starts to play, it gets completely seperated from the acoustic space the cello and the violins play in, you get a strict 2 channel seperation, left: violins, right: the cello. The BeoPlays let them play seperated from each other, left and right, while maintaning the acoustic space.
    There is more ease and tranquility in BeoPlays sound reproduction. The Momentums don't give all the instruments the right size, they higlight some, pushing them more forward. This doesn't work well with orchestral works.
  15. Dexter22
    yeah thats true, for me the size of the instruments too was a concern, people were bigger than drums occasionally. I agree the beopley sounds thin, but scsling the instrument is better here. I have my neighbour friend who plays a acoustic guitar and i am quite used to how it sounds. (epiphany if m not wrong) i cannot relate the tone of momentum to it in any way, but h6 has atleast gives the same sense.
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