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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Dexter22
    Anybody had tried this cable? http://www.ebay.de/itm/New-Silver-Plated-Audio-upgrade-Cable-For-Bang-Olufsen-Beoplay-H6-H8-headphone/311386507723?_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042&_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D36887%26meid%3D0e72d5b507d14901ad1699c212dc65e5%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D262490331799
  2. Blinxat
    sold the v1 now. So whats the verdict of the v2? Do they have slightly more body in 200-300hz? Or just more bass, which it didn't need anyway? They just had a slightly plasticky hollow sound I never got used to. Only worked for classic acoustic and jazzy stuff.
  3. Mink
    From what I got only the impedance/sensitivity has changed, so it plays louder at lower volume settings, which some may perceive as fuller sounding.
    I don't get the hollow sound? Well ok, only once when plugged in my Samsung tablet, playing music with Adapt Sound off. Normally I never use sound enhancers, iTunes for instance sounds crap with it, but Samsung's neutral sound (well at least with my tablet) is really thin and unnatural, after initializing Adapt Sound it sounds much better.
  4. Blinxat
    Maybe not that hollow but it was always slightly cold, it lacked a drop of organic juicy sound...


    I use adapt sound sometimes, I have high frequeny hearing loss and tinnitus on the right, it is cool for some muffled cans but never needed it on h6. Sometimew I feel it only ups the volume.
  5. bcarr112281
    I recently got the H6 V1 and was indeed having problems with an inadequate connection. I was trying to test the H6 from the headphone out of my CD player, a Marantz SA8001. It's a full-size jack, so I needed a 3.5-to-6.3 mm adapter. Yikes--it sounded awful! The audio was constricted and panned to the left, and any bottom end was non-existent. I assure you, I was most certainly cursing at all those who'd recommended B&O.
    Fortunately, I bought another adapter and the problems disappeared.
    I can certainly attest to the fact that the H6 V1's need extra driving power: I have to turn the volume nearly to maximum on both my Macbook Air and my iPhone 6S Plus.
    Best regards,
  6. bedlamite
    Running a new set of the Gen 1s through a iFi iDSD with an audio-only cable swapped from the Focal One (no preference, it was the only TRS cable that was convenient to get at), these things THUMP. The bass is tight and hits hard as heck! Treble is a little peaky but hopefully it'll settle down with a little burn-in. Very happy with these, Gen 2s would have probably put out too much bass for my liking, but the 1s...fantastic.
  7. IChangedMyMind
    Is there a big sound difference between 2nd generation and dj Khaled model???
  8. Waski
    Absolutely yes, for my ears dj khaled sound awful and they are not balanced, h2 sounds similar to h1, but for me it (h2) has smoother heights, slightly different bass.
  9. larzy
    So I just bought a few sets of H6 from an online store, that had them on sale. Bought 2 pairs of black and 1 Grey Hazel and 1 pair of Graphite Blush. They were all on discount, and had a buy 4 pay for 3 offer also.
    Is there any way of knowing if any of them are 2gen versions? I know that on the current black + natural leather ones, it is written on the label on the box. This is not the case with the black ones I have received, so I assume they are 1st gen.
    But reading this thread, I wonder whether the Grey Hazel or Graphite Blush editions are 2nd generations or at least have improved audio/bass. The Grey Hazel was introduced in may 2015 right? And the Graphite Blush back in 2014?
    On Beoplay's website, they sell the Grey Hazel and writes:
    1. H6 1. generation
    so I doubt they are either.
    Any tips or ways of knowing if any of them have improved audio? Without opening and listening of course :wink:
  10. Xeno-V
    I am thinking of buying the 2nd gen H6 and before doing so I would like to ask something:
    Does the default headset work with Android phones? I expect just one button to be working and I want to know if clicking functions as play/pause and if double-clicking functions as next track.
    Besides this, if I should later go for another cable what are my options for something not on the expensive side (less than $30)?
    I would prefer a cable with an Android remote, but if it's not an option I would consider some other alternative.
  11. Mink
    My H6 1st gen's cable has an iPhone remote and the only function that works with my Samsung tablet is play/pause. I could get a different cable, compatible with Android devices from B&O themselves for 34 Euro...a bit too expensive for a cheap and thin cable with a functionality I don't need that desperately. I don't know of alternative aftermarket cables for the H6s with an android remote...
  12. dbdynsty25
    I've been on the lookout for a small and light and comfy flat folding headphone for my commute. I had settled on the MSR7 but I always longed for a bit more bass. Turns out the V2 of the H6 is exactly that headphone.

    I tried the V1 about a year ago and I was underwhelmed coming directly out of my Android phone at the time (Galaxy S6). Felt very thin and not very engaging. The V2 out of my OnePlus 3 is quite a bit more full and exciting. Yes, it could be the amp and dac in the phone but I've always contended that Samsung uses some pretty good hardware and OnePlus is a more budget oriented when it comes to some of their components. Anyway, maybe my preference just changed but this H6 is just about perfect for me.

    FYI for cable lookers. I have three VModa cables from previous headphones and it goes like this w the V2.

    Boom Mic Pro - perfect fit and works great
    IPhone Cable - fits perfect as it has the same size 3.5mm connect as the stocker
    Audio Only - tight fit...but still works. Prob will shave a bit off the jacket to make removal and insertion easier but it does work without mods.
  13. jabromusic
    hi guys/gals!
    i'm new on the board and was looking for some info on a portable DAC.  i recently purchased a new pair of B&O H6's (V1) and like them very much.  i primarily listen to music on my iPod classic (160GB, 6th gen) and was wondering which portable DAC's you H6 owners were using and could recommend.  i'm probably looking to spend somewhere in the $300-$400 (or less) range.  thanks in advance!
  14. dbdynsty25

    The two I've got are the Dragonfly 1.5 Black and the JDS Labs C5D and both are fantastic. The Dragonfly is only 100 and ultra portable where the C5D is around 250 and it's the size of a pack of cards. I've also used the Oppo HA2 with great success.

    Just a few options to look into. :)
  15. chilko
    As part of Prime Day sale Amazon UK reduced H6 (1 gen) to 149 pounds. Even cheaper in Germany - 159 euros.
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