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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Jazz1

    Mine is second gen. Works fine.
  2. Transmaniacon
    Those are some pricey cables!  Maybe down the road, for now I need to focus on getting an amp.
    I was considering the Schiit Asgard 2, is something like this an appropriate match for the H6?  I would like a desktop amp with some power, so it can support any future upgrades.  I have a USB DAC already that I can use with this, but could see myself adding a Modi 2 in the future.
  3. Jazz1
    I went with a Mojo because I needed something more portable around the house, at the office and for travel. The Schitt brand has a great reputation and I'd love to have one of their amps. and DACs in my rec. room or office. Of course they make some high end stuff a very reasonable prices. 
  4. gianrond
    Hi guys, did any of you EQ the 100-300 hz frequency? I boosted it a bit and like the sound better. Any thoughts?
  5. Jazz1

    As a P7 user you are hurting my feelings [​IMG] But you are right. I love my new H6 second generation!!! Makes my P7's sound a little muddy, but I still will keep them for future comparisons!
  6. Ondicol
    Hey all, im totally new here
    I'm waiting for h6 2nd gen + 3m cable
    But now i'm a little worried because of that comment about the cable not sounding good
    Do any of you guys have information about that cable, and why could it sound bad? should I cancel the order and replace the cable?
    Greetings from Argentina, and sorry for my english :)
  7. Poki
    I have the 1.3M version and have no complaint. YMMV.
  8. Transmaniacon

    Might have just been a defective cable, there really isn't anything fundamentally different about a 5 foot cable vs. a 10 foot cable. The length is not long enough to cause any degradation in sound quality, many headphones come with a long cable like that for listening at home.
  9. Dexter22
    Depending on your source in my opinion. If your source is struggling with those , it would be good. 
  10. Dexter22
    Hey can you describe how the sound improved compared to the stock cable. I was looking for an upgrade cable, but do not have a fat wallet to spend too much on a cable. I thought this was just a replacement in case if the orginal was broken. Do they improve the sound as well? 
  11. Transmaniacon
    After a good bit of deliberation, I have a Schiit Asgard 2 on the way to power my new H6 1st gen.  Very excited to see what this amp can do and I will post my impressions when it arrives.
    Regarding the cable, I didn't see any difference in sound quality, but the build quality is far superior.  Even just moving the stock cable around can cause some interference, so this new one was a good choice for only $15.
  12. Jazz1

    I'll give all three cables a try this weekend and report if I still hear the differences. Like I indicated I might have a bad cables. I certainly heard an improvement over the stock iPhone style cable. And at the reasonable price asked for the non-OEM you won't regret the purchase.
  13. SmokenMirrors

    I have the Asguard2/1st gen combination and you won't be disappointed!. High quality recordings are essential to get what everyone is raving about, other than that you can just focus on getting lost in the music. I replaced the stock cable with a Lavricable and never looked back.
  14. Transmaniacon
    Good to know!  I am excited to hear the combination, it should be here on Wednesday so I will post some thoughts then.  
  15. jlp0209
    I've requested a replacement H6 2nd Gen from Amazon that will arrive today. My 1st set had a bit of uneven sound; vocals tended to be off center and favored the left side no matter the source. It was very slight but enough to be very noticeable. It isn't my ears, I flipped the phones around and vocals were then stronger (and sounded much closer to balanced) on the right side. Same result using the standard cable and the higher quality cable sold on Amazon. Tested other very cheap headphones that I have and it is definitely the H6; the vocals are "in the middle" of my head on other phones.
    Is this a common issue and can I expect this to happen again in the replacement? Is it a defect of sorts? Never happened to me before with any other headphones, ever. Thanks!
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