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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. bracque

    If you had neither and had to buy one, which would it be?
  2. Transmaniacon
    Probably not for the V2, apparently they are much easier to drive.  But there's a $100 price difference right now which could buy you a Fiio K5 for example.
  3. bracque

    I could, but portability is key for me. That is half the reason why I chose the m2 over the m5. If the 100 extra for the v2 gives me a better sound then I am happy to spend it. If the difference is negligible then obviously I would prefer not too.

    I think the m2 will drive either. I will wait a few more days for those who said they would post something to do so, then just get one and see how I go.

    I would prefer to get the right pair right away but with Amazon's return policy there is no risk either way.
  4. Atticustas

    I was really just wondering if plugging the headphones into a CD would be same as using a headphone amp with them since the CD player obviously has an amp in it. I was just expecting better sound and maybe more bass because people keep saying that the H6, especially v1, need an amp to hear their full potential. 
  5. Transmaniacon
    I think a lot of people exaggerate the differences in sound quality, at lower volumes you are unlikely to hear much of a difference, but when taxed the dedicated amp should be able to maintain a lower distortion.
  6. Transmaniacon
    Well B&O said they didn't do anything to change the sound, you could always just order both and decide which you like better.  I didn't read enough to warrant an extra $100.
  7. Transmaniacon
    I've had about an hour listening to the H6, here are some initial impressions just after testing some of my usual demo songs.
    The sound overall is very balanced, with a nice heft to the low end, they remind me of the Momentum 2 in that there is a fullness to the sound, but the treble is much more defined.  They have better impact and bass quantity than the AKG K553, with maybe slightly less sparkle up top (not a bad thing at all for me).  They remind me of a better version of the Sony MDR-1A, the Sony has a nice full sound but they are more veiled.  The sound stage of these is pretty good for a closed can, the Sony's had a small closed in sound, whereas these are more akin to the AKG K553.
    I am definitely liking these a lot, the ear cups are not the roomiest, but they are a comfortable headphone being so light.  I have already ordered a new cable though, the one is comes with is junk and if I keep these it will get thrown away.  I also want to try them with an amplifier, they get loud enough for my taste through a HiFiMeDIY Sabre USB DAC, but I am just curious if I can hear any difference given their high impedance.
  8. Jazz1

    I agree about the cable. Even a $15.00 one from Amazon sounded better. So what cable are you getting?
  9. Transmaniacon

    I am getting this one, seems like it's fairly well made and 5' is plenty to listen at my desk.

    1.5m New Replacement Audio upgrade Cable Stereo Cord For Bang & Olufsen H6 H8 headphones https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MT58RHM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_jy0vxb8SHHG4V

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  10. Waski

    Does this cable suited for h6 gen 2, since gen 2 has thiner cable slot?
    Also, what difference in sound I can expect from replace oryginal cable with that one, which tones will change the most and is there any impact for bass strenght?
  11. Transmaniacon
    I am not sure about gen 1 vs. gen 2, they list the diameter of the housing as 5.6mm, so you could measure the cable that came with it and compare (likely need a caliper though).
    I mainly bought the cable because its better quality and longer, I don't know if the sound will be effected.
  12. Waski
    Ok, so it would be nice of you to post some impression here, of sound with new cable, when it will arrive.
  13. Jazz1

    I got the 1.2m the 3m. I loved the 1.2m, but the longer one didn't sound good at all. Maybe it is defective? I would not have kept the headphones had I used the stock iPhone cable first. I do have a very high end cable coming. I hope it is worth it. Also adding a Chord Mojo portable DAC/AMP.
  14. Transmaniacon
    Yeah the 3m seems pretty long, 1.2-1.5 is plenty for sitting at a desk or mobile.
    Which high end cable are you buying?
  15. Jazz1

    EXO from


    Very helpful in my selection.
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