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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. goody
    I agree with you on that one.. the V1 sounded better to my ears most stuff i use it with it works fine without an amp..
  2. goody
    I spent 2 weeks with the V2 and i used it for at least 20hrs ...the bass was boosted on V2 and sucked out the mids just to my ears at least the v2 is not worth the extra money 
  3. Transmaniacon
    I picked up a pair of the first generation H6 on Amazon for $199, they should be here tomorrow.  I am hoping these can offer the right combination of comfort and sound quality.  I found the Sony MDR-1A to sound veiled, but great comfort, while the NAD HP50 sounded good but did not fit me well.
    Does anyone have a good recommendation for a desktop amp to pair with these assuming I keep them?  I will be using them in an office, so don't need anything portable, but would like to have just one unit for DAC/amp.  
  4. bracque
    So is the bass adequate with the v1? I am no bass head that is for sure, but I still like a balanced sound that includes a decent level and does not sound tinny. I was going to go with the v2s based on that review that says the bass is better, but the last few pages here seem to say that either this is not the case or that the better bass comes at the cost of mids.
  5. Dexter22
    Depending on the source. My iPhone 5 needs to be turned to 70 percent so I hear a balanced sound. But with my o2 amp or xduoo x3 it has enough bass at lower loudness level(volume percentage can be compared to some 50 percent volume of iPhone)
  6. Dickies

    I went from hp50's to h6's
    how much are you looking to spend on the dac/amp how much space do you have on your desk?
  7. bracque
  8. Transmaniacon
    I have seen some various reports, B&O said they didn't change anything sound wise, but people have some clear preferences.  I suspect the impedance change is the primary source of difference.  Generally when underpowered, your bass is going to be weaker, so if you use the same source/amp on both, you might get more pronounced bass on the V2.  I have the V1 coming and would likely get an amp for them if I like the sound.
  9. Transmaniacon
    Yeah I got the gray hazel, I like the brown leather look.  I will get them tomorrow and post some impressions, I have heard a lot of the premium looking closed cans, hoping these are the ticket.
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  10. Dickies
    My pair of v1's were bronze hazel, plenty of things in this pic for a visual reference
    I was thinking about this last night, I have nothing to back this up but what I'm think is they're comparing the v2's to the dj khaled versions of the v1's I remember people saying they had more bass, I never heard the khaled's but that could be it.
  11. brokenhat
    So I've had both v1 and v2 now for a few months and I still stand by the fact that the v1's bass weaken's at higher volumes direct from my iPhone but very little difference in sound besides that and IMHO if I had to do it again I would have just stayed with the v1 and saved my money. As it is having one at home and one in the office means no wear and tear lugging them around so hopefully they will both last that much longer.
  12. jlp0209
    Just joined this site today, discovered it a couple of weeks ago, very helpful and also overwhelming, the number of options out there! The last "good" headphones I bought were Sony 7505's about 20 years ago and I finally just retired them. Took a leap of faith and got the H6 2nd Gen after trying and returning the B&W P5 Series 2. The P5 put too much pressure on the sides of my face / jaw and I found the bass to be too strong and overall it made the sound a little muffled. These H6's are fantastic, coming from a layman such as myself. I do like bass but not too much, and I find the H6 to have a perfect balance of highs, mids, and lows. There is plenty of bass with this set in my humble opinion, and it's just the right amount. Everything else is crisp and clear. I can clearly separate various instruments. 
    So thanks to this site for saving me from buying the Bose QC25 which I had in my hands but chose to not purchase and Beats Studio (my dad walked into Apple Store and came out with those, loves them), and providing useful feedback on many of these other high quality headphones. I realized it's a waste to put money toward ANC when I really don't need it, and would rather put money toward other aspects of a set of headphones. 
    It only took me 30 seconds to a minute of use to realize that the H6 V2 is the perfect set for me, it was very obvious. Love them.
  13. Blinxat
    selling mine! Shameless plug: http://www.head-fi.org/t/810524/b-o-h6-black
  14. bracque
    would you get an amp for the V2 as well?
    i have a shanling M2, and will not get an amp as i want portability.  
  15. Blinxat
    I don't know about the sound of the v2 and don't have an iPhone but on my sources the bass does not change at different volumes. Except for becoming louder and more punchy. Maybe you are right with an iDevice dunno. Cheers.
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