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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by macedonianhero, Jan 26, 2014.
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  1. Atticustas
    The h6 doesn't fold. Do you mean you can lay it with the ear cups flat?
  2. Waski
    Headband doesn't fold, ear cups can fold so, yes you can lay it flat on the table.
  3. Atticustas
    The H6 are better than the Beyerdynamic you mentioned that are about twice the price of the H6?
  4. Jazz1
    Just purchased new cable from plusSound. The EXO cable. Anyone else using these? I can't wait to try them out'
  5. Atticustas
    Does anyone know if listening to a CD player with these headphones would be the equivalent of using an amp with them? I'm new to the high end audio game. I have the 1st gen cause I didn't realise there was a second gen when I bought them so I might take them back and get the second gen if I like them better. Would you recommend the second gen over the 1st?
  6. Dickies

    it would depend on which cd player and which amp you're using/considering, h6 v1 or v2 don't need a lot of amplification so the jack from 'most' cd players can power them, but it will only sound as good as the cd player.
    the differences between v1 and v2 or gen 1 gen 2 if you will are pretty slim to my ear, a few have owned both and posted about them in previous pages of this thread so go ahead and read those, but as always the best advice you get is hearing something for yourself.
  7. Dickies
    hifi heaven has reviewed the v1's on youtube
  8. goody
    i have had both V1 and V2 and i have sent the V2 back...the reason is they sound very similar but the V2 has a boosted bass which has made the mids sound a bit distant to my ears ..The V1 has better mids than the V2 ,i would stick to the V1 thats just my opinion though
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  9. Atticustas

    The CD player is the Denon RCD-M37DAB. It's relatively old now but it was a great CD player at the time and still is. I don't have any headphone amps at the moment and wouldn't know which one to get if I was to get one. I compared listening to both the headphone from my phone and from the CD player and I honestly couldn't tell any different. I thought at first that I could but I couldn't say that it wasn't just placebo because I expected the CD player to sound better. 
  10. Atticustas

    Interesting, thanks for the advice :)
  11. Blinxat
    I got the Audio-Technica MSR7 these days and the sound is comparable, the MSR7 despite being labeled as a bit bright has the body that the H6 are missing in the lower mids. But the H6 has the more pronounced deep bass.
  12. Jazz1
  13. bcarr112281
    Hi, goody - 
    Did you use an amp with the v2? How much time did you allow the v2 for breaking in?
  14. Blinxat
    I have had the v1 for quite some time now and on most sources it just needs one extra click of volume. I don't feel like it needs an amp. Also; there is a review out from the guy who said the v2 is the best thing ever and that the v1 loses bass at high volume when not amped which is total bs.
  15. Dickies

    what about the cd player did you expect to sound better?
    because perhaps it's own sound doesn't gel with the h6's.
    you might think a good pair of headphones will sound great from all good source's but that not always the case! things have there own sound if you take a bass heavy source and plug in a bass heavy headphone you'll end up with bass squared!
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