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AVOID! Please, for your hearing, stay away from iBasso DX50

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yggdrassilious, Sep 29, 2013.
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  1. Mimouille
    Thanks man, everytime it happens I usually just bang my head against a concrete wall until the sound stops. But your method seems good too :)
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  2. vwinter

    LOL I guess that would explain your puffy face. I suggest investing in a ice pack, or seven. Maybe I'm just in a helpful mood today? :xf_eek:

    Seriously though, when the volume all of a sudden becomes deafening and/or painful, the first reaction will likely be to pull it out of your ears not unplug the headphones. That works as a quick fix for the person but very sensitive IEMs could be damaged. Especially since people seem to like the DX50 sound on high gain. :blink:
  3. goodvibes
    Doesn't hurt and the first time reaching for the v control wouldn't be uncommon.
    I can't believe that they would even ship one after they became aware of this particular problem. You can sort trough OS nuisances but this sounds dangerous.
    Reading this I felt a sudden chill and remember those days of walkman where I would press the play button and experience that loudness.
  5. conheo
  6. rawrster
    Does this happen often? I'm on the same firmware but haven't had that happen before with the volume.
  7. 24Bit
    If this happens so often to the thread owner, I would like to see video evidence.  We need to see this event actually happen and it needs to be documented.  He is the only person this has happened to.  Not that I don't believe it, but without actual proof of something this severe...this thread is baseless.  
  8. Mshenay Contributor
    q.q wow I'm SO glad I went with a good ole hm801! It may have had it's bugs but NOT ANY MORE yay >.>
    I almost bought one of these really glad I did not as I don't use iems. There is no "yanking" only CRAP BREAK EARS OR $500 HEADPOHONES >.> 
  9. Mshenay Contributor
    Wrong Cel also mentioned he had an issue with it as well in the first like 3 posts. Cmon man this is a serious thing, I've had this happen to me before as well an it is not something to casually dismiss because YOU didn't experince it. It's painful and well scares the heck out of you. 
  10. 24Bit
    Who else had their DX-50 instantly jump from 180-255?  If I missed anyone posting that information, I apologize.  I've not seen anyone else state they had their unit instantaneously change from a low volume output to maxed out, yet multiple times as well.   If you are implying that I don't care about the issue, or that I feel it isn't a serious issue...you are exceptionally wrong.  
    Visually document the problem for others to actually see it happen.  You took my intention as a dissmissal of the event even though I clearly stated otherwise.  The intent was to allow other potential buyers to make an informed purchasing decision based on hard evidence of a potentially serious problem.   Don't be lazy, document your serious problems well so others can see the problems and can have important information on the product they might want to buy.  
  11. k3oxkjo

    I understand the concern for one's hearing. I am sure none of you go to live rock concerts for the same reason :wink:

    I have been using mine a ton since I have had it and never had the volume problem. But here is my suggestion until this is documented fixed. It's known that this only happens when changing the volume while playing. If you decide you need to raise the volume while playing, pause play, raise volume, make sure the player volume stopped where you want it, then hit play again. Yes, I know you shouldn't "have" to do this...

    Oh, and if you have extremely sensitive iem's, only use the low gain setting.
  12. laon
    Not everyone has the time and motivation to read hundreds of post to know that it's common, at least I certainly didn't know that "fact" hence I appreciate thread with clear message and title like this.
    Funny thing is, in any other market this kind of things (or just bad user experience in general) would almost certainly lead to company's demise if repeatedly done. Patience bunch we are.
  13. Mshenay Contributor
  14. 24Bit
    I helped develop some Android based software in the past, it seems the DX-50 might be running on a 4.0 platform and I do have experience with that.  Without video evidence of exactly what happened prior to and after the event, there isn't squat anyone can do to help diagnose the problem.  Play the Sherlock Holmes card and try to gather those who had an instant jump from low to high output together and see if they had anything in common.  What batch is their unit from, what type of file was playing, was the unit paused, did they properly upgrade the firmware, are they near any strong wi fi signals, did they get something sticky into the volume button without knowing, could the battery be faulty and hiccuping voltage, did you accidentally push another button while raising the volume, or vice-versa, has the player been dropped or tampered with at all, are there any loose jacks or buttons on the unit, did the screen flicker or dim prior to or after the freeze?  With some of these questions definitively answered, I ( or some other devs I know ) might be able to confirm it is a hardware problem or the software.  If it is a software problem, then it is just in need of an update.  If it is a hardware problem...well that is not good.
    Based on what I know about the general platform this DX-50 was built on, there is no power attenuator or dialing system hard coded in a way like a volume knob would be.  You can't just crank it up to the max output in an instant, it has to be gradual or else it won't register with the software.  I do not know what iBasso did in their design but the removal of such an important safety device such as " enabling the device to instantly jump up to max volume just like a pc volume would do with the click of a mouse button " seems like something that would not be overlooked.  I could be wrong.  Without seeing the problem first hand, all I can do is sit and wait for someone to post a video of the entire event so I can see it, or wait for iBasso to respond and confirm this dreadful problem.
  15. goodvibes
    Point was that it could cost them financially and in reputation. This should be job one and any other bugs take a back seat. It's also very different if you bump your own head or somebody else gives it a whack.
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