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AVOID! Please, for your hearing, stay away from iBasso DX50

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by yggdrassilious, Sep 29, 2013.
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  1. doublea71
    Well, in this case we're talking about something that could damage your hearing, not the typical UI problems. I can't say I've heard of this problem with any other DAP before. I do agree on having patience, though. We should let reviewers go over these things with a fine-toothed comb before buying them en masse. That requires self control. 
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I'm in no way trying to defend iBasso here, as I'm also experiencing the issue. However, I want to clarify when the volume does go haywire it doesn't instantly go to max volume as the OP suggests.

    The bug only kicks in when you're adjusting volume levels and can get stuck either surging up or down. When the bug occurs it starts surging about 6-7 steps at a time with 1 second intervals between each surge and will continue this pattern which ever way it became stuck (up/down). And thankfully so, because this at least allows time to pull the headphone jack out "if" your headphone jack is easily reachable. It can get stuck both ways, going up or down and will randomly do so, but it's not an instantaneous burst to maximum volume as been suggested. Depending where your volume was set it can take a good 4-5 seconds to reach max or minium. 
  3. goodvibes
    Might 6 seconds at max actually take out some very efficient IEMs? I understand you pull the plug but we all put them down sometimes while playing. I just found out in another thread that is doesn't play IEMs designed for Ipod use due to it's output jack. Not encouraging.
    I understand teething pains and generally accept them as a nuisance but these 2 problems should never appear on a modern DAP that isn't setup for balanced out etc. Totally unusable with a lot of existing phones and dangerous are a couple that don't pass the acceptable test. 
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Considering expensive CIEM's will be used or any IEM for that matter I think "any seconds" are vital. I will point out though it won't start bunging out if it's just playing, you need to physically initialize the bug by pressing the volume buttons. (start the launch sequence) 

    I have the same IEM coming Lin was mentioning in the BA100 thread I will test and confirm as a friend of mine is using 4 pole Vmoda M-100 without any issues, it might just be the Hisound IEM. We will see.
  5. goodvibes
    Generally comes from the GND being too far from the base of the jack. Top 2 rings and base are always the same. This would be on Ibasso unless it's just an odd one off.
  6. vwinter
    Yea, that needs to be fixed.

    Just an FYI for anyone that comes across this bug, Rather than holding a power button or battery pull first, pull the IEM plug out of the jack immediately. Then, proceed to troubleshoot.
  7. snapple10
    I had mine froze on me 3x but has been working fine since- 3rd batch-, so have not owed it for long.
    No, issue with volume but most of the time I use it with an amp just because they are hoping everything is ironed out soon

    Sorry , to hear about your experience , hope your hearing is ok? Thanks for sharing and I will not adjust the volume while wearing it without an amp. It is nice to share so others can learn
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well I think that's just common sense isn't it? Would you sit there with IEM's blasting in your ears at full volume while trouble shooting or resetting the player? I don't think I would. 
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  9. goodvibes
    We also already discussed it on this page.
  10. vwinter

    You would think. But, panic sets in, understandably, and you try to turn it down or off before unplugging. You'll take them out of your ears, probably lol, but leave them plugged into the player. Especially the first time. And if it's a particularly sensitive low impedance set, it could cause damage to the IEM.

    Just having read this will create a neural link that could connect when it happens.

    Whoops, must've missed it. Second time's a charm?
  11. OneSec
    I hope this has not damaged anyone's ears yet... Manufacturer should to provide a solution, quick! Before more damage is done to more people and to the company. Just too risky.
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well, the first time it happened to me I was a little shocked, certainly some Miley Cyrus shock value for a few seconds struggling with the volume buttons and forcing the down button before hopelessly pulling the plug, so the first time can be a surprise and there's some freak out value. What concerns me mostly is if the unit isn't reachable, then you're left with the option to run the gauntlet and catch the plug before maxing out, or tearing out your IEM's.. I will say though after the first time it's more a "meh" here we go again scenario because you can usually catch it with the time it takes to reach full volume [​IMG]

    You're pretty much dealing with waiting grenade to go off. I can use my player for 4 hours a day, for several days pressing the volume multiple times during a session, damn I can try and trigger it and just can't replicate the launch code. Then randomly out of no-where it happens and that's what worry me tracking it down because it's so random.
  13. In Over My Head
    What if the OP had suffered hearing damage (It is not unfeasible) as a result of the faulty product?
    Should we blame the victim because it is common knowledge and tacitly accepted that quality control and customer safety are secondary concerns for audiophile DAP manufacturers? 
  14. purk Contributor
    Great...in that case, I hope it won't happen to you as well.  So we can just blame you too.
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  15. In Over My Head
    Not sure I follow your meaning.
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