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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. FritzS
    Plans 'yes' - fix event date ‘no‘.
  2. noplsestar
    I was going to ask that same question, too! :beerchug:
  3. plakat
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  4. Ramy
    Hello Austria!

    Would you have any recommendations for IEM stores in Vienna that carry models beyond the Shure and Bose brands?
    Reverse searched Kopfhoererladen through the Campfire Audio distributor site, and found Raum-Akustik, Klangfarbe, and the Sennheiser flagship recommended from Reddit threads.

    Any recommendations, input, or insight of who to visit during a short trip through Vienna?

    Thank you in advance.
  5. plakat
  6. Ramy
    Thank you Plakat!

    A friend is visiting from Saudi Arabia, and she only has a few days to spend in Vienna. Only a few hours in, and she seems to be having a wonderful time.

    It seems like CanJams are the only way to go for large iem gatherings. Here’s to meeting at one soon!
  7. Kornasteniker
    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone of you is at the High End in Munich this Year? Im already on my way there.

    Would be nice If i could meet with some of you guys there!

    Have a nice Pfingst-Weekend!

    Oops, I mean Christi Himmelfahrt-Weekend :D
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  8. Kornasteniker
    Hi all of you Austrian head phone enthusiasts!

    It was a great weekend in Munich and a pleasure to meet you all there!
    thx @Nomax for reserving the table at the italian restaurant for us! They had a really good house wine and the food was good too!

    Maybe you guys have some impressions of the High End and Can Jam Munich you could share here for all of the head fiers who weren't able to be at the exhibition this year?
    What was your favourite new product there? Mine was for sure the New Shanling M0, great sounding little player without the fancy stuff the other players come with you don't need neccessarily.

    Wish you a great week and looking forward to seeing you all again on the next meet! :)

  9. HirschiAUT
    Hey guys, it has been very silent in here recently, whats going on everyone?

    I think its time for a meet, been too long since the last one, any plans?
  10. hrklg01 Contributor
    I will be in Vienna of sure for the "Klangbilder" show, because demoing MySphere there.
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  11. plakat
    We're currently looking into possible time slots for the next meet, with a focus on October (yes, 2018...)
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  12. HirschiAUT
    Well, at least until then my Audeze Mobius should have arrived and will be with me for trying out :)

    I would really appretiate Oct 6/7 or 13/14, on 20/21 i will be on a "Hüttnparty" in the woods of the Sonnwendstein.
    And since the last weekend of october is a "Langes Wochenende" it will most certainly be used for family activities.

    Anyways, keep us up to date!
  13. Kornasteniker
    Well Heinz, I hope you'll be in Vienna in october too, that would be great if it is possible to hear this fabulous combination of the Woo Audio Portable Amp and the MySphere!

    I can't help myself worrying about how fast time is passing by... But I'm glad to hear that some possible dates for the meeting are already scheduled.
    Too bad I won't have the Final D-8000 for listening purposes anymore but I am sure that something special will be ready to bring along for october :wink:

  14. Nomax
    We are working to find a Date in the first half on October

  15. KarlStromberg
    13th of October would be great, hopefully it will be that date. "Unfortunately" the weekend before I have a BBQ course to attend to. If it will be the 13th I promise that I will not choose an airline this time, which is about to go bankrupt :wink:

    @xxx1313 I am so sorry for not replying back to your last mail since last December! I am still alive and will catch up on that in the next days :)
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