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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. ampair
    Welcome Head-Fi'ers of Austria!
    Since our community is still growing, let's open this thread to keep in touch with each other! Feel free to post, discuss or brag about anything headphone-related that's going on in our beautiful country :wink:
    Also, any news about meets and other activities will be posted here, so be sure to subscribe if you want to be notified. I will keep track of any past and planned meets here in the OP for your convenience.
    Upcoming meets:
    To be determined...
    Links to past meet threads:
    1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd meet: January 25, 2014 - March 29, 2014 - June 15, 2014
    2. 4th meet: November 15, 2014
    3. 5th meet: January 24, 2015
    4. 6th meet: April 18, 2015
    5. 7th meet: July 11, 2015
    6. 8th meet: October 17, 2015 - Impressions Thread
    7. 9th meet: February 27, 2016 - Impressions Thread
    8. 10th meet: October 8, 2016 - Impressions Thread
    9. 11th meet: March 25, 2017 - Impressions Thread
    Let's go, fellow Austrians :)
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  2. ampair
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  3. hrklg01 Contributor
    thank you ampair, great!
  4. ampair
  5. RAFA
    Love seeing the community grow.
  6. Edgar Kaksis
    Good idea, @ampair! This will help everybody to be updated about upcoming events. However, there's an issue with notifications, which might be a reason why there have been so few inputs in this thread by now.

    Despite you mentioned me in this thread, I wasn't notified and found out about it from your link in the impression thread. And the reason that many people had no clue about previous meets, although they were mentioned, might have been the same notification issue. In this case the solution would be to either painstakingly PM everybody or create a mailing list.
    Anyway, since this thread is intended for event announcements, I would like to remind everybody that on 27.-29. November there will be an exhibition Klangbilder in Vienna.
    This should be interesting. Particularly, we would all probably have chances to audition the new Sennheiser Orpheus II there, so I encourage everybody to take a chance and drop by there. Hope to see you there!
    P.S. I think, the list of past meets is short of the July meet. =)
  7. Kornasteniker
    Thx for opening such a thread for the Austrian community. I'm sure, there will be a lot of discussion going on there. Btw´: I'll be at the Klangbilder 2015 too and try to write a "Review" about it on my pers. audio blog audio-enthusiast.com. As this blog is intended for a german speaking audience it will be held in german rather than english, just to mention it :wink:
    I will be posting a review of the MyST Izophones 30 and 30s too in the next couple of days, so everyone who wasn't able to listen to them at the last meet is able to get at least some impressions of the sound signature of them.
  8. plakat
    @Edgar Kaksis reminded me of this thread last time we met... again I did not receive a notification. Nevermind.
    I, too, will visit Klangbilder this year, Friday will be the day as I hope to have less people there than on Saturday. Lets coordinate and at least have a drink together...
    Oh, and thanks to @ampair for the idea -- hopefully more persistent than our meet-threads.
  9. Kornasteniker
  10. HirschiAUT
    Hey there, just wanted to chime in and say hello :)
    I am living in vienna and will try to get to the next meet since i didn´t have the time for the last one.
    I think i already gave @plakat my mail adress for a future list.
    I only found this thread (and the one regarding the next meet) by chance, hope a mailing list will fix that in the future :)
    Anyways, hope to see you at some point at a meeting,
    all the best, Mario
  11. plakat

    Hi Mario,

    I think I sent you a message regarding the next meet just this Sunday... I'll check that.

    Nevertheless glad you're going to join us!
  12. HirschiAUT
    Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately i didn´t get any message from you, but i check the meetings forum frequently so no harm done here [​IMG]
  13. plakat

    Still l'll look into that. I was quite sure having sent you a notice. One more reason to automate the process...

    Btw I created a group at Meetup going by the name "Vienna Headphone Meetup"
  14. HirschiAUT

    Thanks for the info, but i am not shure what to do with it :p

    What is Meetup?
  15. plakat

    That's meetup.com, but it will serve as just another channel to inform people, no need to register there if you don't already have an account.
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