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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. xxx1313
    Yeah, let's visit the whisky shop! It's a pity that people already have to steal chocolate... Ok, I will bring the HE-1000 to the meet. The more we appreciate that you will come to Vienna!
  2. plakat
    I don't think many will attend in July, but I would have Saturdays free (at least thats what my calendar says at the moment). Second half of August I'm on holidays, but 6th or 13th might fit.
    I'll try to go to the show in Essen again this year.
    Would of course be nice to see you again in Vienna, @Wurstteppich -- drinks will always be welcome, including Killepitsch :wink:
  3. interface95
    Hej everyone,
    do you already know when to do the meeting?
    Just asking because of holiday planning.
    Kind regards,
  4. Kornasteniker
    Just was wondering the same thing, if it maybe would be better to plan the meeting in September, when everyone is in town again? Because as this doodle poll shows, there will be half of the ppl missing in August. And when we are on the top floor again it would anyway be better to hold the meeting when it's a bit cooler, don't you think?
  5. Edgar Kaksis
    Hi all,
    Yes, time is flying, we should finally decide. I'm sure though that many still didn't see the poll (or ignored at all for that matter), but as it looks, last date, August 27th, fits the majority of those who voted. I would suggest that date.
    In September the new semester begins and it will be again problematic to have the Kontaktraum available. But in general I'm personally also fine with September.
  6. xxx1313
    August 27th would be fine. :)
  7. plakat
    I'm on holiday in the second half of August, so 27th is not for me.
    Those interested in a smaller get-together in July please contact me by PM.
  8. Wurstteppich
    Unfortunately I won't be able to join as well, since other plans came up in the meantime.
    However I would like to join another meetup later this year, if you guys are planning to have another meeting in the October/November timeframe again?
  9. wink
    You should have this posted in this forum...
  10. plakat
  11. ampair
    Well, seems like summer has taken its toll on all of us and our motivation for meets :)
    Since tomorrow is obviously not going to happen, let's give this another try...
    I started a new thread about the next meet, including a poll for the date either on September 17 or October 8. Please offer your opinion during this weekend so I can reserve the room on Monday.
    Edgar Kaksis likes this.
  12. ampair
    Updated the OP with the link to the Impressions Thread from yesterday's meet, thank you all for coming :)
  13. interface95
    Since I'm bad at remembering names and further more, I don't know all the nick names in this forum I have to ask:
    What was the name of the one, wo had this selfmade headphone with Fostex drivers with him.
    I'm really sorry ^^ --Done--
  14. Nishy

    Good to see the Vienna thread going...hope it can be one thread. Any news on the next meeting?

    Best wishes,

  15. Kornasteniker
    Regarding the Klangbilder: I'll be attending at Sunday early afternoon. I haven't got the time earlier.
    So I hope I'll meet some head-fiers there :)
    Update 15.12.2016:
    Good News for the HifiMan Fans of you! I'll be bringing my freshly arrived HE-350 Massdrop Edition to the next meet, whenever it'll be held :D
    I Suppose somewhere in Spring?
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