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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. HirschiAUT
    Hey there, i have a question to all the Austrian Head-Fiers :)
    I recently purchased a used pair of Von Schweikert Speakers and have a problem.
    They are a two-chassis design and can either be directly bi-wired or connected with a jumper cable that comes with them.
    Unfortunately one of those jumpers does not transmit any signals, and i want it repaired.
    BUT i don´t really know where to go with this because its kind of a weird cable/connector, don´t even know how or if the connectors can be "opened" to check the soldering.
    Does anyone here know someone who is experienced with cables and probably DIY that could help me out here?
    Or any company that offers such service for a not too big amount of money?
    Preferably in or around Vienna would be great.
    Ah yes, here is a picture of the cable:
    Hope anyone can help me out here, would really appretiate it :-D
    Greetings, Hirschi
  2. plakat
    You did check exchanging the two cables between the two sides, right?
    The connectors do not look like they are glued on (like its done with cheap cables sometimes), so it should be possible to open them. I can take a look without any promises.
    An alternative might be to ask the manufacturer or the distributor for Austria (IBEX Audio) for help.
  3. HirschiAUT

    Thanks for the fast reply.
    Yes i double checked and changed the cables, the defect of no sound coming from the High/Mid module went with the cable.
    I will try to test it the next days with my multimeter to see where the connection is lost exactly.
    I also already asked the Manufacturer.
    For my speaker model that was produced until 2006 the have run out of spare parts.
    I could send them the cable, but delivery to USA and back + eventual repair costs are too much i guess.
    I have not contacted IBEX yet, though i think they will also tell me they have to send it to the USA.
    I would really appretiate if you could look at the cable.
    Do you watn to meet somewhere or visit me at my place?
    We could also wait for the Meet in February, but thats over a month to wait :p
  4. plakat
    Yes, 1 month is long when a new toy waits to be deployed. I can't promise any positive results, but PM me and we'll try.
    Do contact IBEX though, and maybe ask them how that connector is called. We might be able to get one somewhere, looks like they did not manufacture it themselves...
  5. Kornasteniker
    Hi all,
    Just wondering, if and when the next meet is going to happen? Summer is coming and our new meet-location would be very well suited for a summer-event with the balcony and the great view over Vienna. 
    @plakat @ampair @Edgar Kaksis : You said, somewhere between June and July would be preferable, am I right?
    BTW: This would be our 10th meet. So kind of a Jubilee for the Austrian Head-Fi community :)
  6. plakat
    June 11th or 18th would be fine for me, otherwise June is already booked...
    Edgar, could you check if the room is available at all?
  7. Edgar Kaksis
    Hi all,
    summer semester at TU ends on June, 30. Until then pretty much all Saturdays are booked, so I think we're rather speaking July then June.
    But as long as July is already vacation time, let's come up with some dates already now so that everyone can plan the meet in advance? For me every weekend in July would work fine.
  8. xxx1313
    Hi Guys,
    please do NOT take July 9. All other Saturdays in July would be fine for me.
    Thanks, Bernie.
  9. Kornasteniker
    If everything fails, speking of june is examination time and july is vacatrion time, maybe august would be the better choice, as everyone will be available for the meet? 
    Just my two cents. 
    Greetings, KoRnasteniker
  10. bharat2580
    Lets put a poll. And see how it goes.
  11. Edgar Kaksis
  12. FritzS

    I prefer  August 
  13. Wurstteppich
    I would also like to join, if I am still allowed to after bringing "Killepitsch" and whisky to the last one :)
    The Vienna meet was really great, enjoyed it very much.
  14. xxx1313

    The whisky was Glenmorangie Lasanta, right? Very good stuff! Would be great to see you again in Vienna!
  15. Wurstteppich
    It was the Quinta Ruban. I also enjoyed the Laphroiag Quarter Cask Thomas brought, so we had one smoker and one without. Next time I am going to visit the shop again, since it was in a walking distance of the location. Maybe you like to join then. I also bought chocolate for my girlfriend there (as they had a nice selection), however this one unfortunately was stolen when leaving the plane on my flight back together with other presents for her in the same bag :frowning2:
    Next time I also have to listen to your HE-1000. The plan is to listen to more systems then, because last time I was more busy with socializing (which was great) than to listen to other headphones and amps :)
    By the way...I can really recommend the Best Western hotel next to the location. It wasn't cheap but the breakfast on the next day made it totally worth it. It really helped aligning my stomach again after the drinks from the day before :wink:
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