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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. interface95
    For me, February would fit better.
  2. xxx1313
    Guys, it would be great if you could fix a date soon. Please keep in mind that some fellows would like to come from abroad and have to buy flight tickets and/or hotel rooms some time before. Many thanks in advance for organzing the meet! :)
  3. KarlStromberg
    March would fit in better for me as well, since hotel and flight already became expensive given the short time till the 25th.
  4. almoskosz
    March here too!
  5. interface95
    I think we should fix a date now.
    If we wait longer, even March will be to spontaneously for those who come here by plane.
  6. HirschiAUT

    +1 !
  7. Fink24
  8. bharat2580
  9. wink
    That's how old I was when I emigrated from Austria for Australia........
  10. ampair
    Sorry I have kept you waiting for so long, I have been on holiday and head-fi's notification system obviously doesn't work as intended...
    However, I have reserved the Kontaktraum for the 25th of March (wasn't available on the 18th), and I have started a thread for the upcoming meet. Let's continue our discussion there!
    Looking forward to meeting all of you again,
    Edgar Kaksis likes this.
  11. Kornasteniker
    Many thanks for organizing the room @ampair! Looking forward to seeing you!

    PS: Maybe there will be new stuff to bring with me too

    Oh, and new Whiskies will be brought too :wink:
  12. FritzS
    coming with AKG K872 [​IMG]
  13. HirschiAUT
    Hey fellow Austrians [​IMG]
    Just wanted to inform you that there is a cool event this weekend in Vienna for us music lovers, especially for vinyl freaks like me [​IMG]
    The Vinyl & Music Festival is taking place at the Ottakringer Brewery, lots of interesting stuff to see/hear!
    I will be there tomorrow the whole day, maybe we see each other [​IMG]
  14. Walderstorn
    Unfortunately like i predicted i wont be able to go, if it was one month later it would go great but unfortunately it wasnt meant to be this time.
    I really wanted to go and take my HD600/HD800SD with me but unfortunately i'll have to wait for another oportunity.
    Eager to see those pics.
  15. ampair
    Dear Hed-Fi'ers of Austria,
    we had an awesome meet here at the TU Vienna, feel free to post and view your pictures and impressions in the impressions thread!
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