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Austria Head-Fi Lounge

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  1. HirschiAUT
    Hey everyone, it's been really silent in here lately, what's everyone up to?
    Any plans regarding the next meet? Been a while and would love to see all of you again! :)
  2. FritzS
    I checked here yesterday and also missed the next appointment.
    A few weeks of planning time must be taken into account, as well as July and August are holiday seasons.
  3. FritzS
    I have now reminded the organizers!
  4. Nomax
    ....best will be that we make it after the holiday season

  5. FritzS
  6. plakat
    Sorry, no plans for a meet at the moment. My other projects are keeping me busy.
    We did take a look at the calendar though, the next date the meeting room we used is available... wait for it... 2020-02-22. Nice date...
  7. Kornasteniker
    Oh dear, such a long time... It seems likt this meeting room is gaining in popularity the last years. :wink:

    Has anyone been at the High End this Year? If so, which headphones/amps have been your fav of the show?
    For me, regarding just the audio performance, the HEDDphone could be a real competitor to other similar priced headphones like the Sennheiser HD800(s) or the Audeze LCD-line up.
    Too bad the headphone sat on my head quite uncomfortable with too much pressure on the upper side of the pad and nearly none at the bottom.

  8. Edgar Kaksis
    Hi guys!

    Who fancies a gig of Mark Knopfler in Stadthalle this Friday (June 28)?

    It promises long programme with mixture of his own songs and good old Dire Straits classics.

    I got myself ticket back in October for a good seat in 2. Parkett, but now an unexpected business trip has come up unfortunately :frowning2: and now until Wednesday evening I need to find someone who would use it.

    Original price is 82 EUR but I'll make it 60 for a trouble of short notice.
    FritzS likes this.
  9. Spareribs
    Whether you’re from Austria or Australia, may you enjoy the music.
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