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Meet in Vienna/Austria on April 14th 2018

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  1. plakat
    Our best bet currently is April 14th, a Saturday once again. Thats still two months to go, but earlier dates just did not fit in with our plans. Please check back in case the date might shift.

    Thanks to @ampair we'll once again pay our visit to

    Technical University Vienna
    Neues Institut für Elektrotechnik
    Gusshausstrasse 25-29
    1040 Vienna

    As always entry is free, basic drinks (Beer, Frucade etc.) are available for a nominal fee. Feel free to bring along what you see fit, equipment as well as drinks -- we'll honor our old tradition of auditing and enjoying spirits as well as music-transporting gear. Neither will receive a full audit though, especially logs tend to be rather sketchy :wink:
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  2. Kornasteniker
    Wohoooo! Finally! THX again for reserving the room for us @ampair !
    And thx to @plakat for organizing the thread! Two months to go, but i'll think the time passes by more quickly now we have a date to anticipate for :D

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  3. ampair
    Yes, we are back in the game :alien:
    And apparently, so are the head-fi notifications via email :wink: looking forward to seeing all of you again!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
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  4. KarlStromberg
    Last year the AirBerlin desaster and this time I am unfortunately still on vacation then. Would have been nice to join you again. Anyway have a nice meet guys! :) I guess it will be autumn then :)
  5. HirschiAUT
    Yeah, was about time!

    And i will FINALLY be able to bring some cables i built myself, after talking about it for 2 years or something :p

    Looking forward to seeing all of you again :)
  6. xxx1313
    Looking forward to seeing you in April (and @KarlStromberg in autumn hopefully).

    Bernie :beerchug:
  7. plakat
    @KarlStromberg too bad the date does not fit your calendar, but I hope we'll see you again at least after summer (I don't know if we manage to have another meet before the holidays...).

    @HirschiAUT better late than never :wink:

    I'm already thinking about what to bring along... if there's something in my collection (see profile) anybody wants to try out please let me know. In most cases I should be able to bring that piece with me (exception is the Ultrasone Jubilee). I recently acquired a Denon AH-D7200, which I like quite a bit, a Sony MDR 7510 and a Beyerdynamic Aventho as well as a Xelento (not the Wireless. Yet.).

    I hope several of our usual and past guests will show up again this time, e.g. in no specific order @RAFA @bharat2580 @dynavit @pcyco @james444 @Mozartaudio @FritzS @Nishy @Hubert481 @Fink24 @Walderstorn @rafo @noplsestar @electrostatics @almoskosz @interface95 -- I'm sure I forgot a log of the nicks, please feel invited nevertheless. Mentioning nicks with spaces still does not work btw...

    And no, this is not a boys club.
  8. RAFA
    I guess, I will be there :)
  9. FritzS
    I guess, I will be there too :)
  10. jaco61
    Happy to join the first time too :)
  11. plakat
    Nice to see so many of you are coming :)
    Welcome @jaco61 I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

    As always, don't forget to bring some music and possibly your favorite drink along with your gear (no obligation of course). I think we'll start around 2pm and see how long it takes us to finish off our drinks. Normally that is around 8pm/9pm.
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  12. jaco61
    Thanks a lot! I will take some gear and drinks with me and am looking forward a lot ... this will be my first kind of meeting like this :)
  13. plakat
    @jaco61 I hope we can make you feel comfortable. In case of any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, I'll be there more or less from beginning to end.
  14. masamoto
    Oh cool. Any recommendation for accommodation and when will most off you be in the city?
  15. plakat
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