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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. shurealltheway

    Yes it does! My new favorite of all time. Nightowl :notes:
  2. EdwardPL
     I think the Mojo + NH paring is one of the better parings out there.
    Both extended at the extremes with a warm sound. Both have a British type type that old school warm sound with plenty of resolution. 
  3. shurealltheway
    We need more Nightowl impressions people! These cans are amazing! Get the word out!
  4. Bern2
    Any impressions from you vs. the Nighthawk?
  5. shurealltheway

    I wish I could. I only have the Nightowls. I've never heard the Nighthawks.
  6. Bern2
    Well ...get on it!  Several used for under 300 nowadays.  I liked them so much..I bought 2.  One for portable and one for main.
  7. saxophone
    @Bern2 Portable? I thought they leaked sound.
  8. Bern2
    For on the move at home or about the yard  Yes...they leak sound.  I ended up with the p7w for closed travel.
  9. ballard3
    I do not understand why AudioQuest only provides that very short cable
  10. shurealltheway

    Haha. I don't need the Hawks. The Owls are amazing and I need closed back.
    Bern2 likes this.
  11. shurealltheway

    Amen! And it's as thick as a filet mignon! I'd love a thinner more pliable short cable without any phone controls on it.
  12. Bern2
    You will succumb.....it's a matter of time.  plus you'll have a longer non-thick cable.
  13. Bighappy

    Nightowls First Impressions = These are Nucking Futs

    Right out of the box they sound insane!!! (Sooooo much better than my Mr. Speakers Ether C's did.) Sooooo much better...At the time I thought they were amazing...Until I heard my Nighthawks...With ZERO burn-in, they're fabulous..They're just gonna keep getting better & better too...

    Compared to my Nighthawks...Equally as magical!!! Just so much more fun to listen to music with Nighthawks/Nightowls. My Wife likes the Nightowls better...Wonder why. Haha

    Easily the most UNDERRATED headphones in the game IMO...If you're on the fence...DON'T HESITATE!

    More details later...Gnight
    YtseJamer likes this.
  14. joeq70
    I'd really like to know how you think it compares to the NightHawk!
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    From a post I made in the Nighthawk + Nightowl thread...

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