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AudioQuest NightOwl - A closed-back NightHawk

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Aug 14, 2016.
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  1. shurealltheway

    If you decide you want a pair of 1540's let me know. I'll sell you mine. I will never reach for them again as long as I have these Nightowls. I honestly don't know how Skylar created such an expansive soundstage in closed cans.
  2. waynes world

    I think you're gonna have to change your user id!

    Congrats on your Owls :)
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  3. ballard3
    Can you please make a comparison between Nightowl and Blue Ella / Sadie? 
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  4. shurealltheway

    To me, there's no comparison. These Nightowls are simply the best headphones I've ever heard. Their sound signature is similar to the Shure 1540's but they're just better in every way. The soundstage and imaging is unlike anything I've ever heard or thought possible in a closed back can.
    Both the Ella's and Sadie's are great headphones but there are a lot of headphones that reproduce sound like them. It's hard to explain the Nightowls because they just do it differently. And they're easy to drive and extremely comfortable, especially when using the ultrasuede pads. I can't even believe they're more comfortable than the Shure's. I didn't think that was possible. But their proprietary self-adjusting headband + ultrasuede pads = heaven around your ears. They sounded good to me right out of the box and they just keep getting better. For me, there's no going back. Until Audioquest makes something like the Nightowl 2.0, these are it for me. I'm hooked and I'm done.
  5. shurealltheway




  6. jinxy245

    I'm dying to hear the NightOwl...how do you like the treble? Everything I've read seems to suggest you either love or hate the treble presentation.I know the 1540 has a relaxed treble (just a quick demo) but sounded very resolving nonetheless. Thanks for your impressions.
  7. shurealltheway

    First of all, I love the 1540's. Love them and they're my reference closed back cans. To me, the treble between the two is very similar. They both have great clarity and sparkle with no peaks or sibilance for 99% of tracks that I've heard. If you don't find the treble recessed on the Shure's, then you won't find it recessed on the Owls.
  8. beingbuddha

    I soundstage is just amazing on the owl's. I've never heard such a large multi dimensional sound stage. Especially listen to "Sessions from 17th Ward" by Amber Rumbarth. You will realize the expansiveness of these phones. My end game. I don't think it can get any better, and human mind always tries to expand in many ways and at the end trying all these HP,I don't really get to enjoy music but rather got stuck in this hobby trying to analyze all these sounds, spend money. Now Im just enjoying all my music again.
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  9. shurealltheway

  10. Bighappy
  11. SearchOfSub
    Anyone have both Nighthawks and Nightowls? Does it have same tone?
  12. MattTCG
    I'm in on the night owl. Mine should be here . Monday.
  13. shurealltheway

    You're in for a treat.
  14. saxophone
    I can't wait to hear your opinions since it seems like you've heard just about everything.
  15. Ultrainferno
    I don't think I stated it was terrible. I think I said it wasn't good for me as I found bass to take the upper hand. If you do quote me, please quote me correctly [​IMG]
    "The Chord Mojo surprisingly wasn’t a good match to the NightHawk to my ears, as it resulted in a thick dark sound where bass got the best of it."
    We all have different opinions and preferences. What I don't like you might, and the other way around. But the NightOwl, well.... that one simply rocks.
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